PUBLISHED: Jan 19, 2024

Top 11 Webinars SaaS Marketers Should Watch Out for in 2024

Kushal Desai
Top 11 Webinars SaaS Marketers Should Watch Out for in 2023
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The last two years have established that webinars will thrive as a medium to drive digital engagement and generate quality leads. In fact, the webinar platform, BrightTALK, reported a 76% increase in virtual events uploaded on their platform from March 2020 to June 2020!

SaaS and b2b businesses are at the forefront in adopting this form of engagement, as more than 61% of the webinars are hosted by b2b companies. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that webinars fit perfectly into the SaaS content marketing strategy. After all, you have your audience right there, who are willing to get educated about your products and services or maybe even watch a demo, or get a sneak peek into new product features- basically, everything that the SaaS marketing relies on.

There are many b2b players in the market that have aced their marketing game through webinars. But considering there is a library of webinar content out there, as a SaaS marketer, you’re often confused as to fetching the most valuable webinars off the lot.

As a result, we’ve listed down some of the most informative webinars for SaaS marketers to watch out for in 2023.

Have a look! 

#1: SaaStr 

If we talk about webinars for SaaS marketers, we have to start the list with the top community for SaaS executives that produces industry-leading content.

SaaStr has a very clear goal in mind: “To help your business grow from $0 to $100m ARR with less stress and more success.” Hence, as you might’ve guessed, most of their webinars are focused on the scaling and performance of your SaaS business. 

Their webinars range from a wide range of topics that are focused on addressing growth challenges in SaaS and the expert panel that provides actionable advice on how to scale your SaaS business, how to compete in the market, how to build high-performance sales teams, and how to grow your customer base, etc. 

Some of their recent speakers include Mellisa Murray Bailey- the CRO of Hootsuite, Anne Raimondi- COO of Asana, Amanda Kleha- COO of Figma, and Jason Liekman- Founder of SaaStr. 

#2: Pipedrive 

Almost all companies use CRM tools today to manage their sales and marketing efforts and track customer journeys. There are a lot of aspects to a CRM tool and Pipedrive helps you get acquainted with using it to its fullest potential. Its training academy comprises webinars that give you product walkthroughs, and how to enhance your sales skills using Pipedrive. 

Apart from some in-depth explanations of product features, Pipedrive has leveled up its webinar strategy during the pandemic. It produced some interesting webinars on how to keep your sales and marketing tactics intact amidst remote teams and changing buying patterns. 

Some of the top webinars to check out are, “Developing and maintaining high-performing sales teams in a remote environment” with Richard Smith, Co-founder and Head of Sales at Refract, and Patrick Linehan, Founder of Linehan Group talk about how companies can continue to shine in sales despite the challenges and hindrances of the pandemic. 

#3: OPEXEngine 

Learning about financial planning and forecasting is often intimidating to non-professionals and OPEXEngine webinars break down these complexities through interactive sessions so SaaS companies can make financially accurate decisions. 

OPEXEngine develops detailed financial and operating benchmarks for companies to improve their operational efficiency with valuable analytics. To accelerate their mission, they’ve produced a series of webinars with their CEO called ‘SaaS conversions with Lauren Kelly’. The webinars ropes in finance experts in SaaS who shed light on measuring revenue metrics, analyzing ROI, etc. 

Some of their recent topics include, “Consumption-Based Pricing” with Anitha Gopalan, CFO of Fireblocks, and Chris Mele, Managing Partner of Software Pricing Partners, “SaaS Benchmarking and Revenue Growth Metrics” with Josh Horstmann of SBI and Rebecca Morrison of and “SaaS Financial Planning: Forecasting and Financial Modeling in the midst of the unbelievable current and future industry” with Jason Lin, CFO of Centage. 

#4: Drift 

Although virtual chat agents and bots are not novel phenomena, companies are still navigating their way through conversational marketing. They’re figuring out how to capture leads through conversations, how to drive sales, how to accelerate revenue through chats, and how to scale support. Drift is a prominent player in the conversational marketing domain and its years of industry experience and versatile clientele make it a reliable source of learning. 

Their latest webinar, “What we learned from 41 million chat conversations from last year” talks about how companies have leveraged conversations to accelerate their revenue and how you can follow suit. Alex Roy, the Sales Development Manager, Sammi Reinstein, the Product Education Marketing Manager, and Matt Michalke, the Chat SDR Team Lead, gives you a walkthrough of simplifying your buying process with conversations, and how to design chats that convert prospects into leads. 

Some other top webinars to watch are, “Drift Workshop: Accelerate Qualified Buyers to Sales with Fastlane”, “Accelerate Pipeline Through the Power of Data & Conversations”, and “The Future of Sales Is Digital: Accelerate Revenue Faster With These Proven Sales Strategies”. 

#5: Uberflip 

Content-driven marketing has been one of the most consistent growth-hacking strategies in SaaS. If done correctly, it can significantly empower sales and produce powerful results. With this philosophy, Uberflip built a content experience platform that helps businesses reach out to their prospects through value-driven content. 

