Organic Traffic Doubled in Two Quarters
Doubled SERP Impressions and Clicks
Increased Quality Referring Domains


JetOctopus is an enterprise technical SEO tool with a range of features for improving website crawling, indexation, logs analysis, and comes with GSC integration. It is one of the fastest SEO crawlers in the market with a crawling speed of 250 pages per second, packed with useful graphs and data tables.

JetOctopus has helped many SaaS and eCommerce businesses fix issues related to indexability and crawlability by collecting and neatly presenting actionable website data. The company wanted to become authoritative in its industry by producing and distributing valuable SEO-friendly content that will earn them organic traffic. Before partnering with Growfusely, the content was managed by their in-house team.



Connection with Industry Leaders

Founded in 2016 by Julia Nesterets and Serge Bezborodov, JetOctopus had humble beginnings. Interactive connections with industry leaders would have given them quality referring traffic.

Number of Quality Content on The Website

JetOctopus had 50+ content pieces on their website. A consistent frequency of publishing the posts would have given them a required boost to strengthen their organic presence on search engines.

Meek Backlink Profile

JetOctopus had a great opportunity to acquire relevant mentions from top-tier publications that could not only give them referral traffic but warm prospects with Middle-of-the-Funnel intent.


Solution 1
PR Through Expert-Led Insightful Guides

After realizing JetOctopus’ product inside-out, their then positioning within the industry, and the potential of the SEO enterprise market, we created a content strategy. This content strategy had two broad objectives: one, strengthening authority through insightful content and two, earning recognition among the industry leaders.

We started by creating expert-led guides. We reached out to the notable influencers of the SEO industry, including Barry Schwartz, Barry Adams, Lily Ray, Bill Slawski, Brodie Clark, Fili Wiese, Greg Gifford, Irina Maltseva, Jeff Ferguson, Michal Suski, Nikki Halliwell, Tomasz Rudzki, Victor Pan, Jeff Louella, and more. We sent questions to each of them and included their unique perspectives in the articles we wrote.

This added immense value to the guides, helped us create link-worthy assets, and build buzz on social media.

We produced more than five expert-led insightful guides.

JetOctopus got featured on multiple newsletters such as TL;DR Marketing, SE Roundtable, featured on iPullRank’s YouTube video.

Solution 2
Evergreen Long-Form Guides

We conducted extensive and in-depth keyword research to determine search intent and finalize the relevant terms worth targeting. After that, we focused on creating topically-relevant search engine optimized content that will give JetOctopus the visibility and authority it deserves.

To achieve maximum growth and ROI, we aimed to create evergreen long-form guides that will compound links and traffic over time.

Ultimately, we ended up creating four linkable assets, each 7000+ words.

Solution 3
Use-Case Product Guides

The next objective was to get relevant traffic on JetOctopus’ website. We understood the product and developed unique and explanatory content pieces revolving around JetOctopus’ feature.

The idea was to educate SEO professionals how JetOctopus can solve their problems.

We created several content pieces while keeping user intent at the center of our focus.

Solution 4
Content-Focused Distribution Strategy

We executed a four-step process, content research, ideation, creation, and promotion to acquire mentions from high-value publications. This helped JetOctopus get its target audience organically.

We acquired high-quality mentions from:

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Solution 5
Industry Recognition Through Testimonials

We offered free trials of JetOctopus to industry leaders to get their opinion on the tools. Afterward, by collaborating with JetOctopus’ engineering team, we incorporated the changes within the product to make it even better.

Then, we got reviews from notable personalities such as Fili Wiese, Olga Zarzecna, Matt Dorville, Ryan Jones, Nitin Manchanda, Jeremy Rivera, Samuel Schmitt, Nikki Halliwell, Matthew Edgar, and many others.

Finally, we used their testimonials to drive home the point highlighting the value offered by JetOctopus’ various SEO tools.

Results We Achieved

Organic Traffic Doubled in Two Quarters

JetOctopus has doubled the amount of organic traffic it gets within six months of partnering with us.

Doubled SERP Impressions, and Clicks

Apart from organic traffic growth, Growfusely’s SEO efforts have doubled the number of impressions and clicks that JetOctopus receives from search engines.

Increase in Referring Domains

Through our aggressive campaigns, we increased the number of referring domains by nearly 100% within six months.


Julia Nesterets
Co-Founder & CEO, JetOctopus
I’m extremely satisfied with Growfusely’s services.

"As the co-founder of JetOctopus.com, I'm extremely satisfied with Growfusely's services, especially in terms of content creation. I love how the team dives deep into our complex SaaS platform to understand its intricacies and then describes its unique value propositions with clear content.

I also appreciate the team's commitment to deadlines and their proactive approach to offering interesting solutions in terms of our content marketing strategy, which has led us to double our organic traffic within six months of the partnership. At the end of the day, I can't complain and I'm enjoying the quality we're deriving from this collaboration."

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