About Mustafa

Mustafa Natalwala is a content writer and digital marketer. He has majorly worked with retail brands, real estate companies, restaurants, travel blogs, and IT companies.

With 7+ years of experience in digital marketing, Mustafa specializes in content writing and digital ads management. He enjoys discovering and experimenting with different content formats to engage the audience.

How did Mustafa start a career in Digital Marketing?

Mustafa explored digital marketing while doing post-graduation in mass communication. He read several online materials explaining what it is all about, and that’s when he got fascinated with the field.

Mustafa started his career in digital marketing as a content writer and social media manager. During campus placement, he was picked up by a company called I Creo Kaizer, where he learned the nitty-gritty of the social media arena and digital marketing.

Mustafa is Active in the Industry Since


A Fun Fact about Mustafa


He is not too fond of sweets and desserts.

Mustafa’s 3 Favorite Books

Joy in the Morning
Harry Potter

3 Personalities Mustafa Admires

P.G. Wodehouse

Because he finds him the funniest writer.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Because he proved that one could achieve anything through sheer determination.

Steve Jobs

Because of his commitment to only create great things, never average.

Mustafa’s 3 Favorite Things

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