Content marketing drives substantial business growth for SaaS

While 85% of customers rely on content to make buying decisions, only 11% of SaaS brands leverage content marketing. And these brands observe 10% better customer retention rates and 30% greater growth rates thanks to content marketing. In fact, our own content marketing campaign has yielded 400% organic traffic growth for one of our SaaS clients.

how we can do that
for your SaaS:
  • Develop content pieces for various stages of your conversion funnel
  • Earn your audience’s trust via educative and rank-worthy content
  • Develop thought leadership in your niche
  • Distribute your content in reputable publications
  • Drive traffic that converts into sign-ups, demo bookings, and subscriptions
  • Outrank competitors for high-converting keywords
  • Achieve technical SEO and UX advantage for better search rankings
  • At a fraction of the paid ads cost, build scalable inbound leads engine

How we get your audience to learn about your SaaS and keep it top of mind

SEO to scale your search presence

What if your SaaS website could rank on the first page of SERP without having to pay to platforms on a clicks and impressions basis? That’s a big leap in brand visibility and credibility for your SaaS. Here’s how we can help in different segments of SEO.

  • Technical SEO

    We strengthen your SaaS website from the technical SEO standpoint and ensure that it is fine-tuned to provide a stellar user experience and rank higher in SERP.

    What you’ll get
    • Setup and management of GSC and GA4
    • Detailed plan to enhance page experience for UX
    • Actionable technical SEO report to improve rankings
    • Audit reports enhancing crawlability and indexability
  • On-Page SEO

    We attune your on-page SEO parameters to make your content more receptive to readers and search engine bots.

    What you’ll get
    • Detailed on-page SEO audit
    • Actionable on-page SEO suggestions
    • Restructure your on-page meta tags for readers and search crawlers
    • Improve the structure of the content to improve the ranking
  • SEO Audit

    Our SEO professionals dive deep into your website’s current structure and provide detailed reports with clear steps to enhance your website’s SEO receptivity.

    What you’ll get
    • Content enhancement suggestions
    • Website UX improvement suggestions
    • Detailed backlink checks and steps to cope with them
    • In-depth technical SEO suggestions
    • Restructure your on-page meta tags for readers and search crawlers
    • Improve the structure of the content to improve the ranking
  • Link Building

    From thought leadership to quality content distribution our outreach and content marketing experts can earn backlinks for your site for TOFU, BOFU, and MOFU.

    What you’ll get
    • Customized link building strategy
    • Mentions that build thought leadership
    • Substantial increase in domain rating and rankings
    • Improved brand awareness for your SaaS business
    • Natural backlinks from relevant publications
  • Website SEO Migration

    We help migrate SaaS websites from one infrastructure to another without losing any SEO value or search authority.

    What you’ll get
    • Pre and Post-launch SEO checklists and assistance
    • End-to-end migration services without losing SEO results
    • Constant monitoring of website post launching
    • Detailed technical SEO audits and suggestions
  • Enterprise SEO

    We develop scalable SEO strategies for enterprise SaaS to help them keep outranking competitors for every product and vertical.

    What you’ll get
    • Extensive on-page and technical SEO action plan
    • A complete report of the competitor’s SEO campaigns
    • Enterprise content development and distribution
    • High-value and high-volume keyword optimization
    • Scalable link building plan
    • Regular SEO and content reporting
  • Custom SEO Needs

    We plan targeted SEO campaigns as per your needs to tackle particular aspects of your overall SEO strategy, such as on-page optimization, link building, etc.

    What you’ll get
    • Bespoke on-page and technical SEO plan
    • Funnel-based content development plan
    • An extensive list of keywords to rank for
    • E-A-T link building strategy
    • In-depth landing page improvement suggestions

See how we’re scaling the organic visibility
of SaaS brands

Mind the Graph increased its Organic Traffic by 217% Within 6 Months through Content Marketing and SEO

See how we revamped their SEO structure, built a coherent content plan, and got quality backlinks to level up their online presence.

Content marketing for demand generation

Content, be it textual or visual, static or interactive, long-form or short copy, has the power to hook your potential customers and make them your brand ambassadors. Our capable crew of passionate content marketers has got the right blend of creativity and skill to develop content pieces that can entertain, pursue and convert a prospect into a loyal user. Here’s how we do this.

  • Content Strategy

    We study your SaaS niche and prepare a data-backed content strategy based on your marketing goals.

