PUBLISHED: Sep 13, 2022

10 Help Desk Software Businesses Getting Content Marketing Right

Kushal Desai
10 Help Desk Software Businesses Getting Content Marketing Right
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No matter how easy-to-use your product is, your target audience will sometimes struggle to get the value promised. This leads to a poor customer experience resulting in disengaged customers that churn.

This is where help desk software comes in handy.

Help desk software is a necessary tool for businesses to deliver excellent support to their valued customers.

In the B2B context, businesses need to understand the importance of good customer service and need to learn the ones and zeroes of a customer success pipeline. This is where creating and promoting expert-led content with valuable insights helps.

Take a look at ten help desk solutions that produce content as valuable as their products, thus helping garner more organic traffic and conversions.

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the market leaders in this domain. They provide sales and employee experience management solutions as well.

What Zendesk gets right

Blog: The content is neatly arranged on Zendesk’s blog making it easier for readers to find the things they are looking for. It features articles, guides, and playbooks for sales and marketing professionals.

Events and Webinars: Zendesk hosts and manages events live and on-demand. This gives a great opportunity for industry leaders and professionals to share their ideas.

Community: Here customers of Zendesk and their team members discuss how they can improve the customer support system even more while getting as much value as they can from the technology at hand.

What is New at Zendesk: This section contains the latest announcements from the Zendesk team. Be it a policy change, or an upcoming webinar, you will find all the details here.

Customer stories: This helps prospects read the experience of Zendesk’s customers and how the said tool has helped them serve their customers better.

2. ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs’ solution helps brands to serve customers better and create tickets out of their grievances facilitating immediate action.

What ProProfs gets right

Blog: At the beginning, there are ‘popular articles’ that answer common questions that businesses might have about customer support. As you scroll through the page, you will find the recent and trending posts they have.

Customers: After the image containing their customers’ logos you can find the case studies and  testimonials right after that making it easier for the reader to scan through the feedback.

Learn ProProfs: This is the knowledge base that will help Proprofs’ new and existing customers extract more value from the solution. Apart from a helpful sidebar, you can learn from their videos, or search your way through to find something specific.

3. LiveChat

This omnichannel help desk solution also allows brands to market products and services while nudging leads through the sales funnel.

What LiveChat gets right

Success: The blog is known as ‘success’ which contains all sorts of information a SaaS business should know, in general. From simpler topics such as sales, marketing, and growth LiveChat’s blog also features content on topics such as psychology, copywriting, and leadership.

Customer service reports: The interactive reports not only increase engagement but also make it easier for readers to find the statistic or insight they are looking for quickly. These original reports also help earn backlinks on autopilot.

Local Benchmark: This dynamic content helps businesses compare the satisfaction level of their customers with the industry average in a particular location.

Webinars: LiveChat’s webinars help brands understand customer success and their product/service better enabling them to integrate customer support at every stage of the funnel.

Privacy Policy Generator: Businesses can create legally binding documents to let their clients know which data they will be collecting and the purpose of the same. Another great link magnet.

4. LiveAgent

You can connect with your customers on all channels, create tickets, and talk to them with LiveAgent to provide a seamless customer experience.

What LiveAgent gets right

Academy: This academy contains content in different formats, including infographics and videos, that will help you build and execute a robust customer support pipeline.

Templates: There are email templates for various use cases such as marketing, sales, informational, and customer support.

Webinars: Featuring customer support experts and agents, these webinars help their visitors and prospects learn more about the customer support pipeline from the perspective of LiveAgent.

Blog: Browse through topics such as the latest trends, growth, and customer support in a well-rounded blog.

Glossary: Teams of budding businesses sometimes find it challenging to understand the jargon of the industry. LiveAgent has done a great job of compiling all of them in one place, thus encouraging people to link to this great resource.

Directory: This is a piece of content that almost everyone can get value from. It contains the help desk contact details of companies around the world. Another great resource that serves as a link magnet.

Industry research: This dynamic content page gives you access to the latest statistics which helps you understand the importance of good customer service and actionable insights to deliver the same.

Checklist: Ready-to-implement playbooks which help brands save time and energy while minimizing mistakes.

Support portal: The knowledge base of LiveAgent. All the content here is neatly arranged which makes finding specific information easier.

5. TeamSupport

TeamSupport is a customer support and ticketing solution for B2B companies.

What TeamSupport gets right

Events: All the virtual and in-person events are collated here which gives the visitors unique insights into customer support.

