PUBLISHED: Apr 7, 2022

The triSearch Success Story: 30% Download-to-Meeting Conversion with Gated Content

Hazel Kamath
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triSearch is the all-in-one technology solution for conveyancers. Launched in early 2018, triSearch serves conveyancing and law firms nationally, providing software to manage their practice, a search platform for their due diligence, and a host of electronic conveyancing tools.

Their vision is to create loyal clients by offering useful solutions and dedicated support. 

Like most outbound sales teams, triSearch’s team has one aim – to book more meetings with qualified leads. But it takes a lot to convince a lead to have a meeting and even more to convert them into loyal customers. This is especially true in the conveyancers and property lawyers domain. Customers expect a unique and personalized sales experience and content that supports them through their purchase process. 

We got in touch with Matthew Tarabay, Marketing Manager at triSearch, to understand their take on capturing and engaging leads. In this SaaS Leaders interview, the marketing maestro has shared interesting tidbits on how triSearch goes about increasing conversion rates and the role content plays in this journey. 

triSearch Success Highlights

  • The customer acquisition strategy at triSearch has multiple content-led touchpoints that have proved to be effective. Their content campaigns primarily focus on thought leadership and industry-specific research data. 
  • The all-in-one conveyancing solution uses gated content like ebooks and webinar registration to capture lead data. Once the data is available, they leverage email marketing and remarketing ads to engage their leads. 
  • Initially, the content is solution-based to raise brand awareness. However, as the lead goes lower in the funnel (1-3 weeks), the content is product-specific with clear CTA. 
  • They leverage automation to convert a high percentage of leads into clients. It helps them extract marketing campaign data into Salesforce CRM and manage their lead funnel.  

There’s so much more than triSearch does to boost their conversion rate. Let’s hear from Matthew on this!

Thanks, Matthew for going to the effort of answering our questions and sharing valuable insights into triSearch’s success journey. Our audience is excited to know more! 

Could you share how it all started and your expertise?

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Business and Commerce, majoring in Marketing, I joined a membership-based not-for-profit organization in 2015 as a marketing coordinator. I quickly rose through the ranks to become the marketing executive servicing all revenue-generating areas of the business there. Later, I was referred to the position at triSearch I currently hold. 

Since joining triSearch, I have upskilled myself. I have utilized my experience in brand growth, client acquisition, product management, and automation to progress triSearch from a start-up to a scale-up. I have more than six years of marketing expertise from leading financial and conveyancing tech industries.

I joined triSearch in late 2018 and have helped carve the reputation of the brand into the successful, proactive, and market-disrupting conveyancing SaaS tech company it is today. As we move forward, the goal is to enter the growth phase by continuing building the brand, product, and team. 

Tell us a bit about triSearch. What customer problems are you solving?

Through triSearch, conveyancers and property lawyers can complete their end-to-end tasks through one integrated system. To complement the leading technology, triSearch has a dedicated support team to handle all inquiries, who pride themselves on a 10-minute call back record and above 94% answer rate on inbound calls.

At triSearch, we have 4 core business values. The first is that we value the people we work with, both clients and employees. The second is that the success of our clients is at the forefront of the innovation and services we provide. Thirdly, we pride ourselves on operating with integrity in all our business decisions. And lastly, we drive our success by having a supporting and high-performing culture.

In September last year, we launched a new product called triConvey, offering a Conveyancing specific software. This also aligned with our business goals to further niche ourselves into the conveyancing market. 

While there are other products in the market which offer a similar solution, none are so tailor-built specifically for conveyancing firms. 

What’s been your strategy when promoting triSearch? 

Our target audience is mostly business owners, conveyancers, and their administrative staff. Therefore, content marketing has been huge for us. It’s always been a great way to engage with them. We have found that our audience responds well to value-add and thought-leadership. 

With most of our campaigns geared towards content strategies, we have been able to build great relationships and trust with our customers and successfully move prospects smoothly through the funnel.

Our customer acquisition strategy is again very much content-led. Also, all our customer engagement starts with value-added content. With automation and communications funnels, we’re able to convert a high percentage of leads into clients. These communication funnels have multiple touchpoints that cover digital, sponsorships, email marketing, sales teams, and more.  

While SEO and digital marketing make up the majority of our campaign channels, we don’t leave out traditional channels. Trade shows and conferences are still one of our most successful channels where we see the highest quality of lead generation. 

As I am from a digital marketing background, when I initially started at triSearch, my intention was to build our strategy on digital channels. However, I quickly realized that the industry we service thrives on face-to-face interactions and building trust. For that reason, our marketing strategy is now an equal blend of offline and online marketing activities. 

We follow a trial and error approach when it comes to the lead funnel. I’ll say we’ve experimented on dozens of different types of funnels, A/B testing their length, content touchpoints, and more. We found that the shorter funnels that place prominence on getting them to the sales team as quickly as possible, as the most successful.  

At triSearch, we have a cold calling function. So, from a general perspective, our objective is to get them through the funnel as quickly as possible and get them off to the sales team.

How do content marketing and SEO fit in with triSearch’s overall brand strategy?

Since we serve such a niche audience, our content marketing needs to be very targeted, appealing directly to lawyers and conveyancers. Generally, we focus on two topics – technology within the conveyancing space and running a successful business.

