PUBLISHED: Mar 12, 2024

How Mailmodo Built Its Authority in a Competitive Market

Nidhi Parikh
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Know more about SaaS growth strategies from the horse's mouth.

Email marketing can help businesses generate leads, engage existing customers, and drive sign-ups and revenue. But creating effective campaigns and managing multiple such campaigns is no easy task.

Enter Mailmodo. The email marketing tool allows businesses of all sizes to create engaging emails, automate campaigns, integrate with CRM tools, and manage everything from one platform.

We got an opportunity to interact with Mailmodo’s marketing head, Zeeshan Akhtar. He told us all about his marketing journey and how Mailmodo leverages SEO and content marketing to reach and engage its target audience.

Mailmodo’s Success Highlights

  • Instead of sticking to the traditional model of email marketing, Mailmodo has always relied on innovation to provide breakthrough features and use cases for its clients.
  • Content has been central to their demand generation strategy as it helps their target audience succeed with email marketing and explore their tool.
  • They experiment a lot, which has resulted in different content formats like ebooks, podcasts, videos, etc.
  • This experimentation has allowed them to create engaging content, which gets upvoted and shared.

Let’s learn more about Mailmodo from Zeeshan.

Hello Zeeshan, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Before we head to Mailmodo’s journey, our audience would like to know more about you.

Can you tell us about yourself and how you started your journey in marketing?

I started as a mechanical engineer and later switched to the marketing domain. I slowly and steadily started learning about digital marketing, brand marketing, product marketing, and all the other key elements. 

I started working for a few early-stage start-up brands and helped them build their website and business from the ground up. That’s how my journey in marketing started. These experiences taught me a lot, after which I transitioned to Mailmodo.

Tell us about Mailmodo and what it’s like to operate in such a competitive landscape

Mailmodo is a versatile email marketing platform designed to enhance customer engagement and streamline campaign management. Using our platform, you can create engaging emails in no time, embed interactive elements like forms, surveys, and quizzes, and get insights into campaign performance.

We are in a market with well-established players who have become prominent and pioneers in email marketing. 

“Establishing your brand in such a crowded market is quite difficult, and being able to participate in something like this is a great learning experience for any marketer.”

At Mailmodo, we are constantly trying to build things that are at the edge of innovation and tradition to remain competitive. One such idea is interactive emails. We provide end-to-end creation and adding of interactive emails that hardly any other email marketing players provide. 

These interactive emails have proven quite successful for our customers as they allow our recipients to fill out forms, engage in polls, or take various actions within the email itself. They don’t need to click on a link and go through the tedious processes of page load, redirect, and sign up. Many of our clients even use gamification elements in these interactive emails.

These interactive emails reduce friction and boost engagement. For example, RazorPay was one of our early adopters, and they saw a 257% increase in feedback submissions. Generally, clients see 2-3X conversions with interactive emails.

What’s been Mailmodo’s demand generation strategy?

SEO has been one of our core channels when it comes to getting traffic on our website. We also depend greatly on word-of-mouth marketing through our network and our brand-building activities.

There’s a fair share of traffic coming in from social media, where we regularly share resources on email marketing, product campaigns, ideas, etc. 

One of the best strategies that has worked for us is ensuring our blogs rank on the first page of Google. We are very particular about the quality of each article we publish and focus on following a user-centric approach. This helps us stay in line with Google’s Helpful Content Update and makes sure that people don’t bounce off, which is one thing Google definitely measures, as per the reports I’ve read. 

It’s very important you look at your domain from a holistic point of view. This means, not having bad links or having articles that might impact your site’s health. After those checks and balances, we pride ourselves on having a robust SEO team in place that looks after SEO optimizations.

I believe in having meticulous processes in place, so we have content checklists, on-page checklists, etc. 

One great way of getting backlinks is by building market research reports. For example, our State of Email Report got us over 10,000 visits, 2000 downloads, and over 400 backlinks.

Another thing we focus on is internal linking. We recommend very relevant content at the end of each blog. This could be related articles, webinars, or even courses. So, if you’re reading an article about email deliverability, there could be a related article on spam filters, deliverability guidelines, and so on. We have our own system of internal linking, which we have developed especially for Mailmodo. This becomes easy with topic cluster research that we carry out beforehand. 

We also came up with the idea of an AI email subject line generator, a foot-in-the-door product marketing resource. We chose Product Hunt to announce the launch of this tool. We initially targeted to get 100+ signups from the launch, and we achieved 20% of it within a week.

How do you promote or distribute your content?

Depending on the type of content, we share it on social media. We also repurpose our top-performing articles to social media posts. For example, we repurposed one of our ebooks on email design into multiple social media carousel posts. Each of these posts got around 10,000 impressions.

Other than that, we have our mailing lists and distribute our content through newsletters. We also have partners that help us get the word going about our most important pieces.

Is there any piece of content that you own (ebook/whitepaper/podcast) you’d like to tell us about?

At Mailmodo, we experiment with a lot of different content types, and it has worked great for us. One of our ebooks, titled “Email Design for Newbies” is one you should check out. We even created a movie/documentary called “The Real Lives of AI Marketers,” which included experts talking about the future of marketing in the AI era. This got us a lot of traffic and engagement.

Then, we also ran a survey where we asked marketers about their framework behind creating email subject lines, which resulted in a great content piece filled with examples, real-life case studies, and SME inputs. 

We are also working on a Netflix kind of streaming platform or rather, a resource for marketers to share content. These projects are our attempt at experimenting with the video side of things where the entire interface gets very engaging. 

What are your thoughts on AI and Google’s SGE?

It’s going to have far and wide repercussions on most of the websites. While Google’s SGE may give answers to queries like “What is email marketing?”, I think the BOFU and MOFU types of keywords will still attract people to click on your content.

The kind of articles or content that will become important would be ones focusing on long-tail keywords, which actually answer people’s queries, the kind of questions you might find on “People Also Ask.” 

“I feel that if you create great content, content that answers not just the main query but ten things related to it, your content will make some way into SGE’s answer as a link or a source.”

Any advice you’d like to give to marketing professionals, especially in the SaaS domain?

Everything starts with knowing your audience – who they are, where they are most active, and what they are looking for. Also, create amazing content and build processes to make that content bring desired results.

Above all, have patience.

SaaSy Tidbits from Zeeshan Akhtar

  • Having a customer-centric focus while introducing new features or creating content is a priority in the SaaS domain. Customers will stick with you only when they succeed with your product or get actionable advice from your content.
  • Build robust processes and systems. This helps you nail down what’s working and improvise what’s not. 
  • Try not to stick to one content type. Even if you do not have the resources at present, rely on content repurposing.

Mailmodo has proved that even if you operate in a competitive market with large players, you can succeed by listening to your audience and creating impactful content.

As a SaaS content marketing agency, we also prioritize high-quality content. It’s something that has brought great results for our clients, and we’ll continue to work on that with renewed enthusiasm.
If you have any questions about how Mailmodo works or want to know more about their journey, we recommend visiting their website or connecting with Zeeshan on LinkedIn.

Nidhi Parikh

Nidhi is a freelance content writer with an experience of over 4 years. She uses a strategic process to come up with well-researched and value-driven long-form content for SaaS brands. When not working, you can find her finishing entire novels in a day and binge-watching the latest web series.

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