PUBLISHED: Mar 4, 2022

Top 25 SaaS Marketing Agencies You Must Know

Pratik Dholakiya
Top 25 SaaS Marketing Agencies You Must Know
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The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is booming in this digital era. A report by Gartner states that the SaaS industry is growing at a rate of approximately 20%, which is higher in comparison to BPaaS, DaaS, IaaS, PaaS. Further, a study says that the SaaS sector is expected to reach $623 billion by 2023

With the rising competition in the SaaS industry, it becomes crucial to stand out from the crowd. This is where hiring the most promising SaaS marketing agency can help. One which can comprehend the market, utilize the latest trends and strategies to reach the target audience, and ultimately, help you sell your service to prospective customers. 

However, choosing the best SaaS marketing agency for your company is not an easy feat — especially when tons of options are available in the market. But don’t fret. After conducting thorough research, we have come up with the top 25 SaaS digital marketing agencies that can help you win over new customers. 

But first, let’s understand what SaaS marketing is, what common services SaaS marketing agencies offer, and the factors you must consider before selecting one.

What is SaaS marketing? 

SaaS marketing is the process of building awareness and acquiring leads for a software-as-a-service product.

It doesn’t seem different from a regular marketing strategy — you have a product, you promote it, and sell it to the customers. However, SaaS products are not like other products. They are intangible, have no physical presence, and can be complex with tons of features.

So, you need to differentiate your product, messaging, and marketing strategies to sell SaaS products. An effective strategy is simple yet informative enough for the target audience to understand how your SaaS product solves their problems.

What is a SaaS marketing agency? 

A SaaS marketing agency is a type of agency that focuses on promoting and selling subscription-based or SaaS products. It specializes in crafting a data-driven SaaS marketing plan and assists businesses in customer acquisition, lead generation, driving sales, boosting conversions, and helping scale exponentially.

Established SaaS marketing agencies have years of expertise and proven marketing records and know what they are doing. It saves time and cost for SaaS businesses as you don’t need to train anyone, hire an in-house marketing team, or risk the chances of failure.

What do SaaS marketing agencies offer? 

The services provided by a SaaS marketing agency obviously vary from agency to agency. However, below are a few common areas such agencies can help you with.

1. Lead generation 

SaaS digital marketing agencies can help generate leads for your SaaS business by implementing advanced lead generation software and effective strategies. They leverage data-driven insights to identify the target audience and create personalized campaigns to attract and convert them into customers. 

Further, they also use various marketing channels, such as content marketing, paid ads, and email marketing, to boost your conversions, sales, ROI, clicks, and more. 

2. Customer acquisition 

Acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. But, 89% of SaaS companies still consider customer acquisition a top priority to grow their business. After all, if you’re not attracting new paying customers, your brand is likely to stagnate and decline.

A SaaS marketing agency can help boost your customer volume and lower your cost-per-acquisition. This requires identifying your target persona, reaching out to them with a personalized message, and persuading them to take the desired action.

3. PPC ads 

Relying on organic traffic to grow your SaaS business may not be enough. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are also becoming prevalent in SaaS, enabling companies to increase visibility for specific keywords and outrank competitors. Further, they can be run immediately and take less time to show results than SEO.

SaaS digital marketing agencies understand this and help businesses design ideal PPC campaigns to get their product in front of the right people at the right time and in the right place.

4. Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another critical service offered by SaaS marketing agencies.

A SaaS SEO agency streamlines the process of increasing organic traffic for a SaaS company’s website by earning top rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords and getting premium links from authoritative websites.

Since it is one of the best ways to make sure your website shows up in search results, most SaaS businesses can benefit from hiring an SEO-specialized marketing agency to drive results. 

5. Content marketing 

SaaS companies around the world are using content marketing to attract visitors to their websites, build their brands, and generate leads. It allows you to take a non-sales-y approach to reach potential customers and position your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

A key advantage of content marketing is its compounding power of return on investment, which increases the value of your brand over time. Plus, it is the right approach to reduce the customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Hiring a reliable and experienced SaaS marketing agency can make this possible.

What do these services translate to? 

SaaS marketing agencies provide a plethora of marketing services to brands which result in the following: 

  • High website domain rating (DR) 
  • Organic and paid traffic generation 
  • Increased product or services sales 
  • Increased conversion rates
  • High consumer engagement and commitment towards your brand 
  • Improved customer experience that connects to your target customer 

25 finest SaaS marketing agencies to hire in 2022 

Here is our handpicked list of the world’s top 25 SaaS digital marketing agencies in 2022.

