PUBLISHED: Oct 4, 2022

10 Email Marketing Software Businesses Getting Content Marketing Right

Kushal Desai
10 Email Marketing Software Businesses Getting Content Marketing Right
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The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is highly competitive. Consider a part of it, an email marketing industry valued at $7.5 billion(as of 2020). This figure is expected to jump to $17.9 billion by 2027.

Content marketing is one of the many ways to stand out in such a competitive scenario. Many market leaders are leveraging content marketing opportunities to outgrow competitors. 

The goal of introducing content marketing for your email marketing business should be to pivot resources to your prospective clients and not the product. Therefore, try not to force-feed products to your target market but craft a solid, long-term connection with the target audience through content.

This blog will review ten email marketing businesses that have established some industry authority with quality content. 

Let’s begin!

1. Mailchimp

Email marketing is a key offering that remains a bedrock for customer connections. Mailchimp helps boost business operations with its unified marketing tools.

Mailchimp is primarily useful in creating and sending marketing emails, automating the same, designing landing pages, driving targeted ad campaigns, availing email reporting and analytics, and much more.

Here’s what their content marketing strategy encompasses —

  1. Mailchimp 101: New users can head to Mailchimp 101 which offers the basics of using their tools and setting the right expectations. This content section covers ideas on building new audiences, importing contacts to Mailchimp, and tips on best practices for audience engagement.
  2. Guides & Tutorials: This is a go-to content segment for those looking for tutorials and long-form guides. Resources here help you gain advanced knowledge through in-depth video guides that are easily accessible.
  3. Case Studies: Read their Case Studies section to know what other businesses have to say about using Mailchimp. Whether new to the business or scaling up, these stories from Mailchimp’s customers are insightful and inspiring.
  4. Community: Mailchimp hosts a thriving community of developers, business partners, freelancers and agencies.

a. For Freelancers & Agencies: Connect and learn with independent workers and agency owners. Also, they help discover new opportunities and better ideas for future content marketing adventures.

b. For Developers: Access Mailchimp’s developer tools that offer the necessary resources to connect your data to smart marketing tools and event-driven transactional email.

c. Hire a Trusted Partner: Follow this Mailchimp community to avail expert assistance. Check out their directory and discover the most popular services and helpful advice on choosing the best resource for your needs.

  1. Mailchimp Presents/Podcasts: Mailchimp hosts a collection of original content that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit. Their podcasts provide a brief description of their guests and their business. Also, you can watch some of their podcasts.
  2. Courier: Check out their collection of content that comes in handy at different walks of life. 

a. Life: It provides insights into working better and living smarter. It hosts content on bettering oneself, brand recommendations, and things to see and do.

b. Workshop: Enrol in their workshop to access case studies, guides, and insights from industry professionals that help launch and scale your business.

c. Briefings: It features a collection of expert insights containing detailed analyses of specific sectors, industry trends, and CEO biographies.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides a comprehensive email marketing solution. It integrates social media, enables editing using a simple drag-and-drop interface, and offers real-time analytics.

This one is a cost-effective software for small and medium businesses looking to sell their services through email marketing and establish and maintain a strong online presence.

You can choose Constant Contact to leverage their effective solutions, making digital marketing easier and more effective.