Blog: TeamSupport’s blog showcases all their recent articles in neatly arranged tiles giving a great reading experience.

Success stories: Embedding videos on each of the pages is a great way to improve engagement and increase dwell time.

Resources: This page is a content hub where you can browse through all of their content including, whitepapers, eBooks, reports, and posts.

University: Filled with tutorials that help professionals learn more about and improve their customer service pipeline.

Compare: TeamSupport has compared themselves with other help desk tools (some of them are on this list like Zendesk and Kayako) and put them in one place to make the work of prospects easy. This way, TeamSupport (at least partially) controls the narrative of their comparison with competitors.

6. Front

Front helps businesses forge better customer relations through personalized conversations.

What Front gets right

Front Page: By renaming their blog, Front has created a unique content page to host stories, posts, podcasts, and more.

Front Classroom: One junction where various teams can learn how they can strengthen their customer success pipeline. It also includes a glossary page where beginners can get acclimated to the industry-specific terms.

Customer stories: Here visitors can filter on the basis of teams, topics, and industries to learn about various use cases of Front and how they helped various teams to serve their customers better.

Resources: eBooks, webinars, and guides on all things customer support.

Help center: Front’s customer success team has put together every bit of detail that will help you get the most out of their solution to deliver world-class customer support.

7. EngageBay

EngageBay is an all-in-one CRM solution for marketing, sales, and support teams in an organization to deliver seamless customer support.

What EngageBay gets right

Blog: After showcasing the recent posts, the articles are segregated into three categories: marketing, sales, and services.

Landing pages guide: Six chapters that will teach you everything about landing pages and design the ones that get you leads that convert.

Inbound marketing guide: Learn everything about attracting, engaging, and nurturing your web visitors until they convert.

Website popups guide: Create and push popups on your website to capture leads that convert by learning what they are and how they work.

Lead generation guide: Understand leads and how to convert them with this five-chaptered guide.

CRM guide: This complete guide will help readers understand what CRM is and why every business needs a robust CRM system.

Helpdesk guide: This guide will help the readers learn how crucial a helpdesk is for customer success and how EngageBay can help them with that.

8. HelpCrunch

Apart from a multichannel help desk solution, HelpCrunch provides a knowledge base, a popups manager, and an email marketing solution.

What HelpCrunch gets right

Blog: With medieval-themed illustrations, the HelpCrunch blog contains articles about sales, marketing, customer support, and more.

Success stories: The case studies and testimonials with numbers show the impact HelpCrunch made in the customer support pipeline of its clients.

Ebooks: Expert-led information, insights, and resources on customer support.

9. Kayako

Serve your customers on the platform of their choice by building an integrated self-help knowledge base with Kayako.

What Kayako gets right

Insights: Get the latest insights on customer support and helpdesk tools. The blog also features various guides for product people, eCommerce businesses, and startups.

Ebooks: The downloadable content provides concepts from experts and data-driven insights helping brands improve customer experience.


Customer stories: Case studies and testimonials from Kayako’s clients.


Webinars: Practical advice based on the latest trends in the customer support industry from experts.

10. Freshdesk

This customer success solution also helps you take calls from your customers and transfer queries to relevant team members.

What Freshdesk gets right

Remote support: Leaders from all over the world share their experiences and insights on how brands can improve customer experience through remote support.

Customer stories: Browse through the stories of over 50,000 happy customers.

Resource library: Here you can find guides, blog posts, calculators, whitepapers, and more about streamlining your customer support pipeline.

Webinars: Watch the recordings of previous webinars or sign up for an upcoming one where seasoned CX professionals speak from experience.

Videos: As video content is most preferred, Freshdesk gives their site visitors just that.

Free tools: These tools put a number in front of your face which can give you actionable insights that empower your customer success team.

Academy: Every piece of information you and your team need to provide excellent customer support and an active community of over 60,000 members.

Blog: Read the latest news and insights from Freshdesk and improve your customer success system.

Summing up

Good content helps cement your position as a leader with a trusted voice in your industry.

Content marketing helps you relay your product’s value to your customers in the format they desire.

We have helped over 40 SaaS brands in the past few years to get their message across and motivate their audience to convert, with SEO-driven content marketing.

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Kushal Desai

Kushal Desai is an Ex-Content Marketing Specialist at Growfusely. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering as well as MBA in Information Technology and has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing. His core expertise lies in organic search, content marketing, and performance analytics. Connect with him on Linkedin and Twitter: @kushaljdesai.

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