    What you’ll get
    • Bespoke content strategy
    • High-quality copy fine-tuned to match your brand voice
    • Comprehensive content calendar
    • Monthly delivery of high-quality pieces of content
    • Detailed outline of the draft if required
    • Ideation of resource pages and content assets
  • Content Creation

    Our SaaS wordsmiths and designers only publish and promote high-quality content, be it for your on-site blog or guest contributions to niche publications.

    What you’ll get
    • Landing page copy
    • Long-form blog posts
    • Detailed listicles
    • Email drip campaigns
    • Original research and white papers
    • Infographics
    • How-to guides
    • eBooks
  • Content Distribution

    Thanks to our years of expertise in content distribution, we know publications, bloggers, influencers, and experts with whom we can connect and distribute your content pieces for marketing purposes and build robust brand visibility.

    What you’ll get
    • Blogger and social media influencer outreach
    • PR and media outreach
    • Guest blogging outreach
    • Outreach to niche content communities
    • Social and display ads
  • Thought Leadership

    We can put your brand on the map with thought leadership campaigns that amplify your voice on reputed publications to which your ideal buyers are subscribed.

    What you’ll get
    • Business and personal blog management
    • Guest contributions on trusted sites
    • Media placements
    • Email and podcast interviews
  • Content Audit and Maintenance

    With regular review and monitoring of the content pieces published on your SaaS blog, we look for opportunities to enhance your content bank, update old posts, and enhance the top-performing ones for optimal performance.

    What you’ll get
    • Content updates for TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU
    • Strategic keyword optimization
    • Content reporting with recommendations
    • Content analytics with a focus on rankings and backlinks growth

See how we’re scaling the organic visibility
of SaaS brands

The Content-Driven SEO Strategy Helped JetOctopus Double Its Organic Traffic in 10 Months

See how we collaborated with SEO industry thought leaders to produce expert-led long-form guides, and helped scale their organic traffic and link acquisition.

Digital PR to have your prospects start talking about your brand

We tailor our PR content creation and outreach to your SaaS product’s USPs, so your audience connects with your brand across industry-leading publications. With Growfusely at your side, you have demand generation for your SaaS on autopilot with buzz-worthy PR mentions. Here’s how we do it.

  • Public and Media Relations

    We understand your product differentiator and operations inside out and come up with a messaging angle that penetrates through the digital noise and resonates with your audience.

    What you’ll get
    • Viral press coverage from relevant publications
    • Tangible growth in online visibility
    • Strengthen your positioning in the industry
    • High-quality, focused, and engaging storytelling
    • Bespoke monthly reporting to measure growth
  • Media and Influencers Relations

    61% of users follow at least one creator on Twitter and that goes to show how powerful media and influencers relations are to channel your message to the right audience at the right time.

    What you’ll get
    • Thriving relations with veteran bloggers
    • Engagement from influencers with an ardent following
    • Natural and editorial links from popular blogs
    • Email interviews to get your story published
    • Video and podcast interviews to expand your consumer reach
  • Thought Leadership and Executive Visibility

    We push your message throughout the social web to make your SaaS business a thought leader in your industry.

    What you’ll get
    • Permanent byline on reputed websites
    • Funnel-focused guest contributions to publications
    • Interview invites and mentions
    • Social media management
    • Skyrocketed reputation through blogging
  • PR Planning and Ideation for Different Activities

    We cover different PR stories for your SaaS business to effectively communicate the latest happenings about your organization.

    What you’ll get
    • Product launch/upgrade announcements
    • Tapping into a new market
    • Founder story coverage
    • Email interviews
    • Podcast and video interviews
    • Reputation management stories
    • Software product reviews
    • Quoted mentions

See how we’re scaling the organic visibility
of SaaS brands

20+ Organic PR Stories that Cemented Document360’s Position as an Industry Leader

We land strong brand mentions and product placements from high-authority platforms in your niche.

A snapshot of B2B SaaS PR coverage we secure

Check out how we helped Saravana Kumar — the founder and CEO of Document360 — earn powerful PR coverage for his SaaS business and build his thought leadership

Saravana Kumar
Founder and CEO of Document360

EAT-driven link building to
earn quality mentions

White-hat link building still works like a charm, and our SEO team will create and execute a link building roadmap for your SaaS website that would earn you backlinks on autopilot. Here’s how we do it.

  • Backlink Audit

    We evaluate your website’s existing link profile to determine if something is going sideways and needs urgent attention before we execute a bespoke link-building strategy.

    What you’ll get
    • A detailed list of current backlinks
    • Suggestions of good vs. bad links after manually analyzing all of them
    • A list of toxic links to disavow from GSC
    • Our evaluation of anchor texts and how they are impacting rankings
    • Link-cleanup suggestions
  • Link Building Strategy

    We prepare a data-backed link building strategy to give your website a tangible boost in SERP.