From a content marketing perspective, here’s what they are doing right — 

  1. New to Marketing: This segment hosts all the tools you’ll need to take your brand to new heights in one convenient package. Videos are one of the top SaaS marketing trends because they can hold viewers’ attention without much friction. Riding on this trend, Constant Contact presents compelling how-to videos for its audience. You can also explore email templates and ebooks along with other resources.
  2. Advanced Marketers: Check out their growth resources as a part of the Experienced Marketers initiative. Their how-to guides come in handy to save time and effort. They help scale businesses with time-saving email automation, applications & integrations and offer personalized support. 
  3. Digital Marketing: This one offers a range of digital marketing tools for small businesses that help create a direct line of communication with customers. It offers digital integration tools, a list of growth tools to widen your reach, CRM tools, and tools for social ads & social planning.
  4. Small Business Hub: Here’s a one-stop shop to get all the resources that fuel business activities. You can join webinars by reserving a spot, accessing their social media quick starter for comprehensive guides, and checking out marketing must-haves.
  5. Marketing Advisor: In this section, you can connect with an expert marketing advisor to discuss your growth bottlenecks and work on their suggestions. You can call their direct line and get in touch with an expert.
  6. Professional Services: Constant Connect helps small businesses with marketing services like professional template design, professional marketing services, etc. You use their Professional Services to get on a call and decide which one works best for your business.
  7. Blog: Get pro tips on various topics that help streamline marketing operations. Their blog category covers small biz marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, seasonal marketing, and webinars.

3. ActiveCampaign

Choose ActiveCampaign to boost your sales and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. It offers CRM features and email marketing so that nothing slips between the cracks. This will help prioritize leads, keep track of daily tasks, and automate contact management.

SMBs can leverage the platform’s 500+ pre-built automation that drives effective audience segmentation and customization across social media channels, email, messaging, chat, and text. This also integrates email marketing, marketing automation, and customer relationship management.

On the content marketing front, here’s what keeps them ahead of the curve—

  1. Why ActiveCampaign – This section of content tells why 150,000 businesses across 170+ countries choose ActiveCampaign. They feature new customers who prioritize growth through different methods, all categorized based on their product. This includes sales CRM, CX automation, integrations, Machine Learning (ML), etc. 
  2. ActiveCampaign 101: Here is where you discover interactive training courses, community, and personalized assistance to quickly become proficient with the ActiveCampaign platform. This also features step-by-step guides on various topics like CRM, conversations, integrations, email marketing, contact management, and automation.
  3. Learn ActiveCampaign: This is an ActiveCampaign University that teaches you to get the most out of its products. It boasts a comprehensive education center in the form of a forum, community, help docs, and partner portal.
  4. ActiveCampaign Blog: Explore various business growth factors with ActiveCampaign’s blog section that covers growth, development, updates, culture, and spotlight content. 
  5. Pre-Built Automation Recipes: This is an ActiveCampaign’s Marketplace where you can check out automation possibilities across business vertices and industries. 
  6. Customer Stories: Here, you can read customer experience stories and learn how businesses use ActiveCampaign. Filter the search based on company size, industries, features, and customer location.

4. Sendinblue

Small and medium-sized companies (SMBs) can send and automate email marketing campaigns without breaking the bank, thanks to SendinBlue. It works as a one-stop shop for all digital marketing requirements.

Sendinblue has a successful market presence with over 300,000 organizations worldwide, enabling meaningful engagement with contacts and improving client connections.

Key aspects that set Sendinblue apart in the content marketing space include the following—

  1. Sendinblue blog: Check out insightful articles around email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, ecommerce, multi-channel marketing, and about Sendinblue.
  2. Sendinblue Academy: Enrol in their (free forever) innovative online courses to improve your knowledge in sales and marketing and learn how to extract maximum value from Sendinblue.
  3. Helpdesk: Explore the product-related help pages under different categories like Whatsapp & SMS, transactional emails, automation, sales CRM & meetings, etc.
  4. Success Story: Globally, businesses use Sendinblue’s unified platform to send out personalized and bulk emails. This content section helps you learn how their customers use Sendinblue to upgrade their sales and marketing strategies.

5. MailerLite

MailerLite email services help create and execute email marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes. Make the most of its extensive list of integrations with Shopify, Magento, WordPress, and more. 

Also, you get the automation tool, a website builder, landing pages, templates, segmentation, and many other resources to enhance customer connection. 

With its forward-thinking, global workforce and core beliefs, MailerLite stands as one of the leading email marketing platforms in today’s time.

