PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2022

25 Top Rated SaaS Affiliate Marketing Programs

Poonam Joshi
25 Top Rated SaaS Affiliate Marketing Programs
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Did you know?

The affiliate marketing industry is expected to reach $8.2 billion by the end of 2022 from $5.4 billion in 2017.

No wonder thousands of professionals are partnering with top brands to be affiliate marketers.

SaaS affiliate marketing is becoming the top choice of affiliate marketers as it helps them establish credibility and earn higher commissions.

As per recent reports,

  • The SaaS market is rapidly growing by 18 percent each year.
  • Around 99 percent of businesses will be using one or more SaaS solutions by the end of 2021.
  • Almost 78 percent of SMBs have already made their investments in SaaS solutions.

Check out the array of departments using SaaS apps.

These marketing trends for SaaS depict that now is the perfect time to explore this niche.

What’s more?

SaaS affiliate programs can boost ROI up to 30 percent. Hence, if you are an affiliate marketer, promoting software solutions can help you earn solid recurring revenue.

In this blog post, we have shared twenty-five top-rated SaaS affiliate marketing programs that will help your income grow multifold. 

But first, let’s first understand how a SaaS affiliate program works and its benefits.

How Does a SaaS Affiliate Program Work?

SaaS affiliate programs work like general affiliate programs. Here is a brief explanation.

  • Join a SaaS affiliate marketing program of the top-rated brand.
  • As a content marketer, create valuable content for B2B audiences.
  • You will get a unique affiliate link from which the company will track the clicks, usually via cookies.
  • The cookies are available and trackable for a limited time, typically – 30 or 45 days.
  • Place affiliate links of the SaaS products on your blogs, videos, or social media channels.
  • Earn rewards or commissions whenever customers buy the SaaS product via your link.

SaaS consumers always look for expert opinions. As an affiliate marketer, always share unbiased views on SaaS products by covering their pros and cons.

Besides improving your website authority and traffic, this practice will contribute to a better SaaS SEO game. The generated backlinks will boost your SERP rankings and attract leads organically. As you sell more products and help the brands earn revenue, your incentives go up.

Benefits of the SaaS Affiliate Marketing Programs

SaaS affiliate marketing programs are performance-driven and crucial for scaling up any business. Here are a few benefits we’d like to highlight.

1. High Commission Rates 

High commissions are the backbone of SaaS affiliate marketing programs. 

Some merchants pay 15 percent, while others offer 20-30 percent. 

As a SaaS affiliate marketer, you can structure the commission based on your track record. Rate your offerings, and research the market rates for the same level of expertise. Once you structure the commission, seek brands that meet your expectations. 

Ask these questions to choose the highest-paying brand.

  • What factors determine the payout of affiliate commission (lead generation or sale)?
  • Do the SaaS companies pay rewards in cash or credit toward their products?
  • Are the affiliate commissions fixed for every product?
  • Is the rate competitive enough? 
  • Does the company offer any other perks or bonuses for good performance?

The bottom line is – SaaS affiliate marketing programs can be rewarding but research is critical. 

2. Long Cookie Lifespan

Cookies help businesses track customers’ activities and keep a tab on sales made via affiliate links. But all cookies have an expiry date.

Expired cookies cannot trace the affiliate links, thus causing you to lose commission regardless of sales. 

Unlike traditional marketing, most top-rated SaaS programs offer a long cookie lifespan.

The normal range varies between 30-45 days. But, the conversion window may extend. 

3. Good Brand Recognition

SaaS affiliate marketers earn when B2B customers purchase the software or products, which is not easy.

Compared to other domains, selling software could be tricky due to the competition. Hence, choosing a quality and well-established SaaS brand is the primary step to ensure conversions. 

The reason? 

Customers already know and trust the brand. 

So, choose an established SaaS firm to boost the brand’s sales and reputation. 

4. Vendor Transparency 

Transparent communication is the key to successful working relationships. Top-rated SaaS affiliate marketing programs offer complete transparency to the affiliates.  

As a SaaS affiliate, you get to know how commissions are calculated. Generally, all brands provide their dashboards with analytics tools to keep everything fair. These dashboards help track every action of the subscribers and daily conversion rates.

Notice how Rewardful’s dashboard offers insights to affiliate marketers.

