PUBLISHED: Jan 16, 2024

20 SaaS SEO Experts You Should Follow in 2024

Pratik Dholakiya
20 SaaS SEO Experts You Should Follow in 2023
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The new normal has led many SaaS firms to pivot to SEOs to create a brand identity, generate leads, and drive positive visibility on the Internet. A certain shift from the traditional marketing approach for SaaS companies saw many individuals thriving in the capacity of SEO leaders.

In this post, we’ll take a quick look at some of the highly recognized SaaS SEO professionals who have experience in delivering results that matter. You can think of them as trailblazers of SaaS SEO who have accelerated their company’s growth with powerful SEO tactics.

Also, we are including a link to their LinkedIn profile for you to check their creds, experience, and current project involvements.

1. Rachael Fishman – Director, Global SEO and Strategy at Octa

First on our list is Rachael Fishman, Director for Global SEO and Strategy at Octa. Before joining Octa, she was a Senior SEO Manager at Salesforce.

She’s a digital marketing expert who focuses on SEO, content marketing, AI, and UX. She had worked to drive social and organic roles in her previous assignments and also assumed a web production role. Her education in mental health and psychology piqued her interest in cognitive science and machine learning regarding modern-day computing technologies.

Her skill set includes keyword research, SEO, digital strategy, hands-on SEO tool expertise with Moz and SEMRush (amongst others), basic HTML & CSS, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), website QA, Google Analytics, AB Testing, template optimization, UX, and Salesforce.

2. Maritsa Boucher – Sr. SEO Manager for Microsoft Security

Next on the list, we have Marista Boucher, a Senior SEO Manager for Microsoft Security and an expert in SEO strategy. She specializes in site design, web analytics, SEM, and lead generation in her digital marketing prowess.

She started in the finance industry and worked in it for over a decade before setting her eyes on Search engine optimization (SEO) in 2004, she was quick to channel her inner marketer into working with SEO as she worked as a consultant in her formative years to provide SEO for small businesses and created search engine marketing (SEM) strategies that help companies drive leads, enhance rankings, and increase revenue.

Her skillset includes SEO, online marketing, digital marketing, search engine marketing, content strategy, web analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics), online reputation management, blog marketing, and strategic marketing.

3. Jessie Batchelor – Director, Care Traffic Acquisition at Virgin Media

Next on SaaS SEO experts list, we have Jessie Batchelor, Director for Care Traffic Acquisition at Virgin Media. Before joining the Virgin group, she headed the SEO department at Adobe. Jessie has over a decade of experience in the digital marketing domain.

She aims to enable businesses to establish and improve their digital consumer experiences by driving digital transformation in small and big organizations via an insight-driven strategy. She also thrives in enhancing users’ whole digital journey — from sign-up to participation, conversion, and retention.

She is someone who fosters a data-driven ethos across the company while being a strategic and analytical thinker.

Jessie specializes in digital experience strategy and operations, reporting framework, KPI and communications development, metrics understanding, SEO training, and consultation.

4. Dean Rowe – VP, Digital Marketing at Bold

Dean Rowe serves as VP to Bold for digital marketing. He also worked as Global Head of SEO at Amazon before joining Bold.

Dean is a visionary and business-savvy leader who is always hungry for big ideas and meticulously prepares implementation to get outcomes. He has experience in implementing enterprise-wide organic search activities.

As an SEO expert, Dean has a deep understanding of best practices and can manage large-scale initiatives to fulfill the company’s objectives. His forte delves into technical specifics with delivery teams and addresses high-level business goals with top stakeholders.

5. Benjamin Lanon – SEO Program Manager at Google

Up next in our list of top SaaS SEO experts we have Benjamin Lanon, who runs the Enterprise SEO program for Google Cloud help centers G Suite-owned online properties.

He is responsible for planning and executing multilingual SEO projects across Google Help Centers while keeping users at the heart of all activities.  

On the work front, manages a corpus of over 100 articles per quarter and provides recommendations in different languages to make content easier for users of all ages to find help about Google products.

His SEO tasks involve providing the team with the necessary SEO technical guidance and content strategy for search, conducting SEO training, checking and fixing 404 errors, and conducting UX research to detect any other issues.

6. Jessica Hill – Sr. SEO Manager at Zendesk

Jessica Hill works as a Sr. SEO manager at Zendesk and aims to spread the message that SEO is not a single traffic-driving channel but one that flourishes when all channels work together.

She has demonstrated a history of unlocking growth opportunity generation, conducting technical SEO analysis, running competition analysis, using various link-building methods, doing keyword and search visibility analysis, and discovering content gaps.

7. Jessica Levenson – Head of SEO at NetSuite, Oracle

Next up on our list of SaaS SEO experts is Jessica Levenson, a straight-shooting, innovative thought leader in SEO, social, and content strategy. She is someone who knows that content strategy is about more than page views and who doesn’t like the term “SEO expert.” 

She has experience building teams across departments and thinks that leaders are more important than bosses.

Her other key skills include mentorship, public speaking, holistic content strategy, social media, engagement, link development, design, project management, program management, and client/partner relationship management.

8. Tanya Huang – Sr. SEO Manager at DocuSign

Being a Sr. SEO Manager at DocuSign is dedicated to creating and disseminating valuable content is what motivates readers to act. She comes from a journalism background with an ability to think strategically and holistically as a digital marketer as she is a problem-solving and self. Also, Tanya has a demonstrated track record of surpassing objectives and developing scalable solutions for businesses through content and SEO strategies.

Her key areas of impact include SaaS marketing, SEO, local SEO, content marketing, keyword strategy, social media, link building, influencer outreach, competitive analysis, web analytics, digital asset optimization, online reputation management, ecommerce marketing, cross-channel marketing, lead generation, project management, budget management, copywriting, PR, online publishing, magazine publishing, newspaper publishing, blogging, and copy editing.