Their content marketing team provides valuable resources to build a solid audience base. Here’s what they do—

  1. Knowledge base: Get quick answers to the most common MailerLite questions as you learn using MailerLite and the ins and outs of email marketing. Browse their extensive library of helpful articles and videos based on categories like subscriber management, create and send campaigns, signup forms, email marketing automation, etc.
  2. Video tutorials: This one contains short videos on everything MailerLite offers. It includes account settings, subscriber management, forms, campaigns, automation, reports, and more. Each such topic has several other sub-topics to explore over video tutorials.
  3. Hire an expert: If you need advice on email marketing or a helping hand in creating a newsletter, feel free to consult and hire an expert. Choose from experts based on their hourly rates, languages known, country, etc.
  4. Blog: Check out MailerLite’s blog posts on email marketing, automation, website and forms, ecommerce, partner posts, etc.
  5. Best practices by industry: Discover the best email marketing practices by industry which include real estate, non-profit, travel, hospitality, and more.
  6. Email marketing guide: Fuel your business operations with the right decisions as you explore MailerLite’s content-rich marketing guides. They feature email marketing tips on specific topics like subject line, email lists, CTA, A/B testing, etc.

6. iContact

iContact remains one of the frontrunners in providing email marketing software with plenty to offer. Use it to develop and monitor an efficient email campaign that includes surveys, autoresponders, and more.

This product caters to SMBs with a USP of unlimited email sharing compatible with Facebook and Twitter.

Its user interface is simple and focused on the tasks at hand, making it simple to use for creating and distributing a wide range of marketing collateral.

Their content marketing initiatives are pulling the right strings to enhance their brand presence. Here’s what they offer — 

  1. Blog: Check out their blog that offers email marketing tips and best practices. Also, they provide quality pieces on digital marketing and social media. 
  2. Help Portal: Users who have issues working with the iContact tool can browse their Help Portal. This includes self-help options on various topics like reporting, managing subscribers, deliverability, integrations and API, automation, etc.
  3. Glossary: Follow the latest developments in email marketing and learn the meanings of commonly used words. They alphabetically offer glossary searches to help users find specific terminology.
  4. Video and Webinars: Your marketing inspiration is just a click away. Check out the iContact Webinars on digital marketing, email marketing, and marketing automation.

7. SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid has 80K+ clients, including Uber, Spotify, and Airbnb. They are the best in business regarding audience segmentation, campaign modification, and deliverability of email marketing campaigns.

Also, businesses prefer Twilio SendGrid for its excellent analytics, customization options, and easy email editor. This platform helps both marketers and developers manage their email marketing efforts. 

Their content marketing efforts are to the point, enabling brands to connect with customers meaningfully. Let’s check out how they do it. 

  1. Guides: Twilio’ SendGrid’s email marketing guide comprises a “what’s in the report” section that offers a quick overview of the guide before you download it.
  2. Blog: Labeled as The Full Send, their blog features valuable content resources on best practices, community, email marketing, multichannel marketing, product information, and technical pieces.
  3. Free Templates: Explore a collection of responsive email templates to create the ideal email for every event. This includes various industry-specific templates for newsletters, promotions, seasonal greetings, welcome emails, etc.
  4. Webinars: Check out some of the most intriguing webcasts on email marketing hosted on Vimeo, including a quick overview.
  5. Customer Stories: Access Twilio Sendgrid’s successful email marketing case studies. These are based on their solutions SendGrid API and SMTP, SendGrid marketing campaigns, and SendGrid expert services.
  6. Email Marketing Guide: This detailed guide walks you through tips and solutions on setting up and running an email program. It contains sections like getting started with email marketing, how to build your email marketing list, sending your first email campaign, etc.

8. SendPulse

SendPulse is an email marketing platform that supports text messaging, push alerts, and social media integration with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chatbots. You can also create emails using a simple drag-and-drop editor that will work on any device.