1. Growfusely 

Growfusely is a content marketing agency comprising tech-savvy SaaS marketers and content creators who define, develop, and deliver content that ranks.

Founded in 2018, this agency offers numerous marketing activities for different SaaS brands and businesses. Plus, it creates data-driven strategies across different platforms and establishes the client as a thought leader using customer-focused content.

Growfusely has helped dozens of SaaS and ecommerce businesses build referral, organic, and search engine traffic, transforming them into revered brands. What’s more, it has established 500+ trust-based relationships with high authority publications over a decade.

Founded: 2018

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Number of employees: 30+

Focus area: Content marketing 

Top clients: Wix, Whatfix, Unbxd 

Services: Content marketing, SEO, digital PR.

2. Kalungi 

Kalungi is a B2B SaaS marketing agency powered by 70 hardworking individuals who ensure that your SaaS business achieves the set target. Whether your company is at the beginning stage, yet to receive funding, or is trying to scale up, the agency provides full-service marketing solutions to SaaS businesses irrespective of the phase they are in. 

Plus, it also follows a B2B SaaS playbook to deliver optimal results for your business. What’s more, it can even help you hire, onboard, and train your in-house marketing team. 

Founded: 2018

Location: Seattle, United States 

Number of employees: 70+

Focus area: Full-service 

Top clients: DataGuard, Performio, Fraxion, Clariti, Beezy 

Services: SEO, SEM, video marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, paid search marketing, branding, PR, reporting, referral marketing, customer segmentation, etc. 

3. Refine Labs 

Refine Labs is a marketing agency focused on growth-stage B2B SaaS businesses. The agency has a team of 70+ highly-trained revenue-focused demand marketers that help deliver powerful and consistent results across SaaS firms.

The agency uses a customer-centric approach to demand generation and provides a Revenue Engine Optimization formula to assist B2B SaaS companies in generating qualified pipelines and boosting revenue growth.

Founded: 2007

Location: Boston, Massachusetts 

Number of employees: 70+

Focus area: Demand generation 

Top clients: Showpad, Zappi, Balto 

Services: Lead generation, performance analysis, targeted account-based paid advertising, funnel analysis, pipeline accountability, content strategy, product marketing, etc. 

4. Single Grain  

Single Grain is one of the most successful SaaS marketing agencies on this list.

Founded by entrepreneur and marketing guru Eric Siu, this agency has a good hold in the market and is the first choice for many giant organizations. It is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency driving continuous growth for remarkable SaaS companies since 2009.

The agency develops growth-centric marketing strategies that are data-driven and have high ROI. Also, it offers free consultations to get the ball rolling.

What makes Single Grain unique is that it has a specialized SaaS tool for content optimization called ClickFlow. This means that this agency understands what SaaS companies need to grow in the industry.

Founded: 2009

Location: Los Angeles, California 

Number of employees: 60+

Focus area: SEO & PPC

Top clients: Drift, Salesforce, SEMrush

Services: Lead generation, SEO, SEM, PPC, paid advertising, content marketing, e-commerce marketing, podcast advertising, Google ads, demand generation, etc. 

5. Hey Digital

Hey Digital is a marketing agency that helps SaaS and Tech companies scale trial signups, demo requests, webinar attendees and increase the brand’s MMR by building out successful paid acquisition campaigns on both Facebook and Google.

The agency is vastly experienced in the field of SaaS and believes that creativity is the heart of marketing. Along with enhancing conversion rate, it also takes care of the landing page design. The team of expert designers, copywriters, and marketers creates an informative landing page that attracts potential clients and can turn them into actual ones.

Founded: 2018

Location: Tallinn, Estonia 

Number of employees: 15+

Focus area: PPC & CRO 

Top clients: Hotjar, CXL, SocialBee, Document360 

Services: PPC, conversational marketing, designing landing pages, video/static ad creation, etc.


6. Bay Leaf Digital

Bay Leaf Digital is a growth marketing agency with a combined experience of more than 30 years helping SaaS brands grow awareness and drive stronger, more qualified opportunities into their pipeline.

Based out of Texas, this agency serves clients all over North America and is focused on developing data-driven strategies from B2B SaaS analytics. Its team of certified marketing experts is passionate about helping your land more customers and delivering results.

Further, its spectacular performance in the field of SaaS marketing got it listed in the Top Rated SaaS Marketing Agencies in 2022 by SoftwareWorld.