As a content marketing platform, Uberflip has gathered insights on how you can level up your content marketing strategies and it backs it up with informative webinars for SaaS marketers. You can listen to content experts talk about their success stories, and tips on creating, and designing comprehensive content experiences for your prospects. 

Its top topics include “How to build a full-lifecycle customer engagement strategy”, “Aligning your content to the buyer’s journey”, “Acquiring your customers isn’t enough: How marketers can enhance the post-sale customer journey”. 

#6: Wishpond 

Marketing automation has been the leading SaaS marketing trend for a while now. You know the importance of marketing automation and let’s say you’re are religiously using it to generate and nurture leads, send promotional emails, build popups, etc. But how do you know if you’re using the tools to their fullest potential? 

Unlike other names on this list, Wishpond has a limited library but nevertheless an impactful one. It has four videos, each an average length of 40 minutes, and each educates viewers about different marketing automation tools. 

From nurturing leads from emails and websites to creating result-oriented contests and popups, the webinars provide real examples and educate viewers about the best practices of marketing automation in the industry. 

#7: Unbounce 

Landing pages in SaaS play a prominent role in accelerating conversions. But do you know how to build one that works wonders for your sales? What elements should you keep in mind? How can you run Adword campaigns? And how do you invite quality traffic to websites? 

Unbounce’s webinars address all the whats, whys, and hows of landing page campaigns, from A/B testing to copywriting, analyzing, it has enough content to keep you busy for a few days. 

In its most recent one-hour webinar, “The 9-Step Guide to Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts” Unbounce called in the business writing coach and copywriter, Henneke Duistermaat who knows just the kind of content that will be impactful and empower your conversions. Other titles that you can check out are, “Steal This Marketing Team’s Landing Page Design Process”, and “Discover KlientBoost’s Key Strategies For Maximizing Campaign Conversions.”

#8: Kapost 

Upland Software, previously known as Kapost is an enterprise software and boats of numerous products at its disposal. Hence, its webinars are also such, touching on numerous pain points and how SaaS businesses can tackle them and improve their revenues. 

From streamlining business processes to providing memorable customer experiences, Kapost webinars are a treat to watch if you’re passionate about addressing challenges and growing your SaaS business. 

Some topics that you shouldn’t miss are “5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Engagement”, “Your Guide To Getting Started With Salesforce Service Cloud Voice – BYOT”, and “KMWorld – Game-Changing Breakthroughs in KM”, and “30in30: Top Ideas to Drive Revenue & Audience Engagement”. 

#9: CXL 

CXL is a marketing education destination where marketing gurus impart knowledge on numerous marketing topics such as guides on building your marketing tech stack, leveraging customer data for building campaigns, running ad experiments, etc. 

CXL is particular about the content they produce and the speakers they choose. Its online webinar events are absolutely free. If you’re a beginner, looking to get acquainted with the SaaS industry, these webinars are a blessing. The speakers are usually highly experienced in their domains and break complex marketing concepts into simple terms that are easy to fathom. 

Some of the latest topics they’ve covered include, “Uncovering the benefits of Google Analytics 4” with Charles Farina, Head of Innovation at Adswerve, and “How to build a global brand, without a global budget” with Phil Nottingham, CEO at Nott Media. 

#10: Kissmetrics 

Unlike all the other names on the list, what makes Kissmetrics unique is that instead of producing webinars on their site, they have guest weekly webinars to engage with customers and generate awareness of their product. Everyone loves analytics and strategies on how to leverage the numbers and knowing what metrics would best reflect their key performance indicators. 

In a joint webinar with Mention, “How to Build a Data-driven Social Media Marketing Strategy” Kissmetrics talks about defining just the right KPIs for measuring your social media progress, and how you can increase your visibility on your social media handles. 

#11: Yotpo 

Yotpo doesn’t just provide automation products to eCommerce platforms but has also built a knowledge base through which eCommerce companies can foster loyalty amongst their customers and retain them. The eCommerce ecosystem is competitive. Yotpo realizes this and touches upon some of the most crucial aspects of eCommerce marketing- an industry that prominently relies on customer experiences and survives on customer loyalty. 

In one of their recent webinars, Yotpo teamed up with ReCharge for a Customer Retention Masterclass where they discuss building loyalty programs for eCommerce customers and how companies can enhance their lifetime value. 

They’ve also organized webinars for eCommerce companies to level up their marketing tactics. 

For example, in the webinar, “Power Your Email Marketing with Yotpo”, Amanda Smith – Channel Client Success Manager at Klaviyo,  explains the dos and don’ts of sending eCommerce emails and how to optimize your email marketing campaigns in eCommerce. They also have a similar webinar series for SMS marketing. 


Listening to webinars may not be your top priority. But businesses rely on experiences and expert opinions which we may not find in a marketing handbook. So there you have it- the top webinars for SaaS marketers, webinars that can help you change your game, and webinars that can help you gauge your performance and generate new ideas. Happy listening!

Kushal Desai

Kushal Desai is an Ex-Content Marketing Specialist at Growfusely. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering as well as MBA in Information Technology and has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing. His core expertise lies in organic search, content marketing, and performance analytics. Connect with him on Linkedin and Twitter: @kushaljdesai.

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