Also, leverage their premade templates that simplify creating professional-looking emails quickly. SendPulse’s Automation 360 is a crucial feature that delivers relevant emails at the most appropriate times. You can also auto-send transactional and promotional emails or schedule responses to consumers’ activities.

The content marketing initiatives include some highly engaging resources — 

  1. Blog: Read their blog with useful articles and interesting marketing ideas. They provide content on email marketing, chatbots, landing pages, marketing and sales, useful tools, and online courses. 
  2. Knowledge Base: This highly intuitive self-service knowledge base helps users make the best of SendPulse’s services. It features a knowledge base on email services, web push, SMTP services, SMS services, Viber, chatbots, CRM, landing pages, etc.
  3. Marketing 101: Grab a quick understanding of the basic internet marketing terms and definitions. Easy UI with all terminologies labeled alphabetically.
  4. Academy: SendPulse offers video training on email marketing and chatbots. This training can help entrepreneurs, internet marketers, and advertising specialists.

9. GetResponse

GetResponse is a marketing automation platform that has been helping businesses with digital marketing for over 20 years.

GetResponse offers more than 30 products, including email marketing, website building, conversion funnels, marketing automation, eCommerce, live chats, webinars, sponsored advertisements, and more.

You can make a free account to send personalized emails offering 120+ customizable email templates quickly. 

The content marketing team at GetResponse is hitting the right notes with customer engagement in multiple ways. Here’s how —

  1. Online marketing resources: Check out some of the best digital marketing tips and insights over whitepapers, expert guides, infographics, and industry reports to stay on top of marketing trends.
  2. Blog: Enhance your learning with the GetResponse blog that offers pieces on website builder, email marketing, marketing tools, content, etc.
  3. Help Center: Those who are new to GetResponse can access their Help Center to learn about generating leads, selling and promoting, sending emails, and getting started with email campaigns.
  4. Resources: Explore some of the best marketing tips and insights as a part of resources under different categories and topics.
  5. Case studies: Look at what other customers are saying about GetResponse. Browse such case studies based on Tools and Industry.

10. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a cohesive tool that helps businesses create simple forms and drip campaigns. It can work as a marketing automation platform that automatically sends emails to new subscribers.

It enables you  to create categories and divisions based on customer interests. Use it with the depth of the analytics that monitors email open rates and demographic information about your subscribers.

You can also customize ConvertKit’s outgoing emails as per the receiver, increasing the likelihood of it getting opened and read. 

Their content marketing efforts are spot on, thanks to these useful resources —

  1. Blog: Dive deep into any of their blog categories that include SEO, digital marketing, guest posts, deliverability, customer stories, metrics, and more. 
  2. Video Training: Use this section to learn different content techniques and find the drive to put your work in front of the right people. Their video training involves becoming a successful creator and building an audience.
  3. I am a creator: Looking for inspiration in your journey to becoming a successful creator? Turn to this segment of content where ConvertKit features true stories of creators turning dreams into reality.
  4. Community: This is a thriving community that helps connect with like-minded creators. Check out their sections on quick tips, creator news, support, announcements, etc. 
  5. Knowledgebase: CovertKit offers help and support for subscribers, automation, broadcast, products, and more. 

Over to You

These are only ten of the hundreds of companies driving growth with the right content marketing approach. Some businesses leverage SaaS SEO to outperform competitors on Google search results, while others rely on building robust communities. These email marketing businesses often nurture soft leads through different types of content. 

Each lead will consume content at different stages of the conversion funnel. It is just a matter of providing the right information at the right time.

Marketers can check out the resources mentioned above and learn how different email marketing companies are adopting a 360-degree approach to content marketing.

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Kushal Desai

Kushal Desai is an Ex-Content Marketing Specialist at Growfusely. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering as well as MBA in Information Technology and has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing. His core expertise lies in organic search, content marketing, and performance analytics. Connect with him on Linkedin and Twitter: @kushaljdesai.

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