PUBLISHED: Feb 18, 2022

10 SaaS Courses You Need to Try Today

Vikrant Jhala
10 SaaS Courses You Need to Try Today
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If you want to become a successful SaaS marketer, product manager, SEO expert, or UX designer, you need to gain practical insights from experts in the field. This is where leveraging the free and paid SaaS courses becomes crucial.

Numerous people tried different strategies for years and failed. But all these experiments made them capable of helping beginners or experts learn and enhance their current skills.

After hours of research, we have listed the top ten SaaS courses to help you grow your SaaS business with strategies that work.

1. Content Marketing Certification Course by HubSpot Academy 

HubSpot’s content marketing course tops the list as it covers every important aspect in fun and innovative learning sessions. Even top quora experts recommend this content marketing course. 

Here’s a glimpse of the course curriculum:

This course will help you become well-versed with the following:

  • A content creation framework that enables you to generate content that converts consistently.
  • The right tactics to produce content that search engine ranks.
  • You’ll learn the tactics that work well for advanced content marketers.
  • The course consists of 12 lessons, 54 videos, and 11 quizzes divided into 6 hours. 

This course is excellent for you, whether you are a complete beginner looking forward to learning content marketing skills from scratch or an intermediate to enhance your current knowledge. Consider going through its content if you are a marketing professional, inbound professional, or content producer. New entrepreneurs or remotely indulged in the marketing scene can also find this course extremely helpful.

Why enroll in this course? 

This content marketing course is 100% FREE and covers tactics you can implement immediately. Once you create your account, you get complete access to all their educational resources without filling any form again. You can also take advantage of all their free software tools to grow your business.

Based on the details provided, your training recommendations will be filled with content that you need to develop your skills.

HubSpot is a renowned name, and you will get recognition as a content marketer with the acquired certificate.

If you are a complete beginner, this is a great way to get into the field. It teaches you techniques of content marketing that no other free course will.

2. SEO That Works by Brian Dean

The SEO That Works is created by the owner of Backlinko – Brian Dean. He started this course to help people confused after scrolling through numerous blog posts that promise the number one ranking on Google.

The content of the course comprises of the following:

  • Brian’s strategy revolves around creating and marketing solid content called the power page. 
  • The introduction of the course explains the mistake of believing in common outdated SEO advice of creating fresh content, focusing on long-tail keywords, and proactive link building.
  • The first module walks you through creating ONE type of content that influential bloggers and journalists love to share. 
  • The second module focuses on building power pages to generate links, traffic, and leads.
  • Brian walks you through the right promotional tactics to get backlinks from authority sites in the third module.
  • Lastly, he reveals advanced on and off-page SEO strategies that get guaranteed results. 

Why enroll in this course? 

If you are looking out for a tried and tested step-by-step system to improve your ranking, then this course is for you. It is basically for people who are tired of following the evergreen advice of posting valuable content consistently.

It’s one of the most expensive SEO courses out there, and generally, there is a waiting list. But if you are willing to spend money on a one-time solution to all your SEO problems, then go for it. Further, it’s available in various formats, including videos, PDF transcriptions for each lesson, slideshows, and audio.

3. CXL Institute’s Link Building Course

This link-building course focuses on a practical approach to implementing all the link-building tactics you have read about. Instead of vague tips and tricks, it provides you with a framework and well-laid strategies for effective results.

The course covers the following aspects: 

  • Learn from real-life examples of content outreach campaigns to understand what works and what doesn’t
  • Leverage the power of your existing content and improve your backlink profile
  • A complete strategy to creating content that generates backlinks from highly-authoritative sites
  • Tracking the right metrics to analyze your progress and modify strategies accordingly. 

Whether you are an SEO expert looking forward to expanding your knowledge or a content marketer ready to begin link building, this course is for you.

Why enroll in this course? 

This course will cover effective long-term strategies for successful link building. It’s crucial to have the necessary resources since this course relies on advanced techniques to achieve results.

A professional SaaS SEO agency demonstrates the nuances of SEO activities and how it impacts the organic search ranking. After applying the framework shared in this course, you will get the idea of how to approach creating such approaches for your SaaS brand..

4. HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Marketing Certificate

This course focuses on creating and executing an inbound marketing strategy by researching, creating buyer personas, and modifying the acquired results. 

Here’s a glimpse of the course curriculum:

The course will cover the following aspects: 

  • Alignment of marketing with the ever-changing buying behaviors
  • Detailed content curation by creating topic clusters and pillar pages 
  • Developing a solid social media strategy to network and generate leads
  • Developing and implementing a strong conversational growth strategy
  • The right ways of nurturing leads
  • Aligning your marketing with sales for improved conversions
  • Analyzing your existing customers to build a customer-centric marketing approach. 

Why enroll in this course? 

This course is highly beneficial for people who are new to inbound marketing. Apart from inbound marketers, small business owners and entrepreneurs can also benefit from this free course.

Every tactic taught by the presenter is placed into action to ensure you learn the practical ways instead of just seeing. You can take your business off the ground by applying these practical tactics. If you are tired of not getting results from implementing your inbound marketing strategy, then by the end, you’ll be excited to give things a new try with an improved approach.

5. Blogging for Business by Ahrefs

Recommended by expert Brian Dean, this course provides the worth it promises. Generally, blogging courses are of little to no extra value, but this course will keep you glued to the screen and notes open at all times. 