Founded: 2013

Location: Southlake, Texas

Number of employees: 10+

Focus area: Growth marketing 

Top clients: Intuit, Kabbage, Acctivate

Services: B2B content marketing strategy, lead conversion optimization, PPC, remarketing, SEO, social media marketing, web analytics, CRM customization & integration, email nurturing, etc.

 7. SimpleTiger 

SimpleTiger is a no-nonsense marketing agency that helps SaaS brands increase their visitors and scale monthly recurring revenue (MRR) using SEO and content marketing strategies. It is always focused on quality and follows an effective procedure for managing, organizing, and completing projects.

The agency works closely with the clients and utilizes multiple tools to keep every part of their process open to the businesses. A dedicated client-coach checks in frequently and keeps the client’s team up-to-date with what’s happening internally. Plus, it keeps the client’s needs at the forefront and designs strategies accordingly.

Founded: 2006

Location: Sarasota, Florida 

Number of employees: 10+

Focus area: SEO & Content marketing  

Top clients: Jotform, ContractWorks, Bidsketch

Services: SEO, PPC, content marketing, link building, etc. 

8. Inturact 

Inturact is a Texas-based Integrated SaaS Marketing Agency that focuses on deploying the latest technological solutions to expand reach, drive traffic, and increase revenue.

After working with hundreds of companies, Inturact understands what makes a software successful and what can make it a flop. The team works in an organized manner and creates a crystal-clear strategy that is strictly adhered to achieve the targets. The client can easily understand the exact plan that is being executed.

Their experience includes working with SaaS companies from Silicon Valley to the Fortune 500 and boosting their revenues by 200%.

Founded: 2006

Location: Houston, Texas

Number of employees: 10+

Focus area: Demand generation  

Top clients: Keen, Hellopeter, Stealth Seminar 

Services: Lead generation, inbound marketing, growth hacking, web design, content marketing, demand generation, data analysis, etc.  

9. Deviate Labs 

Deviate Labs is a cutting-edge growth marketing agency that has worked with companies ranging from bootstrapped startups to billion-dollar enterprises across different industries, including SaaS.

Deviate Labs provides a suite of services divided into two plans — advisory and execution. The advisory suite includes services, such as go-to-market strategies, product launch plans, etc. The execution suite includes additional services, such as celebrity endorsements, pay-per-click advertising, on-site search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, etc.

Deviate Labs is known for cross-pollinating marketing tactics and believes that what works for a small firm could also work for a large company and vice versa.

Founded: 2014

Location: Los Angeles, California 

Number of employees: 10+

Focus area: Growth marketing 

Top clients: Talkroute, FollowUpThen 

Services: Retargeting, PPC advertising, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, social media strategy, Facebook advertising, display advertising, etc. 

10. NoGood

Born in New York, NoGood is a TechCrunch verified growth marketing agency with over 50 years of combined experience in the SaaS, ecommerce, and technology industries. Its diverse squad of growth leads, creatives, designers, engineers, and data scientists has helped various SaaS startups and Fortune 500 brands unlock rapid growth, multiply their conversions, and reach their objectives.

NoGood appoints each client with a “growth squad.” Each team member works only with a few clients to provide maximum attention to their brand. Although this marketing agency has only been around for just over six years, many popular SaaS businesses have benefited from its expertise.

Founded: 2016

Location: New York, New York 

Number of employees: 30+

Focus area: Growth marketing 

Top clients: Lark Suite, Ventract, Invisibly 

Services: SEO, content marketing, SEM, PPC, social advertising, email marketing, SMS marketing, CRO, video marketing, etc. 

11. SmartSites 

SmartSites is America’s #1 rated digital marketing agency founded by brothers Alex and Michael Melen. It is a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner and a winner of numerous website design awards and five-time Inc5000 (2017-2021) fastest growing company.

The agency has operated for several clients in varying industries with a great satisfaction rate of 97%. The data-driven tactics used by SmartSites give it an edge over its competitors and assist in achieving optimal results.

It has a diverse team of designers, developers, and strategists across the globe. Since its inception in 2011, the agency has completed over 600 projects and has received 5-star reviews across Google+, Yelp, and Facebook.

Founded: 2011

Location: Paramus, New Jersey 

Number of employees: 150+

Focus area: SEO, PPC & Web design   

Top clients: Arcarius, E-Valve Technologies 

Services: SEO, PPC, CRO, web design, branding, etc. 

12. OneIMS

OneIMS is a results-driven SaaS marketing agency that focuses on creating powerful, highly-customized strategies for its clients to ensure measurable and sustainable results. Its primary purpose is to design and develop the most effective Integrated Marketing Solutions for software companies.

