PUBLISHED: Mar 11, 2022

25 SaaS Product Marketers to Follow

Kushal Desai
25 SaaS Product Marketers to Follow
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Everyone is talking about product marketing these days as one of the critical and exciting aspects of SaaS marketing. It is the process of introducing a product in the market, promoting it, and selling it to the customers. It involves understanding the target audience, developing positioning strategies, and compelling messaging to attract potential customers and boost product demand and revenue. In short, it covers everything — from the launch to retention, along with the product’s marketing strategy.

Product marketing is the critical part of a SaaS business’s marketing strategy. However, it is challenging and complicated at the same time. And since SaaS product marketing is constantly evolving, marketers need to stay on top of the latest trends to succeed.

Reading about industry-related trends, trips, and tricks is one thing. But, taking inspiration from those who are building and marketing some of the most successful SaaS products can be a game-changer. This is where this list can come in handy.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the top 25 product marketing “unicorns” that are disrupting the market with powerful, innovative ideas. And diving deep into their experiences and accomplishments can do wonders in developing successful product strategies for your business.

Top 25 SaaS product marketers you need to know about 

1. Sarah Hughes – Sr. Product Marketer at Spiff

Sarah has helped some top brands create product or service narratives after a thorough analysis of customers’ needs and competitors in the market. She has been working as the senior product manager at Spiff for the last two months. She carries out successful launch execution and other marketing strategies with her understanding of the cross-functional alignment in an organization.

Hughes also looks up to the user adoption to find faulty implementation and initiate immediate changes. A solid vision for the future equips Sarah with the right team leading strategies, leading to calculated growth and development. Lastly, clear communication with the current customers helps shape future strategies or modify the current ones.

2. Serge Korgut – Sr. Product Marketer at Sembly AI 

With efficient techniques, execution, and a solid follow-up strategy, Serge helps companies establish a unique selling point and conveys a relevant message to the target audience. He has been working as a senior product manager at Sembly for five months. His solid communication with the sales, marketing, and customer support team, ensures proper alignment of goals.

His other responsibilities include obtaining customer insights, using market research to monitor product pricing, testing or analyzing new products, researching competitors’ offerings, building a team of product marketing executives, and more.

3. Mathew Forte – Sr. Product Marketer at Criteo

Mathew is one of those marketers known for ideating and executing result-driven product marketing strategies for brands globally. He is currently working as a senior product marketer at Criteo. With immense experience of more than nine years, he has specialized in strategic product marketing and brand management.

After obtaining and analyzing relevant insights, he plans on launching products that satisfy the target audience’s needs. In addition, he is skilled at establishing the required frameworks to identify and work on the areas that demand improvement.

Mathew also produced the winning e-Pitch at the 2016 Internet Conference for the company CEO. This pitch went into how the brand came into existence, the key challenges it overcomes, and a live demonstration for potential prospects.

4. Robin Bunevich – Sr. Product Marketer at Zoom

Robin has helped many brands grow with her excellence in strategic marketing management, brand building, positioning, and campaign execution. She is currently working as a senior product manager at Zoom and has launched many successful launch campaigns. Her dedication and efforts towards her work can be seen in the results she obtained in the initial two months ($300K MRR).

She has successfully executed some of the most extensive marketing campaigns with her expertise. Her solid research, planning, execution, and honest feedback thrives. Robin often talks about the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships for long-term growth and development.

5. Joe Stych – Sr. Product Marketer at Zapier

For more than seven years, Joe has been associated with Zapier, one of the best automation platforms. He works closely with the team to help make valuable upgrades or modifications to the tool. Once done, he prepares the strategy to convey the updates to the customers in the most understandable manner.

He is also responsible for creating content that helps users get acquainted with the tool quicker. His responsibilities include launching new products, suggesting relevant upgrades, managing email marketing, setting the right brand voice, tone, and more.

6. Calvin Yang – Sr. Product Marketer at SurveyMonkey

Calvin has worked with companies in many different sectors throughout the years, including SaaS, mobile apps, subscription, fintech, and more. He has been working with SurveyMonkey for the past three years. His excellent leadership skills helped him grow and develop a team of experts that contribute to the overall organizational growth. In addition, he executed strategies that reaped notable results with all the right ways of handling cross-functional teams of developers, designers, ad agencies, etc. 

Over the period, Calvin has developed expertise in significant areas, including product marketing, lifecycle engagement, web optimization, UX research, content development, social marketing, multivariate testing, and more. With his diverse experience and knowledge, he helps brands scale globally.

7. Ebony Pollard – Sr. Product Marketer at Facebook

Ebony has been associated with Facebook as the senior product manager for the last two years. Before joining Facebook, she has worked with many organizations in the same position, including, Foursquare, App Annie, and more. After working with various organizations as a product marketer, she received the required exposure to grow and excel in this field.

With her excellent team-building skills, she can extract the best out of people with diverse backgrounds and minimal experience. She believes that the proper alignment between teams to target the right goals lead to desired results.

