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33 Things to Consider Before You Hire a SaaS Marketing Agency in 2022

The SaaS industry is growing at a steady rate. Gartner estimates end-user spending on public cloud services to grow 21.7% to reach $482 billion in 2022. SaaS solutions have generated greater demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has necessitated remote work and adoption of cloud-based products. They also offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness besides having […]

10 Must-Read Product Marketing Books in 2022

Product marketing is an ever-evolving field where trends change rapidly. Whether you’re a newbie hoping to learn different marketing concepts or an experienced product marketer trying to expand your skills, product marketing books are sure to help you find success. We’ve compiled the ten best product marketing books that will keep you up-to-date with trends, […]

How to Write a White Paper for B2B SaaS Businesses (+8 Distribution Tips)

Are you one of those SaaS marketers who think white papers are dead? Allow me to change that mindset of yours! Here are a few facts before we proceed. According to the 2020 Content Preferences Study, 60% of B2B buyers engaged with white papers during the buying process. In fact, 35% believe that white papers […]