About Riya

Riya has close to 3 years of experience in the digital marketing space. She explored several avenues in this space before settling for Content Marketing. As a Content Marketing Specialist, she takes care of the holistic content needs of our clients. This includes ideation, execution, distribution, and reporting.

She enjoys challenges and Content Marketing keeps evolving offering her new learning opportunities regularly.

How did Riya start a career in Digital Marketing?

After starting off with just content writing, she dived into other avenues like PPC, Social Media Marketing, SEM, Google Ads, and SEO.

It was only when she landed at Growfusely that she found her passion – Content. While she always had an inclination toward it, working with like-minded individuals helped her grow in the right direction.

Riya is Active in the Industry Since


A Fun Fact about Riya


She judges people who get the lyrics wrong of any song!

Riya’s 3 Favorite Books

The Palace of Illusions
Kuchh Ishq Kiya Kuchh Kaam Kiya

3 Personalities Riya Admires

Ratan Tata

For his values.

Sudha Murthy

For her simplicity and support for her partner.


For being a work in progress and a lifelong learner.

Riya’s3 Favorite Things

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