The agency incorporates sophisticated marketing tools and digital marketing channels to reach and engage potential customers with the client’s brand. It follows 3 C approach, which includes: 

  • Connect: Attract and connect with your target audience via organic and paid channels. 
  • Communicate: Communicate your unique value proposition (UVP) throughout the buying journey. 
  • Captivate: Persuade your ideal customers to take the next step through lead nurturing and sales enablement. 

Founded: 2006

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Number of employees: 60+

Focus area: Lead generation   

Top clients: Muse App, UrbanBound

Services: SEO, paid media, website development & design, content marketing, social media marketing, reputation management, video production, lead generation, HubSpot management, etc. 

13. Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital is an award-winning SaaS marketing agency specializing in search-related services like SEO, PPC, online reputation management, and more. It has a team of highly experienced marketing experts, creative thinkers, and technical marketers that assist SaaS companies in attracting more attention online, driving more traffic to their websites, improving their reputations, and boosting their conversions.

Go Fish Digital has received various awards for Best Search Agency of the Year, America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, Best Use of Content Marketing, and Best Use of Search.

Founded: 2005

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Number of employees: 75+

Focus area: SEO, ORM, web design, & social media marketing 

Top clients: Airbnb, Adobe, Atlassian 

Services: SEO, online reputation management, CRO, content marketing, digital PR, copywriting, email marketing, social media management, influencer marketing, etc. 

14. Growth Ramp 

Growth Ramp is a premium digital marketing agency helping software tech companies from start-up to scale-up. It was started with a mission to help early-stage entrepreneurs acquire their first 1,000 customers in a year.

The agency understands that being a customer-centric company is critical in today’s competitive environment and helps brands increase their exposure with tailor-made strategies. It also strives to create a pricing strategy that delivers the most revenue.

All in all, it believes in efficiency and specializes in a speedy increase in traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Founded: 2019

Location: Spokane, Washington

Number of employees: 5+

Focus area: Product marketing 

Top clients:, Yotpo, Maptive, BigCommerce

Services: Brand positioning, content marketing, CRO, content writing, copywriting, SEO, digital ads, demand generation, etc. 

15. Powered by Search 

Powered by Search is a marketing agency that helps B2B SaaS and technology brands acquire clients, grow annual recurring revenue (ARR), and drive demos and trials using content, SEO, and paid search.

Since its inception, Powered by Search has worked with over 100 clients in 9 countries and three continents. Plus, it has been named one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies by PROFIT Magazine.

Powered by Search believes in strategic versus tactical thinking. This means it promotes the idea of keeping all channels linked to create an intertwined and robust marketing strategy that gets quick and highly profitable results and ROI.

Founded: 2009

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Number of employees: 25+

Focus area: Demand generation 

Top clients: Basecamp, ClickFunnels, GraphCMS

Services: Account-based marketing, demand generation, content marketing, paid ads, SEO, content outreach, etc. 

16. uSERP

If you are looking for growth in organic traffic, the uSERP agency has got your back. uSERP is a full-stack SaaS marketing agency specializing in driving traffic, boosting rankings, and increasing revenues using SaaS SEO, PR, and link-building strategies.

It has 15+ team members who work with full commitment and ensure that the ideal customers actually read the clients’ content. It works hand-in-hand with the client, ensuring each mention boosts their search presence and contributes to the brand image.

The agency provides three plans — startup, scale, and authority — ranging from $6,000 to $16,000 per month.

Founded: 2019

Location: Denver, Colorado

Number of employees: 15+

Focus area: Link building & digital PR 

Top clients:, Freshworks, ActiveCampaign

Services: SEO, content positioning & strategy, PR, link building, reporting, etc. 

17. Codeless

Codeless is a SaaS content production company that tries to provide a perfect mix of search intent, writing, subject-matter experts, video, and illustrative design to create SERP-topping content. Plus, it also formulates content strategies that help its clients gain exposure and boost brand awareness among potential customers.

The agency can produce 100+ articles per month. It uses tools like MarketMuse that ensure all pieces are effectively optimized for search before publication. 

Codeless offers three plans — startup, scale, and high volume. The startup plan starts at $7,500 and provides a minimum of five 2000-word long-form content pieces per month. The scale plan is worth $12,500, including ten 2000-word best-in-class content per month. And the high volume plan is $20,000 and offers 20 2000-word pieces a month.

