PUBLISHED: Dec 6, 2022

20 Best SaaS Newsletter Examples You Should Know About

Divya Bandodkar
20 Best SaaS Newsletter Examples You Should Know About
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Newsletters are crucial parts of email marketing and branding campaigns. It helps businesses communicate with their prospects and customers directly by sharing personalized and valuable content in their email inboxes. It makes them aware of your brand while boosting your business revenue. 

According to a study conducted by OptinMonster, 77% of B2B companies are already leveraging email marketing newsletters as a part of their content marketing strategy while 79% of these marketers believe that email newsletters are one of the most successful channels for content distribution.

Sending newsletters regularly attracts the reader’s interest and provides them with a better understanding of your product. By including creative visuals, proper information, helpful links, lucrative offers, and more in your newsletters, you encourage the audience to buy from your brand. The newsletter content, such as product-related announcements, articles, latest industry trends, whitepapers, upcoming events, and more helps in establishing yourself as a strong industry leader.

However, creating newsletters is an endless cycle of strategizing, writing, designing, and publishing content. It often brings in a fair share of challenges that includes writing original content and presenting it in a user-friendly design, determining the right frequency of the messages, boosting engagement rates, ensuring email deliverability, and more.

In this post, we shall have a look at some of the best SaaS newsletter examples that brands can derive inspiration from to get started with their own newsletters for email marketing campaigns. 

Prerequisites for Creating an Engaging Newsletter

Before we get into the best newsletter examples, let us briefly understand what goes behind creating an engaging newsletter for your subscribers. 

  • Define goals for your newsletter. Ask yourself why you are creating the newsletter. This will help you decide on the content, design, and frequency of your newsletters.
  • Understand your audience. Know more about your subscribers and their preferences and segment them into different categories. Serve targeted newsletters that match their interests and increase your newsletter engagement rates.
  • Create valuable content. Ask yourself how your subscribers will benefit from your newsletters and produce content accordingly. Ensure that your newsletters address your customer’s pain points and offer them a relevant solution with the help of blog posts, video tutorials, learning resources, the latest industry news, and more. 
  • Incorporate an attractive design into your newsletter. This will improve its readability and increase engagement and click-throughs. Use easy-to-read fonts, colors, images, and other elements to make your newsletter more visually appealing.
  • Schedule the deliveries. Sending newsletters to your audience at the right time is crucial for its success. Consider the time zones your audience resides in, select the best day and time, and schedule your newsletter deliveries accordingly.
  • Stay consistent. Determine how often you wish to share newsletters with your audience and stick to the decided publishing schedule. 

That being said, let us now have a look at the top 20 best SaaS newsletters you can derive inspiration from for your next campaign. 

20 Best SaaS Newsletter Examples for Better Campaigns

#1. Buffer

Industry – Marketing

Buffer is an all-in-one social media marketing software that helps in drafting and scheduling posts for various social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. It also helps in analyzing the performance of the posts and engaging with the customers through comments.

Newsletter type – Thank you email

Newsletter content – In this newsletter, Buffer thanks its customers for trusting the product. It also gives a quick peek into some of the major features that were released during the year.

What do we like  the most here? – Buffer makes the customers feel valued in this thank-you email. The way Buffer explains the major features it introduced in its product in layman’s language will surely help the customers and assist in the decision-making process.

#2. Box 

Industry – Content Storage and Collaboration

Box is a cloud-based platform for managing the entire content lifecycle. It helps customers create and share files and classify and manage them while ensuring advanced data security.

Newsletter type – Product updates

Newsletter content – Box shares updates about the latest product features with its customers. Besides product updates, this newsletter contains links to educational courses and informative articles that could help customers with their tasks.

What do we like the most here? – This newsletter is packed with valuable content about product updates. The short description of the features followed by a CTA button below is an excellent way to convey the message to the readers. Further, the structured layout of this newsletter makes it easy to digest.

