About Tarasekhar

Engineer turned content writer. He loves writing as it is one of the best methods of communication. He has been writing content for 2 years. Whenever he is not busy with work, he reads history and catches up on Formula 1.

How did Tarasekhar start a career in Digital Marketing?

He started his career as a digital marketer for a B2B SaaS company. After being in that position for a year, he turned into a full-time content writer.

Tarasekhar is Active in the Industry Since


A Fun Fact about Tarasekhar


He knows how to cook.

Tarasekhar’s 3 Favorite Books

The 1-Page Marketing Plan
India That is Bharat

3 Personalities Tarasekhar Admires

Khabib Nurmagomedov

because he is the best fighter.

Lewis Hamilton

because he has a private jet and a bunch of supercars.

Joe Rogan

because he built the biggest platform from scratch.

Tarasekhar’s 3 Favorite Things

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