9. Mellissa Jensen – SEO Manager at Cisco

Mellissa Jensen possesses over 18 years of experience in industrial search marketing, and currently, she is a Marketing Manager for Content and SEO at Cisco Systems. Her role involves developing a content strategy based on corporate goals and user demands.

Previously, Mellissa has worked for Intel, Thomson Reuters, DuPont, and Adobe, wherein she mastered her SEO localization strategies across global enterprise sites by leveraging technology, automation, workflows, and training.

10. Will Lau – Sr. SEO Manager at ServiceNow

William Lau is a Sr. SEO Manager at ServiceNow who follows and adopts best practices for SEO to leverage content that delivers growth. He has the right mix of technical skills and people skills. This means he can read any client situation and give advice in a way that will help the client the most.

His key skills are PPC, SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEM, CRO, email marketing, and web development.

11. Paul Andre de Vera – Growth Head at Twingate

Paul Andre de Vera is a great talent currently serving as a Head of Growth at Twingate. In the past, he led global SEO at Workday.

 He wears multiple hats as he heads growth at Twingate, hosts and produces a Cybersecurity Show, SEO Video Show & DRE.TV, and is also a content creator and personal branding expert. 

He is an expert in video SEO and is mastering the art of SEO by learning and sharing knowledge bombs, gold nuggets, and secret tactics in search engine optimization video content.

12. Victor Pan – Head of Technical SEO at HubSpot

Our next SEO SaaS expert is the Head of Technical SEO at Hubspot, Victor Pan. He is a search marketer who works in multiple fields and loves to talk about business strategy and trade-off decisions from different points of view. 

Along with his team of SEO professionals in HubSpot, he works in aligning content strategy, identifying technology gaps, and building content-driven SEO infrastructure for the web. He aims to grow HubSpot’s international presence through SEO-driven content and the best ways to attain quality leads.

13. Jose Yanez – SEO Manager at Twilio

Jose Yanez manages SEO at Twilio and is a proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist having 12+ years of expertise in digital marketing. His forte includes Pay-Per-Click, social media marketing, display advertising, reputation management, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and video.

Moreover, his specialties include technical SEO, Google Analytics, research & development, market research, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), social media marketing, website development, branding, brand & reputation management, and mobile & affiliate marketing.

14. Brendan Van Zile – Global SEO Manager at Coupa Software

Having worked in SEO for 14 years, the current Global SEO Manager of Coupa Software, Brendan Van Zile, can put up comprehensive, successful strategies for businesses’ objectives and KPIs. 

He has proven expertise in ecommerce SEO that helps assist companies in expanding and providing great returns. His technical SEO abilities can help businesses optimize their sites independent of the content management system (CMS) or industry.

15. Angelina Fadool – Head of SEO at Atlassian

Angelina oversees Atlassian’s content performance as the Head of SEO. She strengthened her technical SEO and product management abilities as a copywriter at and (Wikia). 

Currently, she designs SEO strategies and processes across business divisions globally. Her proficiency lies in CMS and domain migrations on big multinational sites without compromising SEO.

She has led a team of more than 20 people in technical and content SEO, along with content operations, translation, and localization.

16. David Truong – SEO Manager at Xero

David Truong is the SEO manager at Xero and one of the most technically proficient SEO managers who have collaborated with multiple businesses in the capacity of an SEO consultant. His clients and colleagues think of him as skilled, results-driven, and dedicated.

17. Bryan Passanisi – Sr. SEO Manager at Intuit

Bryan is a senior SEO manager at Intuit, a technical-creative hybrid with over 10 years of experience in SEO and content marketing for SaaS

His vast experience includes a strategy for SEO, content production, and content marketing. He is also well-recognized for his skills, including technical SEO, local SEO, video SEO, Youtube Optimization, App Store Optimization (ASO), Google Penalty Recovery, onsite optimization, and link and community building.

He also has experience with a range of Analytics and SEO tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, BuzzSumo, etc.

18. Jelani Burton – SEO Lead at Stripe

The SEO lead at Stripe, Jelani Burton, has a varied interest in multiple organizational roles, from SEO to community-based business and other entrepreneurial ventures. Currently, he leads Stripe’s global SEO program pivoted to revenue growth across organic and earned marketing acquisition tactics.

Previously, he has worked with TurboTax’s Organic Search Business Unit as a Senior SEO Marketing Manager who was in charge of SEO strategy for TurboTax Core DIY and TurboTax Live assisted tax preparations. 

19. Matt Bowers – Head of SEO at Zapier

Next is Matt Bowers who is one of the well-known names in the field of SaaS SEO. He is Zapier’s Head of SEO and has worked on enormous, 100-million-page websites for over a decade. 

Matt specializes in SEO, content development, and user engagement content by leveraging A/B tests that compare server-side code to client-side code.

20. Derek Sakamoto – Head of SEO at Airtable

Derek is Head of SEO at Airtable, and he also has the experience of working as a Director of SEO at Zillow Group.

His skills include SEO, SEO tools and reporting, Google Analytics, digital marketing, content marketing, sem, link building, etc.

Wrapping Up

Just as you follow the SaaS marketing trends in 2024, you can follow these SaaS SEO stalwarts to enhance your SEO learning curve. We conclude our list of 20 SaaS SEO resources that you should follow as these are some of the finest and highly experienced professionals in their field. 

They are a prodigy in their department, and connecting with them over LinkedIn can help you boost your knowledge. It is a huge SEO community for SaaS out there, and you can find many people eager to share their knowledge and expertise.

Pratik Dholakiya

Pratik Dholakiya is the Founder of Growfusely, a SaaS content marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO.

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