#3. Grammarly

Industry – Writing

Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant that identifies writing mistakes, reviews spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and improves the tone and clarity of the content. By providing comprehensive feedback, Grammarly helps in writing error-free and engaging content. 

Newsletter type – Tips and advice

Newsletter content – Through this newsletter, Grammarly delivers a quick guide to mastering the writing process to its users. Besides, it shares advice and tips – all focused on helping users write better.

What do we like the most here? – The conversational tone of the newsletter motivates the users to read the content pieces that are included in the message. Grammarly connects with its readers on a more personal level by sharing advice to help them improve their writing.

#4. Typeform

Industry – Customer service

Typeform is an online form builder and survey creator tool that helps businesses engage their audience. This software offers thoughtfully-designed tools to create conversational forms, quizzes, and surveys.

Newsletter type – Getting Started / Feature Walkthrough

Newsletter content – This newsletter offers a crash course on using the tool with the help of published articles, guides, and videos thereby making it easy for the customers to make the most of its features.

What do we like the most here? – The newsletter presents information in a step-by-step format and compels the reader to go through all the points without any distractions. 

#5. Later

Industry – Marketing

Later is a social media management platform that helps businesses plan, schedule, and analyze content across various social media channels. It also provides a link in bio tool to redirect the audience to the website, shop, or any other page to boost business sales.

Newsletter type – Blog round-up

Newsletter content – Later’s newsletter packs all their latest blog posts about social media news together in a single email for informing users about amazing developments in the social media sphere. This newsletter is perfect for those users who wish to stay updated about new features that are offered by various social media platforms.

What do we like the most here? –  The insights shared by Later are valuable for the audience. The crisp copy and rightly placed CTAs motivate the audience to visit their blog and read the posts.

#6. Canva

Industry – Design

Canva is an excellent graphic design tool that helps users create attractive social media posts, posters, logos, presentations, illustrations, brochures, and more using the simple drag-and-drop functionality. The app offers hundreds of ready-to-customize design templates to simplify the process of digital designing.

Newsletter type – Personalized Suggestions

Newsletter content – In this newsletter, Canva shares the top 10 trending and personalized Facebook post templates with the users along with a link to customize the design. This link redirects the users to the Canva application where they can edit the design to suit their company’s branding.

What do we like the most here? – The choice of words and simple design of this newsletter gives comforting vibes. Canva also shares a CTA asking users to check out the other templates from its templates library. This ensures the users stay engaged with the brand even if they are not pleased with the template suggestions. 

#7. Invision

Industry – Design

Invision is a prototyping tool that helps users to create interactive mockups and designs for web and mobile apps. The collaboration feature of this tool helps teams discuss the mockup design, brainstorm ideas,  design high-fidelity screens, and communicate with the help of comments. 

Newsletter type – Resource sharing

Newsletter content – Invision shares an intuitive report on how design can impact the success of a business with its users. It provides a gist about the report content while informing the users of the reasons why they should download the report.

What do we like the most here? – The newsletter comes straight to the point and asks the audience to check out the report directly without beating around the bush. 

#8. Moosend

Industry – Marketing

Moosend is an email marketing software that helps businesses manage their email campaigns, mailing lists, and more. It offers various automation workflows to expand and nurture your lead marketing strategy. 

Newsletter type – Educational content

Newsletter content – The newsletter summarizes webinar videos, podcasts, and articles offering new tips for digital marketing strategies. 

What do we like the most here? – This newsletter is rightly named The Marketing Lab as it shares various insights about different aspects of marketing. The announcement of the upcoming webinar towards the end of the newsletter is clear and right on point. 

#9. Workable

Industry – Recruitment

Workable is a recruitment software that automates every aspect of the hiring process, such as advertising jobs, scheduling interviews, and more to help businesses hire the best talent for their open roles.

Newsletter type – Tips

Newsletter content – Through this newsletter, Workable is helping its audience improve the hiring process. By sharing valuable content about hiring and workforce planning, Workable focuses on building solid relationships with its users.  