Here are a few modules of this course:

The course structure comprises of the following:

  • The first part covers why you need a blog for your business, three major customer acquisition channels, and why most blogs fail. 
  • The two major strategies for growing a blog (busting the myth of consistent content)
  • Moving on to the right ways of testing your article ideas and analyzing the traffic potential
  • Finding valuable content ideas (sorting out high and low-value ideas) 
  • The right ways of optimizing an article for a target keyword and generating maximum traffic
  • Creating content that handles the promotion itself
  • The right tactics to create link-worthy content
  • Building backlinks (high-authority sites)
  • Practical strategies to promote content via blogger outreach
  • Interviews with experts in the field

The suitability of the course is for any individual who wants to learn to blog, monetize their blog with the right tactics, or take their business to a whole new level by leveraging effective content marketing tactics.

Why enroll in this course? 

A comprehensive blogging course filled with strategies that will surely get results once implemented. After completing this course, you will have a diary full of notes and a mind full of ideas to create and execute a content strategy you believe will definitely work.

With this course’s strong plan, you can efficiently turn your readers into high-paying customers. If you want to monetize your blog and walk past 100K monthly visitors, go ahead and enroll today.

6. Grow & Convert’s Top Content Marketer

Learn from a proven system that produced excellent results for many businesses over the years. All crucial strategies are bundled into a 4-step process that has helped generate leads for more than 30 businesses.

The course comprises of the following: 

  • Identifying the right SEO keywords that drive qualified traffic
  • Writing content that stands out amongst the competition
  • Multiple ways of driving traffic to your best content pieces
  • The right metrics to track progress, measure conversions, and scale your content operations. 

Why enroll in this course? 

This course comprises a content strategy being perfected for over five years after helping numerous B2B and B2C businesses. You will not learn vague copied ideas but the strategies that emerged from experience and a combination of successes and failures.

The detailed case studies available on the website show the fantastic results of using these tactics. Of all the companies that succeeded in following this model — Crazy Egg is one of them.

7. Sales Management Training: Certification for Developing a Successful Modern Sales Team by HubSpot Academy 

Salespeople are often promoted to sales managers and get stuck with no experience dealing with teams. This free HubSpot SaaS sales course gives you insights to effectively handle sales management.

The course comprises of the following: 

  • Defining your sales process and communicating it effectively with your team
  • Help your sales team grow and flourish by implementing various training, coaching, and onboarding programs
  • A well-laid sales recruiting and hiring strategy to grow your team successfully
  • All crucial sales management strategies are covered in 3 hours. 

This course is suitable for current sales managers who want to enhance their knowledge or new sales managers willing to learn from scratch. 

Why enroll in this course? 

This three-hour certification course wouldn’t take much time and help you implement successful sales management tactics. And since it’s completely free, you have nothing to lose. You will be prepared to draft a marketing-driven sales enablement strategy by the end of this course.

8. Product Management Courses – Product School 

Since 2014, Product School has developed and enhanced product marketers’ and managers’ skills by providing exceptional product management training. In this SaaS product management course, you get the chance to learn from product leaders working at top Silicon Valley companies, including Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, etc. Further, it has a community of one million product professionals who will help you learn and grow over time.

The significant aspects that these courses tackle include: 

  • Understanding the changing roles of a product manager based on company size
  • Dive deep into the product lifecycle and its implementation to every product
  • Learn the modern product development process that both fortune 500s and startups follow
  • Identifying customer pain points or challenges and making modifications accordingly
  • Getting to the core problem with a product
  • Building buyer personas after analyzing qualitative and quantitative data
  • Everything that helps you in nailing that first product manager interview 

Why enroll in this course? 

As mentioned above, you get to learn from product experts working at top companies. Apart from that, unlike a traditional MBA program, this course gives you the option to learn at your convenience. Either you can select a 2-month part-time period over weekends or go for a 5-days full-time course.

The class size is deliberately kept small to ensure you communicate and develop relationships with like-minded individuals. A perfect blend of group activities, real-life case studies, and hands-on mentorship makes it the best option.

9. Product-led SaaS Growth by CXL Institute

This is one of the most fruitful free courses that focus on product-led SaaS growth. It will help you develop a solid strategy in four simple lessons.

Here is what the curriculum includes: 

  • What is a Product Qualified Lead (PQL)?
  • Free trial vs. freemium. Which is the best option? 
  • Eight metrics you need to track when using PQLs
  • Jobs-to-be-done for SaaS

This course is suitable for product managers to implement strategies that ensure growth.

Why enroll in this course? 

This course dives deep into a bottom-up marketing approach and builds a sustainable, product-led growth engine. The tone of the sessions is highly interactive and humorous to keep you engaged. What else could you possibly need in a free certification course? 

10. UX Design for SaaS – UX Institute

User experience is dramatically becoming one of the top factors in retaining customers. The demand for excellent UX designers is drastically increasing. This leads to the need to refine your current UX design skills to provide an experience that results in conversions.

This course is highly beneficial for UX designers and product managers with a minimum experience of two years.

Here is a glimpse of what the course covers:

Why enroll in this course?

The course lasts for eight weeks for beginner to intermediate level designers. Mark, the mentor, is an experienced UX design professional who provides industry-related insights to make the sessions fun and engaging. The team is highly interactive and motivates you to work on various projects to gain exposure to survive in the real world.

Summing up

Most of these SaaS courses are free and readily available to you. Take advantage of them and invest your time in developing your skills. As a  SaaS marketer, product manager, UX designer, or business owner, you can take the above courses and learn these vital skills to run a business successfully.

Vikrant Jhala

Vikrant Jhala is a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Growfusely - a SaaS content marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO. He loves to research, develop and populate content. He has a keen interest in photography, eCommerce, and emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence. Connect with him on LinkedIn: @vikrantjhala.

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