About Karan

Karan is a seasoned writer with wide exposure to writing for IT businesses, digital marketing agencies, SMBs, and eCommerce companies. He brings 6+ years of experience in content writing, coupled with previous exposure to Television media.

He is skilled in research-based content writing that paves the way for SEO-driven content marketing. Also, he has a handful of experience in content management, technical writing, SaaS documentation, product-based writing, and content planning for holistic, organic growth.

Overall, Karan tried his hands at many forms of writing to be inclusive and get the knack for working in a different environment. Be writing for a television soap opera or writing for HuffPost; thoughts should not restrict your words.

This is why he brings along an array of writing experience –

– Writing long-form articles for the company’s website to match their vision

– Conducting client interviews and creating case studies along with planning a campaign around its marketing

– Conducting webinars to nurture soft leads and creating audio-backed content that serves as a reference for future leads

– Creating whitepapers, release notes, and hotfix documents for SaaS business.

– Writing thought-leadership articles for founders, co-founders, and top management to market their ideas and create credibility amongst VCs and investors

– Writing promos for TV series at Zee Anmol

– Writing tickets for the show Bollywood Business (Zee Etc)

For Karan, a comprehensive digital marketing experience involves working with different teams that share the same vision. With eCommerce businesses, he has worked with the inventory management team to get the feel of products and write descriptions accordingly. He has interviewed founders for thought leadership articles to get inside their heads and draft a piece. Therefore, the overall experience adds value to the team, where he can bring in fresh ideas with some expertise that help solve critical content-specific problems.

How did Karan start a career in Digital Marketing?

Karan started his career with a TV channel which was highly fascinating given the celebrities he got to meet. The interest in writing was always there, be it writing promos for TV shows or getting ahead with the specially-shot promos. As an intern, he has also written a few dialogues for Pravesh Rana in Emotional Atyachar Season 4. Later, he forayed into scripting a news show for a non-profit organization Going to School. There, he had to train children (mostly from slums in Mumbai) to recognize their language, improve it and make them presentable.

Later, he’d script the interviews for them to host other guests on the news show to discuss problems that other children face (pan India). This included a lot of traveling and writing for the news show that presented issues and offered solutions.

But, he was about to get posted to Patna for a radio show, which did not interest him. Eventually, he shifted to Ahmedabad (from Mumbai) and worked with a mobile app company to write content. This was the beginning of something new. The primary task involved knowing SEO and how keywords work, how to present ideas formally, and reading a lot about the industry in general. This began his career in digital marketing. It took off from there, and there was no turning back.

He did everything from website-based writing to guest posts, link-building blogs, forum commenting, social media posts, and even transcribing client interviews. Almost six years since he wrote his first digital content copy, there might help me thousands of words floating on the internet that he has written. The start was abrupt as he had to switch fields and the industry. But, since he was inclined toward writing in general, this switch was swift and didn’t take much time to adopt.

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A Fun Fact about Karan


He tends to act as if he speaks less, but he does not!

Karan’s 3 Favorite Books

The Catcher In The Rye
Motorcycle Diaries
The Trial

3 Personalities Karan Admires

J.D Salinger

Because he seized the fame just to be at peace with his writing and not publishing after the success of The Catcher In The Rye.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Because he effortlessly connects with millennials and gen z to drive ideas that can define the future.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Because he is the epitome of what humans can achieve if they are passionate about something.

Karan’s3 Favorite Things

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