PUBLISHED: Jul 4, 2023

How CPV Lab Built Its Authority in the Ad Tracking Software Realm

Hazel Kamath
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Know more about SaaS growth strategies from the horse's mouth.

Marketers seldom hit their perfect audience at the first shot. I am sure we’ve all been there. Nevertheless, moving in the direction of optimizing marketing campaigns is the surefire way to reach your audience and most importantly, save money. 

Tracking marketing campaigns allows marketers to make quick and accurate decisions that positively impact the ROI and revenue. CPV Lab is a perfect solution for this. The performance marketing tracking platform monitors multi-channel marketing campaigns in one place, regardless of the traffic source. 

We got into a conversation with Julia Draghici, the Co-Founder & CEO at CPV Lab who told us about their success journey and how content helped them build authority in their domain. 

Here’s everything she told us about.

Success Highlights

  • CPV Lab is a great product that started off as an affiliate marketing tracker. It offered useful features for marketers to track how their campaigns are performing. This makes it a comprehensive marketing performance-tracking tool. 
  • The marketing performance tracking space is highly competitive with several tools offering varied features. In such a scenario, CPV Lab Pro not just offered a great product but also built its credibility by offering its audience relevant and value-adding content. 
  • Allowing guests to contribute to their blog was an effective strategy implemented by the CPV Lab team. This helps them win valuable backlinks and leads. 
  • Effective online review management on authoritative websites and public review sites has allowed CPV Lab to improve its brand awareness and authority.

So, let’s hear more about CPV Lab’s success journey from Julia. 

Hey Julia! Let me start by expressing my gratitude for taking the time to share how CPV Lab carved its path to success. But first, we want to know more about you. 

Please tell us about your personal and professional journey. 

I’m the CEO and Co-founder of the CPV Lab marketing tracker.

I have a computer science and economics degree. 🙂 I started working while I was still in university as a developer and, very soon after, I switched to project management and team management.

My first job was with a software development company that was doing software for a marketing company in the US. 

We had all kinds of platforms developed and I started working with marketers since then.

My boss asked me if I want to do some management and quality assurance tasks, and I agreed. Since then I mostly ask developers what to do, I rarely write code these days. 🙂

After a few years, I wanted to check how the corporate world is and I had a management position in a corporation where I was in charge of managing the development team, business analysis, and business development.

I missed the energy and the fast pace of a smaller company, so after my maternity leave, I decided to work on something else and that’s when I joined CPV Lab as a co-founder.

I had to learn a lot in the affiliate marketing field, and I made mistakes on the way… but you can’t really grow a business if you don’t try and experiment. There is still a lot of learning, but things are clear now. The vision, the team, the goal… everything!

Tell us about your brand and how it impacts your customers. 

**CPV Lab** is a performance marketing tracker that helps marketers track, test, optimize, and control their marketing campaigns from a single place. I could say that it is a cool alternative to Google Analytics, but it is more than that. 🙂

It was designed as an affiliate marketing tracker, that is what its original purpose was, but lately, more and more companies (marketing agencies or other small businesses like SaaS and e-commerce) started using it, which I’m very happy about. 🙂

It is a tool that is very useful for each member of the marketing team.

If you are an entrepreneur or a CMO, you want to be able to quickly see the status of all your marketing, and **CPV Lab** will provide such a dashboard.

And you can check how everything is going in real-time, anytime you wish.

If you are the marketer in charge of paid advertising or a media buyer, CPV Lab helps a lot because you won’t lose time logging into all the traffic sources to check how your campaigns are going. You have everything in one place. 

Also, you can optimize the campaigns directly in the tracker and do split tests and multivariate tests of different landing pages. It also allows a lot of optimizations. It also helps with a better attribution of your ads being integrated via API with all major traffic sources.

As an affiliate marketer, you usually run campaigns on many traffic sources and you need accurate information about both costs and commissions.

So, that’s where an affiliate marketing tracker helps, it gets data from both places (from traffic sources and affiliate networks) and shows everything in a nice-looking dashboard.

But, more importantly, you can do split-testing for all kinds of funnels and traffic sources.

It’s a very performant analytics platform that helps you identify which marketing channels are working better in this omnichannel marketing world.

We can provide a demo for it and you can start using it right away. 

Once you understand what it is doing, you will find that it is quite easy to use and offers a ton of useful metrics to help you take the right decisions.

Plus, you can share reports about your conversions, and the cost of each conversion for each channel with your partners and stakeholders and avoid all the spreadsheets and wasted time.

You will thank me later 😉

Recently, we launched [CPV One], which is a CPV Lab tracker hosted in the cloud. 