    What you’ll get
    • Breakdown of your current link building strategy
    • Comprehensive reports of your competitors’ links
    • Data-backed suggestions on types of links you should acquire (e.g. contextual)
    • A list of targeted landing pages that you should build links to
    • Your industry-specific and bespoke link building roadmap
  • Link Building Consulting

    We give you a detailed walkthrough of your current link building strategy’s pros and cons followed by how your SaaS link building team should proceed moving forward.

    What you’ll get
    • A comprehensive link audit report of your SaaS website
    • A detailed breakdown of your link profile (pros and cons)
    • Data-backed and step-by-step link building report
    • Recommended targeted pages
    • Recommended anchor text distribution
    • In-depth walkthrough and work progress review with your team
  • Thought Leadership

    We help your C-suite executives get featured and mentioned on high-quality and niche websites that boost your online visibility and search presence.

    What you’ll get
    • A detailed action plan to feature your C-suite executives on websites
    • Research the topic ideas that match your expertise with the audience’s needs
    • End-to-end communication with editors and publishers
    • Drafting an entire piece that matches your executive’s tone and personality
    • An intensive outreach strategy that generates ROI-positive backlinks
  • Content-Led Link Building

    We dig deep into the subject matter and industry trends and provide breakthrough content ideas and help you acquire links for the same.

    What you’ll get
    • Analysis and suggestions of the type of content assets to be produced
    • Landing pages designing and/or development if required
    • Custom plan on the type of links to acquire for the assets
    • The step-by-step link building process
    • Monthly and quarterly link building reports
  • Outreach-Led Link Building

    We help you distribute your landing pages by reaching out to reputed bloggers and publishers and building ROI-positive mentions.

    What you’ll get
    • A custom plan of outreaching and link building
    • Finding relevant publishers to outreach to
    • Writing a fresh pitch to interact with publishers
    • Handling and managing communications
  • Link Building for Agencies

    If you’re an independent consultant or digital marketing agency helping SaaS businesses, we can step in for your clients’ link building requirements.

    What you’ll get
    • An actionable plan to help your SaaS clients acquire links
    • A white label link building campaign
    • Assist your team with link building requirements
    • End-to-end client communication
    • Detailed monthly and quarterly reports

See how we’re scaling the organic visibility
of SaaS brands

How Growfusely Built 250+ High-Authority Links for Whatfix

See how we helped Whatfix land high-quality links from authoritative publications in their niche with our content-led link building approach.

Content creation and creative services to enhance your storytelling

We harness the power of impactful content formats at each stage of the funnel so you can educate, pursue and convert more prospects.

Blog Posts

An average SaaS blog receives 1,800 visits every month, and we help your SaaS website entertain more website traffic by developing blog posts that rank.


We create entertaining, data-backed, and informative infographics that solve users’ problems and provide them with actionable insights based on their buyer’s journey stage.

How-To Guides

To educate, entertain, convert, and retain your SaaS subscribers, we create in-depth how-to guides that help them solve their problems.


Checklists can be the go-to resources for your audience to get things done related to a particular activity, and we create just that for your SaaS.


We can ideate, research, structurize, write, design, and distribute eBooks for your SaaS business.

White Papers

We research, plan and develop white papers that can be readily understood by not just industry experts but also by beginners who have no idea about the industry.


We help you nurture your leads to conversions and retention via interactive and attractive newsletter content.

Use Cases Pages

Speak directly to your targeted customers by writing, designing, and developing stellar use case pages that highlight the value propositions your SaaS product provides.

Case Studies

We create in-depth case studies to highlight your SaaS product’s results, goals, mission, and vision and storify how your business is helping customers reach their goals.

Product Reviews

As 9 out of 10 people read reviews online before making a purchasing decision, we help you develop product reviews and articles that give a detailed rundown of what your SaaS product means to its customer base.

Guest Post Content

We contribute high-quality content pieces on authoritative platforms to help you earn relevant contextual backlinks and visibility.

Comparison Pages

We produce extensive comparison posts that exhibit how and why your SaaS product is better than your competitors in the market to help you convert more qualified leads into subscriptions.

Landing Pages

Based on TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU, we write persona-focused and SEO-optimized web copy that makes your SaaS product resonate with the user’s requirements.

Glossary Pages

We develop glossary pages that rank and help your audience in understanding technical know-how and relevant terms about a specific subject in your industry.

Interactive Content Assets

We go the extra mile to develop stunning interactive content assets and research layouts, design wireframes, and bring them to life with coding.

