About Amrutha

She has been a content writer for 8+ years. During this period, she has written, edited, and strategized content for brands across several industries including FinTech, Lifestyle, Hospitality, Marketing, and eCommerce.

In the span of her career so far, she trained 50+ writers and built many high-performing content teams.

Apart from that, she handled content operations for 5+ years for mid to large-sized brands.

Currently, she spends her time producing and helping people produce high-quality content consistently. Her strength lies in getting people to deliver content that strikes a balance between performance and reader engagement.

How did Amrutha start a career in Digital Marketing?

Since childhood, she always had a keen interest in the mechanics of language and how much one can accomplish by stringing words together.

Fast-forward to 2014, while pursuing her MBA and looking for freelancing opportunities, discovered a company that was offering a writing internship.

Thus began a journey of passion and obsession for designing and producing content that communicates, performs, and resonates with people across the world. After all, what are geographical boundaries if not lines, when you have the power of language propelling your ship?

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A Fun Fact about Amrutha


She speaks 4.5 languages and is well on her way to making it a 5.5.

Amrutha’s 3 Favorite Books

The Metamorphosis
A Thousand Splendid Suns

3 Personalities Amrutha Admires

Michelle Obama

She is a role model for every independent woman out there as she carved her own graceful and influential identity, even while being the First Lady.

Franz Kafka

He is one author who has made her question her life's purpose, behavior, and the ethical fabric of the world - no one anthropomorphizes better.

J.K. Rowling

She got children and adults of all ages and nationalities to obsess over a fictional magical universe simply through her words and imagination.

Amrutha’s 3 Favorite Things

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