8. Sam Melnick – Head of Product Marketing at Postscript

Sam has successfully provided excellent results to some of the high-growth SaaS companies in the past. He is currently working as the head of product marketing at Postscript. His excellent strategies led to revenue growth of a whopping 400%, improving pipeline by 100%+, and increasing renewal rates by 20%+. He believes that prioritizing your customers is one of the key ways to achieve these results.

Apart from focusing on customer satisfaction, he develops and nurtures a strong relationship with his team. Over the years, Sam has developed his expertise around some crucial areas, including customer success leadership, marketing leadership, demand generation, product marketing, positioning, messaging, and more.

9. Hila Segal – VP Product Marketing at Observe.AI

Hila Segal led to the overall growth of many innovative SaaS companies with her solid go-to-marketing strategies in the past 15 years. She has been working as the VP of product marketing at Observe. AI. She aims at building a diverse team from different sectors working with the ultimate goals in mind.

Hila has worked with a wide range of software solutions throughout her career, including Big Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Enterprise Mobility, and more. Her focus isn’t on creating successful strategies but on preparing the right individuals to achieve consistent growth and development. Furthermore, she is always ready to interact with new individuals, learn new skills, and use her creativity in all the unexplored areas.

10. Shelby Colby – Sr. Product Marketer at HubSpot

Shelby has been working as the senior product manager at HubSpot for the last two years and eight months. Her responsibilities include ideating, positioning, and executing campaigns, launching products, maintaining cross-functional alignment, monitoring user adoption, and more.

After completing her MBA from Harvard Business School, Shelby became a crucial part of HubSpot. Who knew that a person who pursued a B.A. in Economics and religious studies would later become one of the most renowned product marketers. Even after realizing her love for marketing somewhat later in her life, Shelby hasn’t looked back ever since. Her overall progress can be seen in the results she obtains.

11. Mansi Jayakumar – Product Marketing Leader at LinkedIn

Mansi uses effective go-to marketing strategies combined with excellent storytelling skills to help brands accelerate their growth. She has been working for Linkedin as a product marketing leader for the past two years and ten months. With a vast experience of more than ten years, she has led global programs, built diverse teams, and led strategic planning for big enterprises.

Her result-driven approaches have shown remarkable progress and motivated individuals to shift from their lousy methods. Over the years, she has worked with diverse brands across the United States and southeast Asia.

12. Alex Pozin – Director of Product Marketing at Microsoft 

Alex Pozin has his mastery over marketing SaaS SEO by giving in all heart and soul to creating apt content by technically understanding the needs of his customers. His method is different from others, which is the sole reason he is the Director in Product Marketing at Microsoft. He has thoroughly practiced listening and understanding customer needs, thus creating and delivering suitable needs to his clients.

With starting his career in Deloitte as Business Analyst, Alex has over two decades of experience. He is a true leader and an inspiration for his followers in the field. He believes in constant motivation so that his audience picks up marketing in various technical directions, which have sure shot outcomes.

13.  Kelsey Anderson – Director of Product Marketing at Groove

Kelsey Anderson has completed her graduation in Business Administration specializing in Marketing with a minor in Supply Chain Management from the University of San Diego. Inculcating a dynamic personality forever has helped her reach immense heights in client relationships by consistently building an aura of positivity throughout her career. Her lessons emphasize the same as she believes it plays well with the client mindset and allows a client to stay forever.

Moreover, she sets an example through her work style to inspire a leader. Her ways of encouraging the crowd hit bottom and thus help hard-working individuals to read goals swiftly.

14. Stefan Mancevski – Director of Product Marketing at Betterment

Stefan Mancevski is an outstanding product marketing leader and a core market strategist for the B2C product suite. He began his career in 2012 as an intern for four months at the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey. Ever since he has shown excellent performance in the product marketing area and thus bagged the position of Director in Betterment.

He has been known as an “Infinite ROI” among his peers as he has a magical way to an exceptionally growing network in the B2C space. Inheriting a leadership quality, his footsteps are the best to follow if you want real growth in this field.

15. Shane Robbins – Director of Product Marketing at Cloudbeds

Shane Robbins is a man who strives for results. His work pattern depends on how he paves the way artistically to reach his desired target. If you want to experience such craftworks, his pathway should be blindly followed.

He is excellent in managing a balance between his team and customers as he also takes up complaints and resolves them beautifully. Such a highly-skilled marketer is challenging to discover and hence recommended.

He has built his product marketing and leadership skills across heavily matrixed organizations with forward-thinking and transparent communication skills.

16. Kevin Baldacci – Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce

Kevin Baldacci is currently working with the well-known cloud-based software company, Salesforce, headquartered in San Francisco as a senior director of product marketing. He studied marketing and history from Loyola Marymount University, College of Business Administration.

His key skill is presenting a product or service in such a way that customers are convinced the maximum amount of times during the presentation. In addition, his nature of being incredibly supportive of lifting his followers has been acknowledged by many and thus recommended as a critical follower for people willing to learn skill-based marketing techniques.

17. Chris Carabello – Sr. Director Product Marketing at Microsoft

Chris Carabello has over two and a half decades of experience in sales and marketing and thus can be known as one of the senior-most people to look up to. Throughout his career, he has been a true inspiration for fellow marketers. 

