While writing this, it’s been 195 days since Russia invaded Ukraine.

The devastating scenes in Ukraine have kept everyone shell-shocked. 

Russia is facing a backslash for taking this approach when the world was just coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ukraine is receiving sympathy and financial help from across the globe. 

Devex has noted that so far, Ukraine has received over $100 billion between February 24 to August 16. 

Giants from the different sectors have either stopped working in Russia or temporarily paused their operations in the country. 

These brands include:

  • Google
  • IBM
  • Uber
  • Amazon
  • Ikea
  • Adidas
  • H&M
  • Nesle
  • Unilever
  • TJX
  • Mastercard
  • Heineken
  • Starbucks
  • Netflix
  • Apple

Many SaaS companies have also come forward and taken a stand. As shown in the table below, 50+ SaaS brands have either given financial help, offered premium plans to Ukraine at no extra cost, or withdrawn business operations in Russia. 

As per an interesting observation, 51% of UK residents prefer buying products from brands that have shown support for Ukraine. This shows that the humanitarian stand in the Russia-Ukraine war is business-positive for some brands.

Speaking of SaaS, here is a list of brands that have come forward and taken a stand to support Ukraine. 

NoSaaS BrandRelief
1Dropbox1. Offering free Dropbox and HelloSign subscriptions with up to 50 licences to nonprofits and NGOs supporting Ukraine

2. Offering payment relief for all customers based in Ukraine for up to six months

2Figma1. Matching the amount donated by the internal community of Figmates as a part of their donation matching program.

2. Granting continued access to Figma’s paid features for our current Ukrainian customers who ask for assistance in the coming months.

3. Have stopped all new sales efforts in Russia.

3Hunter1. Donated $200,000 to the Ukrainian Red Cross.
4Slack1. Stopped working with Russian customers
5Canva1. Donated $1,000,000 to UNHCR, Save the Children Ukraine, Tabletochki, UNICEF, and World Vision

2. Stopped working with Russian Customers

3. Launched special templates for this war and that design has been used 275,000 times so far

6Pics1. Stopped their business in Russia

2. Shared the list of donation resources

7PeopleForce1. Added ‘Donate Now’ button on homepage
8Jooble1. Added ‘Make a donation’ button on the homepage
9PDFliner1. Added ‘Donate Now’ button on the homepage
10MotoCMS1. Stopped their business in Russia and Belarus

2. They announced a special offer for everyone who wants to support Ukraine. Every customer who shows any proof of financial support for Ukraine (for example, a screenshot of the transaction) will receive a 25% discount for the lifetime plan.

11Weblium1. Stopped their business in Russia

2. They have shared the donation sources

3. They are providing FREE ACCESS to their Pro plan (costing $8.25/month) to anyone who creates websites and resources to support refugees and the Armed Forces of Ukraine

12AXDRAFT1. Stopped their business in Russia

2. Made Avodocs Pro+ free for all Ukrainian users

3. They have donated blood to the army

4. They assist with the logistics for humanitarian help and support refugees coming from occupied regions

5. They support the Ukrainian army, as well as medical institutions, orphanages, and other establishments with finance, medicine, food, and various essentials

13Adwisely1. Supporting Stand For Ukraine in the announcement bar
14Revenue Grid1. Stopped their business in Russia

2. Shared resources: Humanitarian assistance and to Ukrainian Armed Forces

3. Accepting help for affected employees by accepting donations to Paypal –

15Rallyware1. Shared links of charities
16airSlate1. Shared links of charities
17People.ai1. Shared links of charities
18Grammarly1. They have donated $4.75 million to support Ukraine Military and People

2. They have suspended their services in Russia and Belarus

3. Grammarly Premium remains free to all nonprofits and NGOs doing essential work worldwide, including 215 Ukrainian organizations currently using their service

4. Encouraging to send aids to these charities.

19GitLab1. GitLab has suspended new business in Russia and Belarus

2. The Sijbrandij Foundation will match donations from GitLab team members to the following charities: UNICEF, Save the Children, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Amnesty International to help people affected by the military invasion of Ukraine.

20Shopware1. Providing technical support for the platform — Job Aid Ukraine — along with a budget for online ads.
21PayPro Global1. Created a payment portal to send funds which will be processed and set to the Ukrainian Defence effort.
22SendPulse1. Suspended all new sales of SendPulse services in Russia

2. Suspended customer support for existing Russian customers

23Snov.io1. They have shared some resources to donate money to Ukraine
24LiveChat1. They have offered some of their products free for Ukrainian NGOs
25Webex1. Free plan for Ukraine Customers
26Ahrefs1. They have raised $1.5 million

2. Stopped working with Russian customers

27Conductor1. Their team members have collectively donated over $79K to causes supporting Ukrainians, including The National Bank of Ukraine to Support Armed Forces, Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, UNICEF, The International Committee of the Red Cross, and Project C.U.R.E.

