About Arkin

A content boi with over 4 years of experience in online marketing.

How did Arkin start a career in Digital Marketing?

Arkin graduated in 2017 as an EC engineer from Nirma University, Ahmedabad. His professional journey began as a graduate engineering trainee at eInfochips, Ahmedabad. He soon shifted to the role of a business analyst at DosePacker, a sister company of Meditab (a SaaS). About eight months in and still unclear about his career path, Arkin started a hobby blog where he shared his experiences working as a BA. This indirectly led him to the field of content marketing and landed him a full-time role at The 20 Media, now Growfusely.

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A Fun Fact about Arkin


He loves the sea but hates seafood!

Arkin’s 3 Favorite Books

Born to Run
Elon Musk
The Island of Doctor Moreau

3 Personalities Arkin Admires

His Mother

Because she's a gritty, selfless, and super-caring woman who inspires strength.

Casey Neistat

Because he's an unpretentious and energetic doer of things.

Several Musicians

Because they create near-magic out of nothing.

Arkin’s3 Favorite Things

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