Founded: 2014

Location: Lone Tree, Colorado

Number of employees: 30+

Focus area: Content marketing 

Top clients:, BetterUp, Nextiva

Services: Content strategy & creation, digital PR, outreach management, video creation, SERP analysis, content audit, SEO, etc.  

18. New North 

New North is a digital marketing agency that helps B2B technology Fortune 500 firms and startups grow with effective marketing strategies. It follows an RTX framework that helps them balance short-term opportunities with long-term strategies by breaking down clients’ marketing goals into annual, 90-day, and 30-day objectives.

New North provides its clients with three types of marketing engagement plans — projects, campaigns, and results-based retainers. The project plan is for achieving a single objective, campaigns are for attaining a focused strategic goal, and the result-based retainers plan is for continuous growth in the long term.

Founded: 2008

Location: Frederick, Maryland

Number of employees: 10+

Focus area: Growth marketing  

Top clients: Audio Video Group, Swift Systems

Services: Inbound marketing, content marketing, lead generation & nurturing, PPC, SEO, web design, social media marketing, data analysis, conversion optimization, etc. 

19. SeeResponse 

SeeResponse is a full-stack B2B marketing agency and a HubSpot Solutions Partner that helps startups and large companies grow by putting together and executing a growth-centric business strategy.

Its highly qualified team of SaaS marketers helps businesses stand out in this highly competitive industry and ensures a consistent flow of qualified leads and recurring revenue.

SeeResponse has also received multiple awards from organizations like Clutch, DesignRush, Expertise, and HubSpot, which shows that the agency has demonstrated its mettle in the industry.

Founded: 2016

Location: Reston, Virginia

Number of employees: 10+

Focus area: Lead generation 

Top clients: Curacubby, Knack, Ximplifi

Services: Content marketing, email marketing, HubSpot marketing, lead generation, SEO, video production, marketing automation, demand generation, social media marketing, etc. 

20. Webprofits

Webprofits is an award-winning SaaS marketing agency that ensures that the formulated tactics and strategies are followed as planned without any hiccups and set targets are achieved. Since it has offices at various locations (Australia, the US, and Singapore), it helps them understand a variety of SaaS industries around the world.

The agency works closely with clients to advise, educate, and analyze opportunities for business growth. And then, tailor client-specific strategies that will reach and resonate with their specific audiences. Plus, it provides a comprehensive Digital Growth Framework which helps optimize a brand’s growth.

Founded: 2006

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Number of employees: 80+

Focus area: Agile digital marketing 

Top clients: Logitech, LJ Hooker, Aussie Broadband

Services: Digital strategy, paid acquisition, UX design, marketing automation, omnichannel product launches, etc. 

21. Voxturr

Voxturr is another award-winning growth marketing agency on our list that caters to startups, small & medium businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. It has achieved various awards, such as Top Growth Hacking Agency Award in 2018 and Best Digital Marketing Agencies in San Francisco in Award 2021.

Voxturr firmly believes in creating tailor-made solutions using creativity, data, and tech. It has a proven record of helping SaaS firms boost their conversion rates using various sales approaches like list building, automation, and targeted email marketing.

Founded: 2018

Location: San Francisco, California

Number of employees: 20+

Focus area: Growth hacking

Top clients: HighRadius, UnifyCloud, intelligentcontract

Services: PPC management, online reputation management, social media marketing, business intelligence & analytics, business process automation, etc. 

22. SevenAtoms 

SevenAtoms is a San Francisco-based digital marketing agency. It has a proven track record of helping SaaS businesses market their products and services online, generate profitable leads, and boost their revenue using various organic and paid channels.

It is a HubSpot-certified agency and a Google Partner. It has a team of ROI-focused marketers with the necessary skills and experience to take on even the most challenging digital marketing campaigns. It carefully analyses the client’s profile and their competitors and creates a tailor-made strategy for your business.

Founded: 2013

Location: Dublin, California

Number of employees: 5+

Focus area: PPC management 

Top clients: Rocket Lawyer, Assembla, Filestack

Services: Paid search marketing, social advertising, remarketing, CRO, retargeting, content marketing, HubSpot strategy, etc. 

23. Cobloom

Cobloom is a digital marketing agency focusing on growth marketing for SaaS companies. The agency has good experience working with SaaS firms and knows useful tricks for sales growth and customer acquisition.    

The agency focuses on the customer-first approach and formulates a strategy that perfectly blends with the vision and mission of the company.

Cobloom has been a Gold Tiered HubSpot Partner since 2013 and has helped many SaaS businesses drive their growth using the automation platform.