5. Long-Term Passive Income 

When done effectively, SaaS affiliate marketing programs can become the source of long-term passive income.


  • Figure out top-rated SaaS affiliate marketing programs that pay high commissions. 
  • Start researching the best companies in the SaaS space. 
  • Find the right products to promote. 

SaaS affiliate marketing is an easy get-rich scheme for marketers. 

25 Best SaaS Affiliate Programs

Here are some top SaaS affiliate programs you can count on for scaling your business. 

1. Shopify

Program Commission: 200 percent

Cookie Life: 30 days

Shopify is leading the drop shipping industry with more than five lakhs of successful eCommerce stores.

From website builders and hosting, shopping carts, online payment platforms, analytics tools to store management software, Shopify has everything one needs to establish a successful online store.

Join Shopify’s affiliate program if your target audience is looking for SaaS tools to build an eCommerce store. This SaaS affiliation program is quite popular and free of cost. 

Key Benefits

  • Get constant support from the Shopify team.
  • Access a vast library of education and lead magnets. 
  • Download marketing materials to promote products and convert more leads. 
  • Track detailed performance insights through your dashboard.

2. Canva 

Program Commission: $36

Cookie Life: 30 days

Canva is one of the most sought-after graphic design platforms. This unique and advanced features-equipped platform allows the users to create posters, social media graphics, documents, presentations, and other visual content. 

The app offers ready-to-use templates, free of cost. Users seeking more features and functionalities can subscribe to the paid version. 

As a Canva affiliate, you can earn up to $36 per referral link by sharing the creative designs. 

Key Benefits

  • Get paid via e-transfer or Paypal for the referrals within 30 days. 
  • Receive support through email and live chat around the clock.
  • Get direct access to promotional materials to ensure earning regular commissions.

3. Wix 

Program Commission: $100 per Premium sale

Cookie Life: 30 days

Do you need unlimited cash flowing without any hassles? 

Partnering with Wix could be the best bet for you. 

Wix is a famous Israeli software company that offers cloud-based web development services to help users create a unique and appealing website. Their tools are powerful enough to build a professional web presence. 

Moreover, the company offers $100 on every premium referral, making it a top choice among SaaS affiliate programs in the market. 

Key Benefits

  • There’s no referral limit. 
  • Choose from the highest-performing creatives.
  • Manage your campaigns from a personalized dashboard.
  • Connect to their experts for queries on traffic, payments, and more.

4. Kinsta 

Program Commission: Up to $500 per referral + 10 percent recurring

Cookie Life: 60 days

Kinsta is a performance-driven WordPress platform that offers fast, reliable, and secure hosting. 

The platform uses state-of-the-art SaaS technology, such as LXD software containers, Nginx, and PHP 8.0, to improve their users’ website SEO. 

Kinsta’s customer retention rate is around 96 percent (churn rate of 4 percent), making the recurring commissions valuable. These aspects make it a trustworthy SaaS affiliate program.

Key Benefits

  • Earn up to $500, followed by a recurring 10 percent monthly payment.
  • Get shareable marketing materials for product promotions.
  • Download detailed reports on traffic, leads, and conversions via the dashboard.
  • Get constant support from the Kinsta team.

5. HubSpot 

HubSpot affiliate program landing page

Program Commission: 30 percent recurring 

Cookie Life: 180 days

HubSpot is an award-winning CRM platform that has helped millions of organizations boost their ROI. It offers advanced tools that help companies manage their customer experience.

Join HubSpot’s affiliate program to monetize your content. Their plans range from $20 to over $3,000+ per month.

These payouts could easily add up as HubSpot is a well-established and trusted brand.

Key Benefits

  • Earn whopping 30 percent commission.
  • Unlock more rewards like additional bonuses with performance-based affiliate tiers.
  • Gain access to vast creative inventory of 400+ assets and resources like banners, swipe copy, and demo videos.
  • Cultivate a one-on-one relationship with the experienced HubSpot affiliate team.
  • Drive better conversions by tracking your progress via an analytics dashboard.

6. Weebly 

Program Commission: 30 percent on sales

Cookie Life: 120 days

Weebly is a free web hosting service that offers fast site speed and reliability. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company offers customizable webpage designs and tools. It is popular among top bloggers because of its quality offerings.