Not only does he operate in the states, but his marketing profile extends overseas, and thus has in-depth knowledge of communicating with people from all over. In addition, he holds the right content articulation skill, which needs to be learned if you are willing to reach such heights in marketing.

Holding a bachelor’s from Villanova University and MBA from Rutgers University, he is currently working as senior director for product marketing at Microsoft.

18. Hollie Aghajani – Director of Product Marketing at Nextiva

Hollie Aghajani is a director of product marketing at Nextiva. Her profile constantly establishes go-market models and various upcoming cloud call and contact center products. In addition, she thoroughly studies every new project as they never are similar to any of her past work and markets it well.

Her impactful copywriting mastery, elite messaging, and positioning skills capture the attention of aspiring marketing learners. Her publications are a must-read if you are willing to take home worthy for life.

19. H. Wendy Wang – Director of Product Marketing at Fortinet

Wendy Wang is a passionate marketer who works at Fortinet as a Director in Product Marketing. Her analytical capability is what differentiates her from the rest of the crowd.

She regularly conducts sales training and cross-functional partnering if someone is looking for a mentor in life. She outshines turning complex features into compelling values with her enthusiasm. This is also what she focuses on teaching during her training courses.

She is one person to look up to when you quickly turn any negative situation into a positive environment. This technique in the marketing line is particularly vital, and she is the master in the same.

20. Candice Mueller – Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Freshworks

Candice Mueller, senior director in product marketing, works at Freshworks with over two decades of experience. She holds a leading mindset and innovative techniques, which she has learned to drive businesses and aid them in reaching their desired targets.

She can be known as one of the pioneers in SEO Content Marketers you should follow blindly. Currently, she leads a world-class team and focuses on enabling customer success. Her methods are unique. She can portray the importance of being customer-centric and growing the business.

21. Josh Bean – Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Zendesk

Josh Bean is one of the most active marketers whose guidance in SEO is studied in detail by many leaders. He regularly updates the latest learnings on media, which can help people reach regular heights when followed. In addition, he picks up teams and motivates them to grow in their career.

He is currently posted as a senior director in product marketing at Zendesk in Chicago. He has gained a sales license certificate and recommends peers to keep learning with the changing world and become a master in marketing with consistent hard work.

22. Cameron Jahn – Director of Product Marketing at Houzz

Cameron Jahn is an exceptional personality altogether as he is one marketer who is an entrepreneur in go-to marketing strategy conceived through his ventures in work life. In addition, he is a self-starter who excels in product management, journalism, investment analytics, and international business.

A cheerful personality who lights up the rooms always has his secret, which he follows every single day in his life. He is known to give competent advice by analyzing people in just one look and thus hailed by many for his understanding capability.

23. Jennifer Stevenson – Sr. Director of Product Marketing at MomentFeed

Jennifer Stevenson loves what she does, so she has reached heights in her career. Being a senior director of product marketing at MomentFeed, she has done her post-graduation from Birkbeck, University of London.

She is one of the famous organization leaders having a strategic eye in innovations of marketing techniques. Such footpaths of hers are then studied by many trainees who land up in fantastic jobs if they implement them in life. She can be called a market leader among her peers. She has a competitive intelligence and hence ranks number one amongst all. If you are willing to achieve such tips and tricks in life, she will follow for sure.

24. Danielle Lepe – Director of Product Marketing at Meta

With an extensive experience of fifteen years in product marketing and management, Danielle has helped many B2B and B2C brands flourish. Her go-to marketing strategies have proved to be very successful in the past.

She is currently working as the Director of Product Marketing at Meta, an organization focused on business and advertiser products. Some of her core responsibilities include setting up the product launch, global marketing planning, forecasting, setting up product pricing, managing third-party relationships, and more.

Furthermore, her relationship-building skills have proved quite helpful for brands she has worked with in the past.

25. Keely (McGrath) Sustarsic – Sr. Product Marketer at Upper Hand

Kelly Sustarsic has been working as the senior product marketer at Upper Hand for the last year and four months. Her strategic planning, efficient task management, and impeccable follow-up skills make her significant to every organization she works with.

With her continuous learning attitude, Keely has made commendable progress in her career. This progress is recognized by some of the top experts in the industry she worked with. Apart from being an excellent product marketer, Kelly also creates compelling content that the target audience pays attention to.

Wrapping up 

Product marketing is a complex yet the most impactful marketing function in any SaaS business. But, many marketers rely on the “learning as you go” approach so much that they forget to look up to those already excelling in this area. Sure, you can read about the latest trends on blogs or watch some videos, but nothing can be more effective than studying real-life examples from the best in the field.

In a nutshell, keeping up with these experts is crucial for staying in the loop with the current happenings. So, follow these top SaaS product marketers for great ideas and inspiration that could help you build a successful product marketing strategy.

Kushal Desai

Kushal Desai is an Ex-Content Marketing Specialist at Growfusely. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering as well as MBA in Information Technology and has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing. His core expertise lies in organic search, content marketing, and performance analytics. Connect with him on Linkedin and Twitter: @kushaljdesai.

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