We’ve found that a lot of our target audience is small business owners, and while they’re trained to converse with conveyances or property lawyers, for a lot of them, it’s the first time they’re running a business. So, any helpful tips we can provide on the business side of things get us fantastic engagement.

Our strategy always starts with either business or industry-related content and any initiatives that have impacted technology performance. 

We also recently overhauled our website, tailoring it even more to our niche, and that’s paid dividends for us. 

So, to build on that momentum, we’re now looking to do another project on improving overall website performance, as well as building out a more extensive ecosystem for SEO and SEM, to build on the product launch we had back in September.

We’ve used a combination of in-house marketing and outsourced to an agency in the past. We’ve found that we haven’t had much success with agencies, with the exception being the one we used to assist with our September product launch.

From a reporting perspective, we use our CRM, Salesforce, to report on all stages of the funnel, including attribution. We have built a number of processes that automate all of our marketing data into salesforce so we can take advantage of the powerful reporting and dashboarding. It also makes it easier to have a single source of truth for all our data. 

So, how has content helped you achieve numbers? 

The content strategy at triSearch starts with an Ebook download or webinar registration.

Our content is geared to what we know our audience engages with i.e conveyancing best practices, technology innovations in conveyancing, small business tips, and marketing advice.

Since our product launch of triConvey in September, we have had over 800 downloads/registrations across all of our content pieces.

Once we have their details, they are pushed through an email funnel and served remarketing ads. These ads/communications start with offering more solution-based content to warm the prospects up and familiarize them with our brand. The end of the funnel is very product-related with a strong call to action. The funnels range from 1 week to 3 weeks.

The average conversion rate of content download to meeting booked with a sales rep is around 30% (i.e 250 Meetings booked from 800 Content Downloads)

It’s only been 6 months since the product launch. So, we’re hoping to improve these numbers by tweaking the lower-performing touchpoints of the funnel.

What’s your link-building strategy been like? Any specific strategy you’d like to continue? 

As part of an upcoming project at triSearch, to improve our SEO and overall website performance, we’ll heavily rely on link-building. And this will be a huge opportunity and our main focus in this quarter.  

Is there any piece of content you own that you’d like to tell us about? 

Our most successful piece of content has been an ebook titled: “The Conveyancing Handbook”. The handbook is a result of over two years of research and insights from the conveyancing market. 

It covers all the topics our audience is interested in, including small-business tips, career advancement insights, conveyancing best practices, and a leaders’ forum. It has been one of our biggest marketing successes and is still achieving good results since launching in December 2021.

Following the success of the handbook, we’ll be looking at creating second and third editions of it to continue the engagement and hopefully drive fresh leads. 

Any advice you’d like to give to marketing professionals, especially in the SaaS domain?

My biggest advice for those in the SaaS space is that though digital marketing will be crucial to your success, don’t skip traditional channels. Depending on your industry and audience, there are a million ways to reach them, which your competitors may be missing.

Get creative and think outside the box. For us, tradeshows and sponsorships have paid dividends

How have you been maintaining a work-life balance during these times?

I make it a point to not forego social activities for work outside of office hours. If I need to log back on later in the evening, I can, but taking that break to enjoy a sporting commitment, social engagement, or time with family has helped me avoid any feelings of burnout.

Burnout can happen so easily and is very hard to come back from. My advice is to stay conscious about how much you’re working outside of office hours and put your other commitments into your work calendar. Just like you wouldn’t skip a meeting, you shouldn’t skip those commitments. The work will still be there tomorrow.

I give the same advice to my team and am a firm advocate for them to log off once the business hours are over so they can remain productive and motivated throughout the week. 

Anything else you would like to talk about or promote via this interview? 

It would be remiss of me not to mention triConvey. It has been the biggest product rollout for the company so far and has created a huge ripple effect throughout the conveyancing industry. 

While we have many content-oriented marketing campaigns constantly in motion, building awareness and generating leads for triConvey, is by far our biggest focus. The product was created to disrupt a stale conveyancing-tech industry and it’s done just that.

SaaSy Tidbits from Matthew Tarabary 

  • Content marketing is huge for SaaS. Value-adding and thought-leadership content is the cornerstone of a winning content strategy and a great way to engage the audience. 
  • In SaaS, traditional channels are as important as your digital campaigns. Customers are active on multiple channels. Hence, SaaS businesses have a million ways to reach their audience on channels their competitors may be missing.
  • When you serve a niche audience, your content marketing should be very targeted and solve the top customer pain points. 
  • Besides gated content, trade shows and conferences work as successful channels for most SaaS businesses for the highest quality of lead generation.

From effective sales prospecting to creating stellar niche-specific content, triSearch is focusing its resources on capturing qualified leads and converting them into loyal customers. As a growth-focused SaaS content marketing agency, our take-home is that to grow in a super-specific niche like conveyancers and property law, businesses should invest in thought leadership and industry-specific research data.

If you want more information on triSearch’s journey or have any questions for Matthew, you can connect with him on LinkedIn. We would also recommend checking out their impressive website to learn more about the quality of content they share.

Hazel Kamath

Hazel Kamath is a Senior Content Writer and Strategist at Growfusely – a SaaS content marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO.

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