What do we like the most here? – Workable personalizes the newsletter by using a personal email address and adds the sender’s image to the email content thereby making it more friendly. The email copy is direct and actionable. Using a question in the header is an excellent way to grab the attention of the recipients.  

#10. Trello

Industry – Project management

Trello is a Kanban-style project management software or a list-making tool that empowers teams to manage and track any type of project or workflow without any hassles. It simplifies team collaboration by providing the team with insights about what tasks are being worked on, who is working on which ones, and the status of each of the tasks. 

Newsletter type – Tips and advice

Newsletter content – In this newsletter, Trello shares how users can use their versatile project management tool to get more productive this holiday season. 

What do we like the most here? – This newsletter focuses on how users can leverage Trello not just to plan and track projects but also for fun activities, such as holiday parties, gifting, and more. It educates the readers about how Trello can be used to simplify the management of daily, non-work-related activities besides managing tasks and projects.

#11. Intercom

Industry – Customer service

Intercom is a customer communication platform that helps businesses deliver outstanding customer support via personalized conversations, a dedicated knowledge base, and workflow automation. Intercom has built an exclusive community forum namely Interconnected to help its users to share knowledge, ask questions, and learn how to use Intercom from other users. 

Newsletter type – Community onboarding

Newsletter content – In this newsletter, Intercom starts by briefly introducing the forum to the users and its reputation and scoring system. It then presents the next steps that the recipients have to take to complete the onboarding process. This makes it perfect for the users to understand more about the community and also improves their experiences with the brand. 

What do we like the most here? – The newsletter includes a video that offers a guided tour of the community forum. This pre-recorded video introduces the community to the recipients and explains to them what they can expect from the community.

#12. Asana

Industry – Project management

Asana is a project management tool that defines workflows, tracks tasks, and streamlines communication across teams. It brings the entire team on the same page and ensures that the work is carried out without any hurdles.

Newsletter type – New feature email

Newsletter content – In this newsletter, Asana introduces a new feature to its customers with the help of concise content and simple design.

What do we like the most here? – Asana does not waste the customers’ time with irrelevant details in this newsletter by dedicating the entire message to the main topic i.e. the new feature. The colorful illustration in the newsletter makes it lively and enhances the newsletter format.

#13. Slack

Industry – Software

Slack is an instant messaging tool for workplaces to communicate both as a team and in one-on-one personal discussions. By replacing email as a primary method of communication, Slack acts like a chat room for its users and allows file sharing, voice or video calls, quick polls, and more to keep the entire team connected at all times.

Newsletter type – Upcoming event

Newsletter content – Slack informs its users about the upcoming webinar events and invites them to be a part of the same. The newsletter also shares a quick peek at what the audience can expect at this event. 

What do we like the most here? – The newsletter displays the event details at the beginning of the mail very clearly. The conversational tone of the newsletter manages to capture the attention of the recipients. 

#14. Slidebean

Industry – Marketing

Slidebean is an online presentation software that helps customers create powerful presentations in just a few clicks. It offers an extensive library containing ready-to-use, professional templates that can be imported at the time of creating the presentation.

Newsletter type – Offers

Newsletter content – In this newsletter, Slidebean offers a discount plan to all India-based startups in their customer database. 

What do we like the most here? – The manner in which Slidebean highlights the offer instantly grabs the attention of the customers. The styling and placement of the CTA button are apt and may motivate the customers to upgrade their plans.

#15. Freshbooks

Industry – Accounting

FreshBooks is an online accounting and invoicing software that helps accountants and business owners streamline their accounting and bookkeeping-related tasks. This tool offers excellent features for creating and managing invoices and estimates, tracking payments and expenses, and generating financial reports. 

Newsletter type – Trial upgrade

Newsletter content – This email newsletter presents the customers with a fantastic offer for upgrading their FreshBooks account trial with an engaging call-to-action and crisp copy. This email can also be used to re-engage those customers who signed up for an account but haven’t used the same for a long time. 

