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PR that packs a punch
for your SaaS

77% of MarComm experts believe content marketing and SEO are top priorities for effective PR. With the SaaS space becoming increasingly competitive, your SEO link building and content marketing strategy need to be reinforced with active PR efforts to attain optimal organic visibility growth.

Here’s how our digital PR for B2B SaaS businesses helps them cut through the noise
  • Drive qualified referral traffic that fuels sign-ups
  • Reduce paid advertisement dependencies
  • Build organic brand visibility and thought leadership
  • Communicate and control a clear narrative around your SaaS
  • Develop relevant media and influencer relations
  • Win media coverage in general and niche tech publications
  • Reach new audiences and create trust among potential users
  • Position your SaaS as a niche authority
  • Establish continuous and long-term search marketing ROI
  • Keep current and prospective users updated about company news, feature updates, product launches, etc.

How we get your SaaS
the right media coverage

Earning the right spotlight can be the difference between staying an ordinary business and becoming a standout SaaS brand. With a proactive approach to PR, we rely on our years of experience and established editorial relationships with niche tech media outlets to build a strong online reputation for your SaaS.

Public and Media Relations

We identify what most fundamentally differentiates and defines your SaaS brand, develop a narrative to match it, find the audience most receptive to it, and reach out to the people who are best connected to that audience.

What You’ll Get
  • Advanced competitive research
  • Positive press from major media outlets
  • Better online reputation that’s measurable
  • High-quality branded storytelling
  • Monthly reporting on deliverables and the growth achieved
Editorial and Influencer Relations

We land you branded product placements in high-authority publications and blogs by leveraging the relationships we built with editors, journalists, and niche influencers over the years.

What You’ll Get
  • Editorial links and mentions from big-time bloggers and product reviewers
  • Positive media coverage from eminent influencers with a staunch following
  • Email and podcast interviews to amplify your SaaS brand’s presence
Product Launches and Promotions

We double down on the most newsworthy elements of your SaaS product to earn positive publicity for your brand.

What You’ll Get
  • In-depth case studies creation and promotion
  • Prolific product reviews across reputed platforms
  • Media interviews to boost your product launch promotions
  • Press releases to get relevant coverage for your product announcements
Thought Leadership and Executive Visibility

We use our expertise in content production, outreach, and media relations to establish you as a trusted industry thought leader in your SaaS vertical.

What You’ll Get
  • Brand-focused content strategy to determine what kind of thought leader status is the best-fit
  • Business and personal blog management
  • Guest contributed articles on high-profile websites
  • Prominent media mentions and interviews
  • Social media management

Types of PR coverages we secure for your SaaS

We tailor our PR content creation and outreach to your SaaS product’s USPs, so you better connect with your audience across industry-leading publications. With Growfusely at your side, your sales team can focus on closing qualified leads instead of generating them.

  • Product Launch/upgrade Announcements
  • Launching Into a New Market
  • Founder Story Coverage
  • Email Interviews
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Video Interviews
  • Reputation Management Stories
  • Software Product Reviews
  • HARO and Quoted Responses

A snapshot of B2B SaaS PR coverage we secure

Check out how we helped Saravana Kumar — the founder and CEO of Document360 — earn powerful PR coverage for his SaaS business and build his thought leadership

Saravana Kumar
Founder and CEO of Document360

Digital PR lifecycle

We’re a B2B SaaS PR firm helping software subscription businesses take charge of how their brand is perceived online, build their reputation, establish their thought leadership, and drive referral traffic that feeds user acquisition.

  • 1
    Define a Storyline

    We work with you to understand your SaaS company’s background and define a storyline, along with your PR objectives.

  • 2
    Build Relationships With Journalists

    We leverage our existing publisher relationships that are relevant to your business and build new journalist relations for your SaaS through personalized outreach.

  • 3
    Draft and Share Stories With Journalists

    Based on your objectives, we develop and share your stories to catch the right eyeballs and inspire the right audiences.

  • 4
    Schedule and Conduct Interviews

    We hunt and schedule relevant email, podcast, and video interview opportunities to augment your online brand visibility and thought leadership.

  • 5
    Edit Stories and Interviews

    We actively refine your stories and interview content to optimize them for both search engines and users.

  • 6
    Distribute and Publish

    We verify the publishing schedules with the publications’ editorial teams and distribute your PR content and press releases accordingly.

  • 7
    Measure Performance

    We prepare and submit monthly reports on your PR performance, as per the campaign objectives defined.

