About Vikrant

Currently, he is the senior content marketing specialist at Growfusely where he is actively involved in the written and creative content’s research, development, distribution, and enhancement while guiding content marketing experts of the future.

He had been a full-time freelance creative contractor for digital marketing agencies, local brands, and online marketing blogs for over a year. Instead of expanding my operations on his own as a 24-year old individual, he thought he should join a group of marketers with great leadership and marketing ethos where he could expand the horizons of his knowledge. Then he joined Growfusely.

How did Vikrant start a career in Digital Marketing?

Vikrant’s eureka moment was in the last year of college when the idea of making money online made him curious as to how someone can make a living with just a website! He observed that there are people who are reading and getting convinced of bloggers’ offers, meaning CUSTOMERS are going online and so are the transactions.

He realized that digital content is going to dictate the terms of how humans will operate in the future. Immediately after graduation, he started my personal blog and began to promote it through SEO, from home, without any guidance.

In August 2016, he sat down, made a list of companies, and started applying for a job. He emailed 10 agencies – 3 called for a F2F interview – all of them offered a job. And that’s how he began my journey in this interesting field.

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A Fun Fact about Vikrant


He believes that in a parallel universe, he'd be a filmmaker.

Vikrant’s 3 Favorite Books

Atomic Habits by James Clear
The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

3 Personalities Vikrant Admires

Swami Vivekananda

because of his youthful living of 39 years, the vigorous work he has done is still an inspiration for generations.

Kobe Bryant

because of the relentless work ethic of constantly improving craft in every waking minute.


because of his equanimous persona and style of answering questions in a profoundly simple way.


Vikrant’s 3 Favorite Things


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