With more than 20 million active users, Weebly offers great possibilities for earning. 

Key Benefits

  • Get a free trial without a credit card.
  • Receive a dashboard for reliable tracking of customer metrics and payments.
  • Get a banner for a customized landing page to showcase your referral links.

7. BigCommerce 

Program Commission: 200 percent or $1,500 per enterprise customer

Cookie Life: 90 days

BigCommerce is a big name in the open SaaS solution industry. The trailblazing platform empowers small startups, mid-market businesses, and large-scale firms. 

Founded in 2009, BigCommerce has served merchants from over 150 countries. 

As a BigCommerce affiliate, you can earn 200 percent of the customer’s first monthly payment. The amount is approximately $500 or $1,500 per enterprise customer.

Key Benefits

  • Promote BigCommerce with pre-made banners, emails, and more marketing materials. 
  • Gain insights on your clicks, sales, and commissions on a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Get direct access to affiliate experts from the BigCommerce team.

8. Squarespace 

Program Commission: $100 to $200

Cookie Life: 45 days

Squarespace empowers millions of users to build a positive and prominent online presence. With more than one million users, it is one of the best firms in the SaaS space. 

If you desire the best affiliation platform, consider partnering with Squarespace. 

Let your audiences share their passion with everyone while you earn great commissions. Squarespace’s affiliation program is free of cost and easy to manage.  

As an affiliate partner, you get a chance to earn commissions up to $200 for every subscription and referral.

Key Benefits

  • Provides insightful analytics tools to track affiliate link conversions. 
  • Saves time on content creation by providing promotional materials.
  • Connect to a dedicated team for any queries and support.

9. Webflow

Program Commission: 50 percent of all payments

Cookie Life: 90 days

Webflow, Inc. is an American SaaS company that offers robust website building and hosting tools. Right from designing to adding visuals and launching websites, this digital visual editor platform is capable of everything.

If you have a vast set of audience interested in website-related SaaS tools, Webflow is the platform to consider.

As an affiliate, you can monetize the content and earn as much as you put effort. There are no referral limits.

Key Benefits

  • Use dynamic link templates and designs for product promotions.
  • Connect to the Webflow team for affiliate strategies and guidance.
  • Receive hassle-free payments by the 15th of each month.

10. Semrush 

Program Commission: 40 percent recurring

Cookie Life: 10 years 

Semrush is one of the oldest online visibility management platforms. Trusted by over seventy billion users, Semrush has proven its mettle as a prime SaaS company.

Their team offers competitive SEO analysis tools to help digital marketers achieve high SERPs.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 40 percent recurring commission over every subscription. Besides, the company offers a generous cookie life of 10 years.

Key Benefits

  • Receive first cookie attribution model provision. Even if a referral cancels their subscription and signs up within ten years again, you earn a commission.
  • Get hands-on exclusive promotional material in five distinct languages. 
  • Easy and fast sign-up process to help you get started right away.

11. 1Password 

Program Commission: 25 percent of the first year or month’s payment

Cookie Life: 45 days 

1Password is a highly secured and safe password manager solution developed by AgileBits Inc. It provides users with a virtual vault to store their data, passwords, and other confidential information. 

1Password protects the information of businesses and customers using online services. 

Key Benefits

  • Earn $2 per completed signup.
  • Use interactive tools and information to succeed as a SaaS affiliate partner.
  • Develop a working relationship with the experienced team for support and help.

12. Constant Contact 

Program Commission: Earn Upto $105 

Cookie Life: 120 days

Constant Contact provides a robust suite of email marketing tools for SMBs, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. These tools can also help users create Facebook (Meta) ads by automating email campaigns. 

Further, Constant Contact specializes in a lead page integration platform to boost lead magnet effectiveness. No wonder all top-notch organizations, such as Facebook (Meta), WordPress, and Shopify, use this platform. 

Key Benefits

  • Earn $5 for referrals signing up for a free trial and $105 when they move to the paid version.
  • Receive promotional materials and a personalized dashboard.
  • Track your success with advanced real-time reporting and analytics tools.

13. Freshworks 

Program Commission: Earn $5 per lead and 15 percent commission for conversions.

Cookie Life: 120 days

Freshworks is a leading provider of SaaS solutions that help businesses of all sizes resolve their complexities.  

