About Urja

Urja believes that she is more than just a content writer. She considers herself a digital marketer’s best friend, a content marketer in the making, a channel between brand and consumers, and a working mommy.

In a career that spans ten long years, one thing that has remained consistent is my flair for writing. And it is what prompted my metamorphosis from an educator to a full-time content writer.

While working as a freelancer content writer, Urja helped 10+ businesses, start-ups, and established ones, with her value-based content across a breadth of topics such as Artificial intelligence, Cloud-based RPA, Home automation, FinTech solutions, Solar panels, Staffing solutions, and Digital transformation. Her specialties include long and short-form blog posts backed by extensive research, SEO content, and Website pages.

Working with global enterprises gave her some most enriching experiences and helped her take the content game to the next level. In the past years, she has honed skills to write content jam-packed with values and power to strengthen a brand’s voice.
With over 2.5 years of content writing experience, she is now serving Growfusely, exploring innovative digital and content marketing avenues. The upbeat working culture and insanely passionate team around inspire her to keep refining their SEO skills, incorporate interesting angles to the content, and outperform herself every day.

Lastly, she thought adding “working mommy” to her title makes sense because she feels being a working mother makes her better at what she does – prioritizing, making the most of that time, being uber efficient, maintaining check-lists, listening patiently and balancing different hats– all of those “mom skills” have been worthwhile in helping her add value to the work as a content writer.

How did Urja start a career in Digital Marketing?

Urja’s career history is anything but traditional. At the onset of her professional journey, she followed the conventional path and chose a degree-based career in education. During her tenure as an Assistant Professor in an engineering college, she discovered her hidden potential as a writer.

The realization solidified further when Urja’s writing skills helped her craft engaging content for the digital marketing campaigns of her entrepreneurial venture- an art institute. Then the pandemic happened, and the entire world stopped. While it severely impacted my business, it also gave her ample time to strike some inner dialogue. She decided to grow herself rather than complain bitterly. Urja’s husband motivated her to explore new opportunities confidently. It nudged her to get closure and make decisions about the next move in her career.

That’s when she decided to focus on sharpening her content skills to pursue a full-fledged career in content marketing. Being the restless Aquarius woman, she decided to search for challenging cerebral opportunities. The progression led her to seek the full-time content writer role at Growfusely.

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A Fun Fact about Urja


She is the best of both worlds- a quiet introvert and a talkative extrovert!

Urja’s 3 Favorite Books

The Telomere Effect

3 Personalities Urja Admires

Sudha Murthy

Because she is simple yet confident. Her genuineness, assertiveness, and righteousness are some virtues Urja tries to take from her.

Her Mother

Because she demonstrated to her what selfless love looks like.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Because he's an inspiration to lead a life with courage, self-belief, and humbleness.

Urja’s 3 Favorite Things

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