About Niraj

Niraj started his career in March 2011 as an Article Assistant in a CA firm, where he managed Liquidation-related tasks. He perused B.com in May 2011 and CA Inter in May 2012. He was actively a part of bank audits, private companies, stock portfolios, and income tax returns filing during his article-ship.

Niraj joined Growfusely on December 2019 as an Account Executive. Niraj is responsible for managing everything related to finance, including tax deduction and return filling, preparation of financial statements, and coordination with auditors related to clients invoicing, banking, vendor payment, and fund management.

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A Fun Fact about Niraj


He is always ready to have food!

Niraj’s 3 Favorite Books

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrar
Black Swan
Art of Dying by Elizabeth Fenwick

3 Personalities Niraj Admires


B ecause of his philosophy.

Dwayne Johnson

Because of his dedication

Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Because of his valuable teachings spirituality

Niraj’s 3 Favorite Things

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