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Khushboo Shah is working as a content marketing executive at Growfusely. She has completed her Masters in Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from GLS University. She has always been drawn toward creative things like dancing, painting, managing events, and more. Ever since her schooling, she has always focused on gaining knowledge through hands-on experiments rather than learning theoretical concepts. This learning attitude inspired her to do an advanced digital marketing course at ASDM (Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing). Soon, she took an internship and started her career in digital marketing.

Khushboo worked as a digital marketing intern at a CCTV manufacturing company called VMukti Solution Pvt Ltd for five months. She was responsible for off-page SEO activities like social bookmarking, classified ads, etc. She also handled their product social media accounts.

After her internship, she immediately joined Growfusely as Junior Content Marketing Executive. Khushboo is at an early stage of her career and wants to explore the world of digital marketing.

How did Khushboo start a career in Digital Marketing?

When the world was struggling with home arrests and people were facing crises, digital marketing was the only industry booming. Being a micro-influencer, social media was something that always attracted Khushboo. Making content and surfing the internet were her favorite things to do. So, she thought of making a full-time career out of it.

Soon, Khushboo started hunting for a job as social media manager. However, being a fresher, she failed to crack good opportunities. So, she decided to focus on learning first. She proactively registered herself for a Digital Marketing Course from ASDM.

The course helped Khushboo understand that digital marketing is more than just social media. She got a broader idea about SEO, link building, PPC, and more. However, theoretical knowledge wasn’t enough to get her a job. So, Khushboo started searching for internship opportunities. After a couple of interviews, she got a chance to work with a CCTV manufacturing company as a digital marketing intern. The internship helped Khushboo gain practical knowledge about keyword research, Google rankings, analytics, and more.

Next, Khushboo needed guidance from industry experts with ample experience and knowledge to get a notch higher in her career. So, she continued looking for new opportunities to explore the digital marketing industry. She updated her LinkedIn profile and posted interactive content to network with like-minded professionals.

One fine day a recruiter showed interest in her profile and set up an interview. That was how Khushboo landed a job with Growfusely – one of the content marketing agencies she always aspired to work with. She is happy to grow with Growfusely.

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A Fun Fact about Khushboo


She is scared of roller coaster rides!

Khushboo’s 3 Favorite Books

Before I Go to Sleep
Power of Subconscious Mind
The 5 AM Club

3 Personalities Khushboo Admires

Arunima Sinha

Because she never gave up crying about her sins and made her weakness her biggest strength.

Priyanka Chopra

Because of her fearless voice and her position as a small-town girl ruling the industry. She is the best example of beauty with brains.

Shakti Mohan

Because of how flawless dancer she is.

Khushboo’s 3 Favorite Things

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