About Ravi

Ravi Pandya writes B2B content about all things SEO and content marketing for business domains like SaaS, SEO, eCommerce, and Crypto. He has been a marketing professional for over ten years. Over the past years, Ravi has helped businesses establish their online presence through SEO and content marketing. Before getting into this space, Ravi managed his eCommerce marketing venture.

He is a strong advocate of holistic health – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial. His reading interests include business, marketing, finance, technology, spirituality, stoicism, etc.
Besides work and reading, he is a fitness and sports enthusiast. He likes to start his day with strength training and meditation. Also, Ravi never misses a chance to travel.

How did Ravi start a career in Digital Marketing?

Ravi considers himself an accidental writer. He started creating content for his own business and personal brand. That’s where it ignited an interest to diversify into content creation as his plan “B.”

While he started getting clients as a freelancer, he also self-educated himself with online courses on content marketing and SEO copywriting. Eventually, content marketing got the better of him, and he ended up making it his plan “A.” That’s how this transition happened.

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A Fun Fact about Ravi


He believes there's no bigger crime than sharing pizza with someone!

Ravi’s 3 Favorite Books

The Power of Now
The Obstacle Is the Way
The Alchemist

3 Personalities Ravi Admires

Cristiano Ronaldo

Because he is living proof that attitude and hard work can take you to places where talent alone can't.

Elon Musk

Because he signifies that one can accomplish what seems unthinkable and irrational as long as you believe it's possible.

Farhan Akhtar

Because he is versatile and nails so many crafts. Just class apart - as a director, actor, singer, writer, lyricist, musician, producer, and entrepreneur.

Ravi’s 3 Favorite Things

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