Journalistic Style Expert-led Content

We research who the experts are in your industry and get in touch with them to know their opinions about the topics at hand, then craft long-form one-of-a-kind articles that earn exponential backlinks and social shares from the experts and their network.

Product and Features Pages

We understand CRO and we understand it well. Therefore, we have been able to help our clients wireframe, design, and develop conversion-centric product and features pages that convert like crazy.

Alternatives-to Pages

We help sway your prospects in your favor by writing content that highlights your SaaS product as a prominent alternative to its competitors.

Pillar and Cluster Pages

We design your entire content development workflow with pillar-cluster ideology. This way, every content piece is strategically connected to other relevant pieces on your site to better serve your prospective customers and improve engagement.

Thought Leadership Content

We help you build a thriving audience and visibility online with stellar thought leadership pieces that go under your byline.

Get a glimpse of
what we design for our clients

From lead magnets and landing pages to infographics and interfaces,
we help SaaS brands create visual assets that convert.


Project Timeline

  • 1
    Introduction Call

    Our account manager gets in touch with you to understand your requirements and explain our services and processes.

  • 2

    Once you confirm the types of campaigns you want to execute, our strategists will design a time-bound and measurable marketing plan.

  • 3
    Onboarding Call

    We explain the plan, deliverables, and reporting structure. We share who’s working dedicatedly on your campaigns along with specific points of contact if required.

  • 4
    Regular Updates

    Our team of marketers and account managers will stay in touch with you to provide real-time updates about content ideas, drafts, outlines, and any other details you need.

  • 5
    Monthly and Quarterly Catch-up Calls

    Based on your preferences, we set specific days of the month (e.g. second Thursday of the month) to schedule monthly and quarterly meetings for explaining the execution of work, where we are headed, and what refinements can be made to drive optimal results.

  • 6
    Final Review Call

    At the end of the campaign’s execution timeline, we prepare a comprehensive report of deliverables, results achieved, and further optimization steps to yield continuous growth.

  • 7

    Over 80% of our clients are retainers as we design bespoke content marketing and SEO campaigns that help them achieve their growth goals.

  • 8
    Exit Call

    If you wish to discontinue our services, we schedule an exit call for a complete handover of all your digital assets that we’d have access to during the project’s execution.

Why Growfusely

We will understand your SaaS business model and your industry, then collaborate with your internal team to attain (and exceed) your growth goals.

Worked with 40+ SaaS Brands

Through strategic content marketing, we have helped dozens of SaaS businesses across verticals grow their search engine visibility and referral traffic. In other words, we are pros at helping SaaS companies grow.

A Reliable & Dependable Crew of 30+

Our teams are fond of everything related to SaaS growth. We value transparency and work with complete dedication to make sure your business gets the boost it needs.

Relationships with 1000+ Publications

We have been in the SaaS SEO game for a while (over a decade). During that period, we have established long-term relationships with more than a thousand authoritative publications.

Your Outsourced SaaS Marketing Team

With Growfusely, you will get your own dedicated marketing team. From technical SEO to link building outreach, we will manage all of your SEO processes.

What the decision-makers think of our work

Fabricio Pamplona
Co-Founder & CEO, Mind the Graph
Working with Growfusely has been a wonderful experience.

“I’m really happy with how the Growfusely team followed the agreed-upon plan. They did everything they promised to help us revamp our website’s SEO structure and create a coherent content strategy for our SaaS. Their outreach team also helped us secure quality links and mentions from relevant publications, which led us to a 217% qualified traffic growth and over twice the number of referring domains than we had before joining forces with them. All in all, they engaged every resource and really cared about us.”

Choose how you work with Growfusely

Decide how you’d like to work with us based on your marketing budget, execution speed, and growth goals.

  • logo1
    Done-For-You Monthly Retainer

    From website audit, technical SEO, content strategy, and content creation to link building and content distribution; we’ll take care of everything. Get a consistent influx of qualified leads ready to translate into revenue.

  • logo2
    One-time Detailed Website Audit

    We will analyze your website and report to you its SEO performance, technical and UX issues, content and keyword strategies, along with general tips. Attract your audience and convert them into paid users.

  • logo3
    Ongoing Marketing Consulting

    We will provide your in-house marketing team with a powerful marketing strategy that helps your business grow.

  • img
    Custom Plan as Per Your Needs

    Is there anything particular that your marketing team needs help with? We can handle specific things like content writing, link building, or website audit. Tell us your exact needs and we will devise a custom plan that fits your needs.

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