Choose how you work with Growfusely

Decide how you’d like to work with us based on your SEO budget, speed, and goals.

  • Done-For-You Monthly PR Retainer

    From drafting press releases to crafting and promoting thought leadership content; we’ll take care of everything.

  • One-Time Detailed PR Audit

    Get detailed and actionable insights into your organic brand awareness, reputation, and positioning, along with media mentions, links profile, outreach efforts, and overall PR coverage improvements.

  • Ongoing PR Consulting

    Leverage our years of SaaS digital PR expertise to guide your team’s execution.

  • Custom PR Plan As Per Your Needs

    We can manage a specific facet of your SaaS PR efforts, such as story outreach, content creation, etc. You decide, we deliver.

See how we’re scaling positive PR
coverage for SaaS brands

20+ Organic PR Stories that Cemented Document360’s Position as an Industry Leader

We land strong brand mentions and product placements from high-authority platforms in your niche.

What the decision-makers think of our work

Kunal J Valecha
Manager - Brand & Partner Marketing,Document360 (A Kovai.co Brand
A good pipeline has been built that is fetching us the desired results.

“We have been utilising the Digital PR services of Growfusely for nearly a year now. They have a committed and grounded team who understand what exactly we are looking for. A good pipeline has been built that is fetching us the desired results. The team takes care end to end right from approaching journalists, suggesting story lines, scheduling interviews, drafting the content to getting it reviewed by our team and finally getting it published. All this is done systematically in a time bound manner.”

Get a free, no-strings-attached digital PR plan for your SaaS

Here’s what you get when you request a free, customized
digital PR plan for your SaaS.

Audit of Your Existing Content

So you understand what’s working well and what needs attention.

New PR Strategy Brief

An initial PR strategy brief that shares the type of links you should be building for some pivotal pages on your SaaS website.

Competitor Analysis

So you know what your rivals are doing well, what they’re doing badly, and make informed decisions for your PR investment.

PR Positioning

Get an understanding of how prepared your SaaS is to win at digital PR and overall content marketing.

Execution Roadmap

See a complete plan of action that you can DIY or let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Partnership Options

Get a summary of how we recommend partnering to help you achieve digital PR goals, along with budget options.

Other SaaS marketing channels you might want to explore

See how we can sweeten your other user acquisition channels to pull everything in the same direction: growth.

  • Content Marketing

    Put your SaaS in front of your target user base with valuable content and brand messaging that resonates.

  • SEO

    Rank your most important SaaS pages to the top of Google for your desired keywords, with a blend of compelling content and technical tweaks.

  • Link Building

    Take advantage of our trust-based relationships with reputable publishers to get high-quality backlinks.

  • Content Writing

    Get link-worthy, actionable, user-first, and search-optimized content that ranks.

Are we a good fit for your SaaS?

Our digital PR services for SaaS are holistic, SEO-focused, and value-driven (via content). Find out if we’re the right B2B SaaS PR agency for your business.

We Could Be a Fit If
  • You’re willing to invest in long-term, sustainable organic growth.
  • You understand and value the impact of quality content in digital PR
  • You have funding or budget to fund an ongoing and long-term partnership
  • You want a partner who will own and lead your PR, from strategy to promotion
We're Probably Not a Fit If
  • You want overnight results
  • You prefer quantity of brand mentions and links over quality
  • You’re okay with black-hat link building and SEO
  • You’re okay with a team that agrees with you mindlessly, instead of taking charge and sitting in the driver’s seat

If this sounds like a PR partnership you’re looking for, then let’s talk.

Frequently asked questions

Our digital PR services can help your SaaS build greater organic brand visibility and thought leadership, reach new audiences, increase your qualified referral traffic, develop relevant journalist relations, earn media coverage in niche tech publications, boost sign-ups, and ultimately increase your MRR.

We typically recommend clients to plan for at least 6 months of commitment so as to strategize and execute with absolute focus on quality. That said, there are no strict contracts.

Based on your goals, our PR engagement can include everything from competitor analysis and interview prospecting to thought leadership stories drafting and outreach. See our step-by-step process here.

Our PR strategy includes several things like competitor analysis, what types of links to build, which publications and landing pages to target, which types of PR coverages and brand mentions to earn, and a lot more.

Yes, we do. We can start a pilot campaign for a month or two, plan and execute the work as per our discussion and then let you decide if we’re the right fit for a long-term partnership.

Ready for SaaStronomical organic growth?

Let's find out if we're the SaaS content marketing company you’re looking for.