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Improved Domain Rating
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Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that helps organizations to automate their digital adoption process by enabling them to create interactive walkthroughs, in-app guidance flows, and so on. It helps ease the training & onboarding process of employees and customers.

In other words, Whatfix makes it easy for users to learn the software that they use.

The SaaS-based platform was founded in 2014 by Khadim Batti and Vara Kumar. Headquartered in San Jose, California, and Bengaluru, India, the platform has helped its clients boost productivity and reduce overhead costs.

Before they partnered with Growfuely, Whatfix struggled to rank on the first page for relevant keywords. This limited their visibility to their target audience.

Let’s take a closer look to understand what caused that.



After we came to know the problems, our experts looked under the hood. A detailed audit of the website helped us uncover the root causes.

Fewer Authority Mentions from Relevant Publications

Getting mentioned on reputed websites sends you good traffic and improves your domain authority. The combination of both the effects increases the conversions by establishing trust with the target audience. We saw Whatfix has the opportunity to do the same for their pages.

Topical Relevance could’ve been Better

A proven way of getting visitors to your website is by creating valuable content.

Whatfix required to do so as they were providing services in a new niche. Educating their prospects about the difficulties and costs thereof was necessary. This would motivate them to seek a solution that Whatfix provides.

We saw Whatfix can increase their topical relevance by creating educational and informational content for their targeted audience.

Opportunity for Improved SERP Ranking

It is necessary to rank higher for keywords related to your business on the first page of Google to get the most number of visitors. This increases your reach to a wider audience and the number of leads you get shoots up.

Whatfix had the opportunity to grab here by ranking for relevant keywords.

The experts at Growfusely worked to craft and execute a customized solution for Whatfix that aimed to solve the above problems.


Solution 1
Funnel-oriented Content Development

The main source of reduced traffic was the scope of authoritative content on Whatfix’s website across the marketing funnels.

We focused on niche-specific topics that capture the core search intent of Whatfix’s user persona.

Here is what the content development process looked like:

Research: We started by researching content related to their market.

Generating topic ideas: We sat with the internal growth team of Whatfix and proposed topic ideas.

Outline formation: To make sure that the content pieces will get the desired marketing effect, we sent over the outlines of approved titles for a thorough review.

Producing relevant content: After we got the green light, we worked to produce SEO-friendly, unique, and engaging content for Whatfix’s target audience.

Solution 2
Content Distribution Through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging helps in sharing your story in your brand language with your target audience. You can leverage the credibility and authority of other blogs to scale your brand’s presence.

We focussed on writing guest posts for high-quality publications.

This is the outline of the process that was executed for Whatfix to get them more relevant links.

Finding relevant websites: We took an in-depth look into their niche to find out publications that have high authority among the target audience.

Connecting with the editors: We started contacting the publishers.

Pitching ideas with outlines: After taking another closer look at those publication’s readers, we proposed topic ideas that their viewers will find interesting.

Delivering the content as per their guidelines: We created engaging, unique, SEO-friendly content for their website as per the provided guidelines.

Getting the article published with a mention: We made some edits as per their feedback and got the article published with a dofollow link to Whatfix.

Solution 3
Leveraging Links to Improve Ranking

Another way we built links for Whatfix is by getting their content mentioned in relevant anchor texts. We targeted high-intent keywords related to their market. We built a robust link profile that generates relevant traffic for their website.

Results We Achieved

After consistent content distribution efforts, we shared following wins with Whatfix.

First-page Ranking for 3000+ Keywords

Our content creation and link building efforts have helped Whatfix rank on the first page of the SERPs for over 3000 relevant keywords.

This directed a lot of traffic to their website as many of the keywords were searched in large volumes.

Organic Traffic Growth

Our SEO efforts started to make a huge impact on the volume of traffic that Whatfix received. We doubled their traffic in several months.

The sharp increase in traffic was a result of the perfect execution of a customized plan that involved the creation of quality content and earning mentions. Through consistent effort, we successfully helped Whatfix increase its organic reach.

Mentions in 250+ High Authority Websites

Through guest blogging and content distribution, we established Whatfix as a dominant and credible voice in their niche. This has helped them earn the trust of their prospects easily leading to higher conversion rates.

Here are some of the websites where Whatfix has been covered on:

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Improved Domain Rating

Domain rating is an indicator of your website’s perceived credibility by the search engines (largely in terms of the quality and quantity of inbound links).

A higher domain rating will place you higher than your competitors for the same search queries and keywords. That means your website will get more visitors. After our efforts, Whatfix experienced around a 30%+ increase in domain rating.

5x Increase in Referring Domains

High quality, SEO friendly, and unique content combined with improved domain rating will get you more organic backlinks from a variety of domains.

As we checked all the relevant boxes, Whatfix’s pillar and cluster content pieces continued to earn backlinks on autopilot. The sharp increase in the number of referring domains proves that the content on its blog is valuable and engaging.


Khadim Batti
Co-Founder & CEO, Whatfix
I’m really happy with how the Growfusely team followed the agreed-upon plan.

I'm really happy with how the Growfusely team followed the agreed-upon plan. They did everything they promised to help us revamp our website's SEO structure and create a coherent content strategy for our SaaS. Their outreach team also helped us secure quality links and mentions from relevant publications, which led us to a 217% qualified traffic growth and over twice the number of referring domains than we had before joining forces with them. All in all, they engaged every resource and really cared about us.

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