Their SaaS solutions have enabled more than 50,000 firms to exceed customer expectations and drive the best results.

As an affiliate, you get to work with such a recognized brand that has a passionate community and trackable commissions. 

Key Benefits

  • Receive timely and monthly payments for the leads and referrals.
  • Get a dashboard to view crucial insights and track your referrals, 
  • Have access to an inventory of best-performing marketing kits and assets.
  • Reach out to the experienced and dedicated affiliate experts 24*7 for any help. 

14. ActiveCampaign

Program Commission: Earn $1,350 per referral 

Cookie Life: 90 days

ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps small-to-mid-sized businesses grow.

Based in Chicago, the company designs solutions intending to enhance customer experience. The automation tools cover categories, such as email marketing, sales, marketing, and others.

As a SaaS affiliate, this company offers a whopping $1,350 commission per referral. Boost your earnings as there are no referral limits.

Key Benefits

  • Engage your customers and earn monthly recurring payments. 
  • Withdraw your commissions without any hassles via PayPal.
  • View crucial insights of your referrals and track your journey via a dashboard. 
  • Get support and help from a team of experts.  

15. Pipedrive 

Program Commission: 33 percent, recurring monthly

Cookie Life: 90 days

Pipedrive is a popular CRM software provider with 90,000 partners. The company designs flexible solutions to suit various business models. The software allows users to manage communications, leads and create insightful reports.

Join the Pipedrive affiliate program to gain the advantage of a large customer base and partnership with a recognized brand. 

Key Benefits 

  • Get a competitive edge with no sign-up fee and caps on your commissions.
  • Receive online training and creative assets.
  • Get a best-in-class reporting dashboard to track your commissions and other information.

16. Unbounce 

Program Commission: 20 percent of recurring revenue per referred customer

Cookie Life: 90 days

The successful landing page platform, Unbounce is used by market leaders like Zola and Campaign Monitor. Their team helps users create appealing landing pages for SaaS businesses.

Unbounce’s Affiliate program is quite different and impressive. It allows you to earn around 20 percent of the recurring revenue for referred customers. Besides, your website visitors get 20 percent off the first three month programs.

Key Benefits

  • Receive a customized dashboard to gain valuable insights on sales.
  • Connect with a partner coach for guidance and support.
  • Interact and engage your customers with promotional materials and conduct effective promotions.

17. LiveAgent 

Program Commission: 20 percent commission from the initial payment + 20 percent commission of all recurring payments

Cookie Life: 90 days

LiveAgent is a help desk solution that offers multiple channel integration. 

The channels comprise emails, calls, Facebook (Meta), Instagram, Live Chat, and more. The system is designed to meet the requirements of industries that deal with customer handling daily. 

As a LiveAgent affiliate, you can gain several conversion opportunities because of its reputation in the market. 

Key Benefits

  • Claim a $5 commission for sign-up.
  • Get access to language adaptable widgets to communicate in the preferred language.
  • Analyze and overview performance reports via a dashboard. 
  • Choose from an array of banners and content to promote your link.

18. ConvertKit 

Program Commission: 30 percent recurring

Cookie Life: 30 days

A new up-and-comer in the SaaS sector, ConvertKit helps its user attract and boost customers via tested email drip campaigns and landing pages.

ConvertKit’s affiliate program is beneficial for audiences looking for email marketing solutions.

You can be a successful ConvertKit affiliate if your target audience is interested in email marketing solutions. The program is free-of-cost and has an easy signup process.

Key Benefits

  • Get online training to understand the conversion requirements.
  • Create stellar content with beautiful graphics and videos.  
  • Refer to evergreen webinars to prepare better conversion strategies.
  • Track your progress with a customized dashboard.

19. Close 

Program Commission: 10 percent recurring

Cookie Life: 90 days

SaaS products that help automate organizational tasks are usually complicated and pricey. 

Close is an all-in-one automation platform that brings the same power to organizations at reasonable prices. They have got integrations with the best technology providers, such as Zapier, Connect, Zendesk, and more.

Partnering with Close can help you earn customers’ trust with ease. With the high-end software offerings, you can close more sales and enhance their experience.

Key Benefits

  • Earn extra money on the basic commission when the customer upgrades their accounts.
  • Receive payouts for sales every month.
  • Get the fully-equipped Partnerstack affiliate platform to track your commissions.
  • Bring value to the customers’ experience by sharing marketing assets.

