About Hazel

Hazel specializes in developing online brand presence and content strategy for B2B firms. She has worked in the digital marketing industry for over eight years.

Here’s what she does at Growfusely –

– Lead teams that create powerful, relevant, and engaging content that needs to be optimized for search engines

– Engagement with key opinion leaders, strategists, and domain experts within SaaS (Software as a Service) to create value for our customers as well as build Growfusely’s brand presence across the marketplace

– Support Growfusely’s key strategic initiatives

– Build brands on social media through a robust content strategy

Before entering the digital marketing space, she worked in the Indian pharma industry. She has rich experience across various pharma majors with stints in marketing, brand management, training, and salesforce management.

How did Hazel start a career in Digital Marketing?

After completing MBA in Strategic Management, Hazel’s first few years were in Indian Pharma, with stints in sales, marketing, brand management, and overall product strategy.

As a part of brand management and product strategy, she was responsible for conceptualizing and developing content and interacting with KOLs to provide a strong position for the brand.

With content, and product strategy slowly moving online, Hazel developed a deep interest in building brand strategy in the digital space. This is where she decided to switch careers and focus full-time on content marketing.

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A Fun Fact about Hazel


Coffee is her beverage and painting medium!

Hazel’s 3 Favorite Books

Six Thinking Hats
The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

3 Personalities Hazel Admires

Michelle Obama

Because she's compassionate and carries herself with confidence.

Elon Musk

Because he is always thinking of something that's a game changer.

Shashi Tharoor

Because he has got commendable oratory skills.

Hazel’s 3 Favorite Things

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