By having both self-hosted and cloud solutions we want to help both kinds of users, the ones with an extra need for privacy (which prefer self-hosted solutions) and the ones who want no stress with installation and maintenance, which prefer cloud.

There is competition on the market, and it was tough to get to a point where others recognize and recommend you. We are going against competitors with much bigger teams and higher budgets. But CPV Lab is a very performant and affordable tracker and that is one of our main advantages.

What’s been your demand generation strategy?

Over the last few years, we tested all kinds of strategies, some were successful and some were not.

Like testing paid ads on Facebook and other sources which proved to be quite inefficient simply because our target user doesn’t spend time on Facebook.

What works very well and it’s something that we try to focus on is providing good and fast support to our users. This means customer support and the content on our blog, in our documentation, or through our YouTube channel.

For the content strategy, we were a little chaotic at the beginning, but once we got an SEO audit and started to correlate the articles with SEO optimizations, things started going much better. Organic traffic started to come from our blog (and we know that for sure as we track both our organic and paid traffic with CPV Lab!)

As a content strategy, we started to narrow down the topics to a specific niche, affiliate marketing in our case. In the beginning, we were writing general things about marketing. But now we have a few smaller niches we focus on – affiliate marketing, e-commerce marketing, and SaaS marketing.

cpv lab quote 01

In the beginning, we were very skeptical about having a blog, simply because we are not content writers. But I am glad we accepted this challenge, one that proved very effective. 🙂

Another strategy that I recommend is related to partnerships.

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Helping each other in the digital marketing space is something I really believe in.

Have you explored any link-building strategies? If yes, can you share a bit about it?

As mentioned, the only link-building strategy we’ve done so far was through partnerships with different other companies in the affiliate marketing industry.

I want to start implementing a strategy for backlinking, I’ve started to read a lot about SEO hacks lately. But, at the moment I don’t have a clear strategy in place. It is still a work in progress.

Any advice you’d like to give to marketing professionals, especially in the SaaS domain?

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So you need to make sure you solve your users’ problems very efficiently and then they will recommend you further.

Reviews are very important in the SaaS world and I say this with a little regret as we just started collecting reviews on public platforms recently, even if we are in the business for a few years now. But we learned an important lesson.

cpv lab quote 04

Another thing that we discovered by not doing it for a while, is that you need to create content for your users. As I said, we started very slow with our content because we don’t have a dedicated in-house content writer. Probably no SaaS company has one at the beginning. So we wrote articles about how to use the tool and different generic topics ourselves.

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Another piece of advice is to track your data. I’ve worked with many marketers and by far I saw better results for the companies that keep track of their data. Because you can’t really perform with guesswork.

Any new skills you are planning to learn?

I believe that as a founder you learn new things every single day. Every day brings new decisions and new challenges.

And yes, I have 2 main areas that I want to learn more about this year: video editing (I want to create some more quality videos) and SEO and content optimization.

Is there any piece of content that you own (ebook/ whitepaper/ podcast) you’d like to tell us about?

I don’t have an ebook yet 🙂 , but I can offer a super promo code to our marketing tracker.

As I’m sure that many of your users are SaaS owners, I want to offer a promo code of a 10% discount for CPV Lab so they can start tracking all their marketing!

Use the promo code **CPVGROW10**

I, as a SaaS owner myself, am using it daily to check the status of all my marketing: what kind of traffic I got on the website, how many conversions and where those came from. Also, what about the blog, the partner pages, our affiliates… multi-channel tracking in a single place. 🙂

Here is where you can find us:

SaaSy Tidbits from Julia Draghici

  • SaaS products usually come with initial development costs. But SaaS marketers should continue to focus on the pain points of their target audience and address them through their products and content. That’s when they will grow exponentially.
  • You need to be patient with the results of a sound content strategy. The best way to become an authority on a subject is by consistently sharing content that answers audience pain points. At some point, customer inquiries point to these areas, thus improving your authority and trustworthiness.
  • Tracking data – customer, market, and competitors – is critical to make data-driven decisions. SaaS firms cannot afford to go by guesswork. 
  • Collecting and showcasing reviews is important for the success of your SaaS. Make sure you work towards getting customer reviews by building a product that answers customer concerns, offering stellar service, and responding to them.

Content has helped CPV Lab build its authority and drive high-quality traffic to its website. As a SaaS content marketing agency that produces high-quality relevant content for its client, we couldn’t agree more. 

Julia, thanks for sharing these amazing SaaS tidbits. 

If you have any questions on how CPV Lab can be leveraged for your marketing campaigns, we’d recommend getting in touch with Julia on LinkedIn. You can also visit their website to learn more about their services.

Hazel Kamath

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