2. The brand has matched each donation by 100%—bringing our combined efforts to $158K

3. Stopped collecting and reporting on keyword data and rank tracking for Yandex, Google Belarus, and Google Russia for all customers

28Bitly1. They are donating to The International Rescue Committee on the ground to provide food and basic necessities to those in need

2. They have launched an employee fundraising campaign and pledge to match the money our employees raise

29Accelo1. Shared links of charities
30Creatio1. Stopped working with customers in Russia and Belarus

2. Provided their SaaS platform for free to local government to help with coordinating refugee programs, organizing internal collaboration, and managing resources

3. Committed to making substantial donations to support Ukraine and provide ongoing assistance to humanitarian missions and voluntary organizations

31NetHunt1. They have developed a special year-long program for non-profit organizations which includes:

– 6 months of free access to NetHunt CRM (Business plan)
– The following 6 months with a 50% discount.
– Absolute support of their Customer Success team on every stage of NetHunt CRM implementation and adoption.

2. Suspended its services in Russia and Belarus

32Zendesk1. They have donated $400,000 USD to the International Rescue Committee and $300,000 USD to World Central Kitchen from their corporate giving entity, the Zendesk Foundation

2. Zendesk is also matching employee donations of up to $100,000 USD to the International Rescue Committee. Via their Tech for Good program

3. They are offering free software and volunteers to assist with the setup to nonprofits providing aid, relocation, and other services to the people of Ukraine

3. They have suspended all sales activities in Russia and Belarus

33Pleo1. Offered relocation to Denmark, Spain, or Portugal for affected team members and their immediate family members

2. Also offering visa sponsorship, counseling, and unlimited well-being days off

3. They have initiated a fast-tracked application process for any Ukrainians seeking employment and interested in any of their open positions

34Pipedrive1. Suspended services in Russia and Belarus

2. They have donated $250,000 to the Red Cross

3. They have mobilized their team of over 950 employees and gathered material donations to be sent to the crisis area and refugee centers

4. They are offering paid time off for their employees that are directly impacted and allowing paid volunteering time for anyone on our team volunteering for charities supporting Ukraine

5. Waived fees for their Ukrainian customers outside of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea for at least the next three months

35Xero1. Suspended offering services in Russia

2. Committed to donating and matching employee donations, and the proceeds will go to two key agencies – Unicef and Medicines Sans Frontiers – selected because they are helping with humanitarian efforts

36SAP1. Suspended operations in Russia and Belarus

2. Nearly €3 million is donated from SAP and their employees

3. Over 4,000 employees have offered housing and other aid to refugees

4. Enabling SAP office space to store donations such as medicine and food

37FreshBooks1. Made direct donations to the Canadian Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders
38Intuit1. They have banned all customer accounts in Russia

2. They pledged $1 million to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to help support the people of Ukraine

3. The company is offering a 2:1 match to double employee donations supporting relief efforts

4. They have waived all charges for current customers in Ukraine until further notice

39Sendinblue1. They are offering a FREE Sendinblue Premium plan with 100,000 monthly emails for 6 months to Ukraine businesses
40Vendasta1. Made a donation to support the Canadian Red Cross’s Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

2. Committed to match their team members’ donations up to $100

41Salesforce1. Donated more than $5 million USD to address basic needs, support refugees, and advance food security across Ukraine and bordering countries — working with our core partners including World Central Kitchen, UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency), the International Committee of the Red Cross, and RefugeeForce

2. Powering more than 30 humanitarian organizations in the region, including the Polish Red Cross

42Shopify1. Providing free access to Ukrainian merchants and partners

2. They contributed funds to provide humanitarian aid through partnering with Flexport

3. Committed to matching employees’ donations

4. Suspended operations in Russia and Belarus

43GoTo1. Donated over $100,000 to organizations supporting Ukraine refugees
44Cisco1. Shut down their business in Russia and Belarus
45Skype1. Donated $200,000 as part of our ongoing humanitarian help

2. Encouraging users to donate their Skype credit and have committed to match with the amount

46TeamViewer1. Suspended business activity in Russia and Belarus

2. Offering free TeamViewer access to Ukrainian customers

3. They have donated more than 750,000 EUR to Red Cross organizations for humanitarian help on the ground

47Sketch1. They have donated $10,000 to the Red Cross in Ukraine

2. They have stopped all their services in Russia

48Adobe1. Stopped new sales in Russia

2. Donated $2.5 million to aid humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine and support journalists on the ground

3. Given a 90-day billing waiver for Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud customers in Ukraine

4. Offered employment opportunities with their team in Romania

49Penji1. Made 100 free illustrations to spread the message to support Ukraine
50Wix1. They have designed a special badge that you can easily add to your site for showing support for Ukraine

2. Shared links to other charities


Few statistics of this study: 

  • So far, at least $20,800,037.50 is raised from SaaS brands

Table of SaaS Brands Donation to Ukraine

  • Nearly 99% of them have suspended, shut down, or withdrawn their operations in Russia
  • 20% of the brands have committed to match the donation made by their team members

We’re sure more SaaS brands will come forward to support Ukraine. 

It’s been a tough time for the world right now and we pray and hope that this war ends soon.

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