What do we like the most here? – The email highlights the discount offer and invites customers to continue using the software. The email header clearly states the number of days left for the free trial. It informs the customers that their FreshBooks account would be billed only after their trial is completed.

Lastly, it provides customers with options to connect with the FreshBooks team in case they need help in choosing the right subscription plan for their business.

#16. PandaDoc

Industry – Customer service

PandaDoc is a document management and workflow automation platform that offers excellent tools to create, manage, and sign sales documents for closing deals faster.

Newsletter type – Product update (latest integration)

Newsletter content – PandaDoc dwells right into the main topic and notifies the customer about its integration with Canva. The newsletter is kept concise and provides the customers with all the information they need to know in just one glance.

What do we like the most here? – Instead of trying to sell the product outright, PandaDoc provides value to the customers how the integration with Canva can help them create attractive graphics for the documents. They do it with the help of an engaging video and then ask the customers to subscribe to a higher plan.

#17. Zenefits

Industry – Human resources

Zenefits is a people operations platform that helps businesses manage their entire HR and employee-related functions, such as payroll, employee documents, attendance, and more without any hassles. Workest is a community platform powered by Zenefits that offers comprehensive news and resources to readers. 

Newsletter type – Weekly newsletter

Newsletter content – The Workest X Zenefits weekly newsletter packs all their weekly product updates, blog posts, resources, and upcoming events in a structured manner. The entire newsletter focuses on helping the recipients with relevant takeaways. 

What do we like the most here? – This newsletter keeps the recipients updated about the latest news about the product and the industry. The brand strives hard to offer the best resources to its recipients. This acts as a perfect hook for the brand to engage its recipients.

#18. Semrush

Industry – Content and marketing

Semrush is an all-in-one marketing tool that helps brands improve their online visibility. It offers various tools, such as keyword research tools, competitor analysis tools, SEO writing assistants, backlinks monitoring tools, and more to optimize your content for search engines. 

Newsletter type – Learning resources

Newsletter content – The newsletter contains informative resources, such as video tutorials, articles, and guides that will help the users to polish their skills and grow their businesses. The simple language and straightforward tone of the newsletter directly speak to the customers, thereby increasing newsletter engagement.

What do we like the most here? – The newsletter provides the customers with all the relevant information to polish their content and marketing skills. By offering them this information in various formats (video and textual content) and concise copy, Semrush manages to influence the customers into checking out the shared resources. 

#19. SurveyMonkey

Industry – Customer experience

SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based survey tool that helps users create surveys, send them to their audience, and analyze the results. Users can also embed these surveys on their websites and promote them on social media profiles to increase response rates.

Newsletter type – User onboarding

Newsletter content – This newsletter educates the users about the survey builder tool and the features it provides to streamline the entire survey-making process. 

What do we like the most here? – SurveyMonkey shares details about the exciting features of the survey builder and gets the users pumped up about it. The concise manner in which the message is conveyed along with clear presentation facilitates seamless interpretation. 

#20. Todoist

Industry – Software

Todoist is a task manager and to-do list app that helps individuals and businesses organize projects and plan their schedules. This productivity tool helps you stay on top of your tasks and boosts work efficiency.

Newsletter type – Year-in-review email

Newsletter content – This newsletter shares an intelligent productivity report packed with stats, comparison information, and other details inspiring customers to leverage the platform even better in the upcoming year. It also shares exciting resources, such as articles, templates, and more with the customers.

What do we like the most here? – The conversational tone of the newsletter will keep the customers hooked from the very first word of the message. Todoist subtly mentions its features that were well received by the customers towards the end of the email while thanking the customers for an amazing year.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the best newsletters you can derive inspiration from for your email marketing campaigns. We are certain that this article has given you intelligent content insights and design ideas into how to create your own newsletters to engage your audience and accomplish your business goals. 

Image Source – Really Good Emails, SaaS Mail Templates, Popupsmart, Moosend, Tribe.

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