200%+ Increase in Organic Traffic
Almost 100% Increase in Referring Domains
40%+ Spike in Number of Organic Keywords


Mind the Graph is an online graphic design tool for scientists, researchers, and students. It empowers them to create high-quality scientific infographics, posters, social media posts, presentation slides, and graphical abstracts.

Mind the Graph wanted to build their online authority through Content Marketing and SEO. Before partnering with us, they were executing their marketing campaigns in-house.



Underwhelming Website Structure

Their website was divided between subfolders and subdirectories. Best SEO practices is to follow one approach and stay consistent with it so we did exactly the same.

Opportunity for More Content

Mind the Graph had a few articles published on their blog. But they needed a calendar with relevant and optimized content scheduled specifically for their targeted audience.

Unintentional and Harmful Backlinks

We observed that their website had backlinks automatically generated via forums, RSS feeds, etc. We found an opportunity to replace them with relevant and high-authority mentions.

Under-optimized Content Assets

Their existing content bank had a scope of optimization. They can be fine-tuned to resonate with relevant audiences at specific stages of the funnel to build readership, organic visibility, brand reputation, and conversions.


Solution 1
Revamped Their Website's SEO Structure from Scratch

We identified a lot of technical SEO opportunities during the website audit.

The website was divided into subfolders and subcategories which increased the opportunity for us to do semantic website structure for search. We also recommended vital UI-UX adjustments to make the website’s browsing experience delightful.

Solution 2
Developed a Coherent Content Production Plan

We provided in-depth, research-backed, and long-form pieces that help Mind the Graph’s audience achieve their goals and comprehensively answer their questions, and in turn boosting the website’s organic ranking.

After extensive research and detailed outlines, we developed 12+ content assets for Mind the Graph.

Unlike most graphic design SaaS platforms, Mind the Graph served a very specific set of people. So, we had a tremendous opportunity on our hands to serve a unique and highly targeted audience (researchers, scientists, and students).

We aimed to make the blog a one-stop platform for these people to gain scientific visual design knowledge.

Here are examples of a couple content assets we produced for Mind the Graph:

Solution 3
Got Rid of Thin Content and Low-quality Backlinks

While auditing their website, we found out their traffic-generating blogs needed optimization.

And so, our SEO and writing team collaboratively worked towards breeding new life to these pieces.

We also found many irrelevant and spammy backlinks that could negatively impact their SEO. So, we disavowed those links to maintain the site’s reputation in the eyes of Google.

Solution 4
Acquired Relevant Backlinks and Mentions From Relevant Platforms

A free infographic maker specifically for the scientific community—this idea is bursting with potential. We analyzed the market and started contacting relevant and reputable publications.

This process involved careful content ideation, production, outreach, and promotion that ultimately generated high-quality and relevant brand mentions for Mind the Graph.

Here are examples of a couple content assets we produced for Mind the Graph:

Thought Leadership
Content Distribution

We’ve acquired mentions from below platforms for Mind the Graph:

  • image
  • logo
  • img
  • img

Results We Achieved

200%+ Increase in Organic Traffic

Within 6 months, Mind the Graph witnessed a tremendous growth in organic traffic. The whopping growth of more than 200% in organic traffic gave them more qualified traffic.

Almost 100% Increase in Referring Domains

We aggressively executed our content marketing plan that resulted in a significant spike in the number of referring domains. The number of referring pages also shot up for more than 100% within a span of six months.

40%+ Spike in Number of Organic Keywords

Mind the Graph started ranking for nearly 10,000 keywords after partnering with us. The impactful content creation and distribution activities brought for the brand on top of many conversion-centric keywords.


Fabricio Pamplona
Co-Founder & CEO, Mind the Graph
Working with Growfusely has been a wonderful experience.

"I'm really happy with how the Growfusely team followed the agreed-upon plan. They did everything they promised to help us revamp our website's SEO structure and create a coherent content strategy for our SaaS. Their outreach team also helped us secure quality links and mentions from relevant publications, which led us to a 217% qualified traffic growth and over twice the number of referring domains than we had before joining forces with them. All in all, they engaged every resource and really cared about us."

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