Acquired Mentions through 20+ Organic PR Stories
Cultivated Concurrent Messaging through PR Stories
Published 50+ Guest Contributions


Document360 is a B2B knowledge base platform used for creating and hosting technical documentation, product help docs, online user guides, FAQs, and more. It enables companies to scale up their customer support and self-service capabilities without spending a lot of resources.

Document360 is part of Kovai.co, an organization that owns and controls successful products like BizTalk360, Serverless360, and more — led by Saravana Kumar, founder and CEO.

Founded in 2017, the company wanted to scale up its public relations (PR) efforts which will cement its position at the top of its vertical

Let’s take a look at the challenges faced by Document360.



After we came to know the problems, our experts looked under the hood. A detailed audit of the website helped us uncover the root causes.

Meek PR-focused Marketing

Before creating a strategy that was custom-tailored for Document360’s growth needs, we audited its current PR campaign and found a few opportunities to tap on.

The current stories they ran could be strengthened with an air of uniqueness to the brand. This presented Document360 in the same color as its competitors.

Their PR stories could have generated more impact that the brand deserved and resulted in engagement and traction for their business.

Fewer Mentions on Top-tier Publications

Document360 was successful in running brand stories. But getting published on renowned publications, like Forbes, can strengthen the thought leadership for the brand.

Along with stories, we found out that Document360 can also tap into other formats, such as podcasts, videos, exclusive interviews, newsletter mentions, etc

Fine-tune PR Messaging for Branding

Digital PR is one of the best tools for branding. We found out that Document360 can fine-tune their PR to penetrate impactful messaging that scales their branding.

In terms of execution, we found some great opportunities to refine their current PR messaging.

Introduce More Angles in PR Stories

A successful Digital PR campaign leaves a lasting impression on the visitor. One of the facets of such campaigns is stories.

After thoroughly understanding the brand, we found out that several connections that can strengthen Document360’s positioning.

What they needed was a variety of PR stories with multidirectional approaches working towards a common goal of connecting with more audience and scaling brand awareness.

Acquire More Mentions for High-performing Content Assets

One of the main reasons behind creating quality content pieces is that they will get organic backlinks for you on auto-pilot. Fortunately, the content writers at Document360 have written some world-class content.

These pieces helped them get qualified leads that converted. So, we identified content distribution opportunities to improve organic visibilities for these assets.


After understanding the roadblocks that prevented them from getting a wider reach and more customers, Document360 partnered with Growfusely.

Solution 1
Developed a Bespoke Branding-Focused PR Plan

The first thing we did was create a PR plan for Document360 with one goal: to improve branding. For this, we had to build a roadmap that is unique and fits the brand goals of Document360.

We analyzed its domain and studied its competitors.

Finally, we collaborated with the internal team and created a tailored PR strategy that boosted their brand awareness.

Solution 2
Understood Product Inside-out and Developed Story Angles

Our experts adopted the product of Document360 internally to understand the ins and outs of it. Also, we listened to their story about their journey so we could exceed their expectations through a customized PR campaign.

Through in-depth research and leveraging user-generated content, we created three unique story angles aiming at making a connection with their target audience.

Solution 3
Connected to Relevant and Authority Sites

The next objective was to distribute Document360’s stories on relevant platforms to get the desired effect: increased brand awareness.

We connected with renowned editors, publishers, influencers, and podcasters.

Solution 4
Developed Stories and Scheduled Interviews

Our experts started developing the PR stories.

We understood the audience whom we’re talking to for creating stories that leave lasting impressions.

Collaborating with Document360’s internal team and the publisher, we built long-term relationships for a smooth interview process and published impactful PR stories.

Solution 5
Developed and Executed an Aggressive Guest Blogging Campaign

We cranked Document360’s guest blogging campaigns up a few notches.

We started connecting with high-authority publications in the same niche as Document360 and pitching content relevant to their audience. This was a great opportunity to reflect Document360’s brand value through content and acquire natural mentions.

Results We Achieved

After a consistent PR and guest blogging campaign, we shared the following wins with Document360.

Acquired Mentions through 20+ Organic PR Stories

We started publishing three PR stories per month on average for Document360 in various reputable domains. In the process, we earned links from high authority publications including Forbes, UK News Group, and more

Here are some of the publications that ran the PR stories of Document360 which boosted their brand awareness.

  • logo
  • Insights
  • Founderat
  • additionfinance
  • logo
  • logo
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  • logo
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Cultivated Concurrent Messaging through PR Stories

We focussed on building a brand image of Document360 that is coherent across all platforms and formats of its messaging. We made sure that leadership and cultural ethos are spreaded across relevant platforms in relevant formats to push Document360’s reach on the web.

Document360’s Ad was Streamed as a TV Commercial

Television is still one of the most authoritative advertising channels. As it is a public broadcasting tool, it reaches a very wide audience in a short period of time. Running an ad on TV contributed to a better overall brand image of Document360.

Published 50+ Guest Contributions

Our scaled-up efforts to increase the brand awareness and domain authority of Document360 got it mentioned on more than 30 websites. More than 50% of those websites have a domain authority of 50+.

Multifold Growth in Website Traffic

By collaborating with Document360’s internal marketing and content development team, we got lots of traffic to their website. The combined efforts improved off-site SEO tremendously.

Our advanced PR tactics, scaled-up guest blogging efforts, and an increased number of mentions, plus the great content already present on their website resulted in a massive increase in the traffic.


Kunal J Valecha
Manager – Brand & Partner Marketing, Document360
We have been utilizing the Digital PR services of Growfusely for nearly a year now.

We have been utilizing the Digital PR services of Growfusely for nearly a year now. They have a committed and grounded team that understands what exactly we are looking for. A good pipeline has been built that is fetching us the desired results. The team takes care end to end right from approaching journalists, suggesting storylines, scheduling interviews, drafting the content to getting it reviewed by our team, and finally getting it published. All this is done systematically in a time-bound manner

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