About Taher

Being fascinated by the field, Taher pursued and excelled in MBA in marketing, earning a gold medal. The passion for marketing has been with him since his college days. 

Throughout his 6-year professional journey, he has taken on various roles, including business development, tendering, accounting, payroll management, and digital marketing.

Taher’s expertise lies in brainstorming, investigating, crafting, and strategizing content for SaaS companies.

Taher enjoys watching South Korean and English films and web series during leisure hours. He firmly believes in maintaining a balanced life, ensuring that health, family, work, and relationships – all receive the attention they deserve.

How did Taher start a career in Digital Marketing?

In 2019, Taher was introduced to the world of digital marketing through a two-day workshop in Ahmedabad. That experience sparked his desire to change career paths. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, he seized the opportunity to pursue a professional digital marketing certification from MICA via Upgrad.

After completing the intensive 9.5-month program, Taher secured a position as a Digital Marketing Executive at a UI-UX agency. There, he independently managed various responsibilities, including SEO, social media, content writing, paid search campaigns, portfolio and case study development, as well as driving business growth.

During his role, Taher discovered his deep passion for content marketing and recognized its crucial role in both organic and paid marketing efforts. This realization inspired him to specialize in content marketing. 

Currently, Taher is honing his skills and working towards becoming a content marketing expert at Growfusely. He is actively involved in several projects, where responsibilities include keyword analysis, brainstorming topics, distributing content, and building links for SaaS companies.

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A Fun Fact about Taher


He finds horror movies funny!

Taher’s 3 Favorite Books

Start With Why
Can’t Hurt Me
The 5 AM Club

3 Personalities Taher Admires

Bill Gates

because of his contribution to the tech industry and human development programs.

Simon Sinek

because he is a prolific thinker and writer. His books have been a guiding light to Taher.

Tom Cruise

because he is the ultimate example of what humans can achieve if they have rock-solid determination - from flying fighter jets to helicopters and attempting the world’s most dangerous movie stunt even at the age of 60.

Taher’s 3 Favorite Things

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