20. Moosend 

Program Commission: 30 percent recurring monthly

Cookie Life: 120 days

Best known for its email marketing platform and tools, Moosend has much more to offer. Their team provides landing page designs, subscription forms, marketing automation solutions, and analytics tools.

Their offerings have helped businesses in the digital world to excel.

If your target audience is looking for digital automation solutions, partnering with Moooseend can be the best deal for you. 

As an affiliate, you get 30 percent recurring rewards on each sign-up. The commission will keep on increasing as the users upgrade their accounts.

Key Benefits

  • Earn extra commission on referral account upgrade.
  • Speak to the experts of the Moosend team for help and support.
  • Get access to real-time statistics via the affiliate tracking system. 
  • Monitor and improve your conversions with dashboard insights.

21. AWeber

Program Commission: 30 percent recurring

Cookie Life: 12 months

AWeber is the most popular email marketing app among more than one million businesses. This platform helps businesses design newsletters, create a mailing list, and more. 

Simply put, it simplifies and automates business communication.

Join their SaaS affiliate marketing program to boost your income stream. 

Key Benefits

  • Analyze the number of customers visiting your referral link via the dashboard.
  • Get easy-to-repost content to improve your referrals.
  • Receive email sale notices of your sale immediately.
  • Get tips and resources on how to succeed from AWeber’s team.

22. Omnisend 

Program Commission: 300 percent per referral

Cookie Life: 90 days

Omnisend is a simple-to-use marketing automation platform designed for eCommerce businesses. 

This platform enables entrepreneurs to automate their SMS, emails, and web push notifications. Besides, it has a customer segmentation provision that helps firms send targeted emails and messages.  

As an affiliate, you can earn up to $1,200 per net-new referral.

Key Benefits

  • Fill a simple application form to get approval. 
  • Get a dedicated account manager for migration support.
  • Track your earnings via a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Get access to ready-made promotional content like ads, banners, ads, and more.

23. SurveySparrow 

Program Commission: 25 percent recurring

Cookie Life: 90 days

Trusted by brands, such as Godrej, Paysafe, and Honda, SurveySparrow is an all-in-one omnichannel experience management platform.

This platform helps businesses build better experiences by managing every touch-point across their customer journey. 

Join this affiliate program for free and stand a chance to receive a whopping $500 bonus for excellent performance.

Key Benefits

  • Register without any signup costs.
  • Start promoting with assets like banners, email templates, infographics, and more.
  • Calculate and track your conversions with a dedicated account manager.
  • Get continuous support from the team of SurveySparrow.

24. Leadpages 

Program Commission: 50 percent recurring

Cookie Life: 30 days

LeadPages is a digital platform that offers tools to create customizable landing pages. 

Their professionally designed templates and drag-and-drop features have helped startups thrive.  

What makes the LeadPages affiliate marketing program a great choice is its offerings. As an affiliate, you can earn up to a $5,000 bonus by driving sales.

Key Benefits

  • Connect and network with experienced affiliates in their private Facebook (Meta) group. 
  • Share educational content like blogs, guides, videos, and more to grow your audiences.
  • Get promotion tips and help from their dedicated team.
  • Test-drive new functionalities and get a head start on your journey.

25. Podia

Program Commission: 30 percent recurring

Cookie Life: 30 days

Podia offers powerful marketing tools to boost the sales of businesses. Top brands have been using this platform to create modern, enticing, and mobile-friendly websites.

Their avant-garde tools have helped over 50,000 online creators succeed.

Turn your affiliate marketing knowledge into income by joining their SaaS affiliate marketing program.

Key Benefits

  • Join this program without any transaction fees.
  • Download shareable ready-made content for marketing.
  • Get exclusive support from their dedicated professionals

Conclusion and Closing Thoughts 

As an affiliate marketer, you have to put consistent efforts to turbocharge your conversion rates. 

SaaS affiliate marketing programs are worth an investment as they offer high recurring commissions. The right brands and in-depth knowledge of SaaS products are all you need to earn the trust of your customers. 

Use the top-rated SaaS affiliate marketing programs shared in this article to simplify your route to being a successful affiliate.

Image Sources – Hubspot, Github, Rewardful

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