Founded: 2016

Location: London, United Kingdom

Number of employees: 3+

Focus area: Growth marketing

Top clients: Hotjar, HubSpot, Insightly, Pipedrive 

Services: Customer acquisition & retention, inbound marketing, SaaS pricing & consulting, etc. 

24. Foxtail Marketing 

Foxtail Marketing is a SaaS marketing agency that offers content marketing, digital marketing, and lead generation services for small and mid-market companies. 

Its main focus is on boosting brand awareness, driving traffic, and increasing clients’ revenue. Further, it ensures every channel is utilized to the fullest and the client is ahead of the competition.

However, its services aren’t for everyone because of the strict guidelines. This agency is only fit for companies who crave organic marketing and have a certain marketing budget.

Founded: 2013

Location: American Fork, Utah

Number of employees: 5+

Focus area: Funnel marketing 

Top clients: WorkMarket, Big Sky Shuttle 

Services: Content marketing, SEO, paid advertising, inbound marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, sales funnel optimization, etc. 

25. Search Nurture 

Last on our list is Search Nurture, a full-stack SaaS marketing agency that caters to various digital channels, including organic & paid search, content creation, and social ads, as well as retail marketing with prominent brands like Amazon, Instacart, and Walmart.

It specializes in creating client-centered digital marketing campaigns for B2B SaaS and helping FMCG companies expand their ecommerce business. Unlike other agencies, Search Nurture doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all practice and instead offers marketing services hand-tailored to meet the specific needs of these clients.

First, it analyzes the client and its target customer base. Then, the team chooses the best marketing channel for the client to market their services or products offered.

Founded: 2017

Location: Oakland, California

Number of employees: 20+

Focus area: SEO & PPC

Top clients: Tailwind, Jergens 

Services: Paid advertising, SEO, Amazon advertising, target advertising, Instacart advertising, Walmart advertising, etc. 

How to choose a SaaS marketing agency? 

There are thousands of SaaS marketing agencies around you, having their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the one that fits your business needs can be a nerve-wracking process. So, before you hop on the bandwagon of finding a suitable agency for your SaaS brand, here are a few things you should consider: 

1. Define your goals

You’ll never be able to measure the success of any marketing effort if you haven’t defined your company goals. Goal setting is crucial as it helps you look back at the last 12 months and see whether you could achieve the set goals. 

The goal should follow the SMART framework to be the most workable, realistic, and achievable. This means that your goal must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. 

2. Full-service Vs. Specialized 

Are you looking for a full-service or specialty? If you only need one or two specialized services such as SEO or SaaS content marketing, it makes sense to hire a SaaS agency specialized in these modules instead of hiring a full-stack agency.

However, if you don’t have time and budget for an in-house marketing team, the full-service SaaS marketing agency is your best bet. These agencies provide all marketing services ranging from inbound and outbound marketing to content writing, audience research, paid advertising, SEO/SEM, lead generation, and many more.

3. Your budget 

Budget is one of the most crucial factors when selecting a marketing agency. A SaaS marketing agency might offer you the world when it comes to marketing & sales opportunities, but the goal is to measure what they can provide you with within your budget.

An agency with top-level expertise and a proven track record will charge higher. However, if you find an agency that charges low fees, that is too good to be true, then it’s time to run.

4. Experience and proven results

If you are looking for professional help, you will want to work with experts who have years of experience in this field. So, before you shortlist an agency, do some background research and check the agency’s history and proven results. This will also help you stay away from the agencies that are all talks and no show.

You can go through their case studies to understand how the agency increased its previous clients’ ROI. Checking the testimonials and online reviews from top clients also shows you their experience with the agency.

5. Technical expertise 

SaaS marketing agencies use various tools to amplify their marketing activities, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc. Knowing what tools they leverage helps you understand their area of technical expertise and how the tools will integrate with your own tech stack.

If they don’t have experience using the toolset you have, know how much time they will require to learn it. Finally, ensure their team has the technical expertise to integrate their tools with your existing software.

Summing up 

A SaaS firm is not like any other business due to the nature of SaaS products. These organizations require much more marketing and sales efforts to reach their target audience and drive conversions. And since they are subscription-based, the business will generate profits only when the clients choose to stay with them for long.

Hence, you must find a SaaS marketing agency to get your brand on its feet and grow quickly.

Now that you know different SaaS marketing agencies specializing in different areas, it’s time to shortlist some options, narrow them down, and make a decision.

We recommend choosing a marketing agency that prioritizes your business’ and customers’ needs and holds themselves accountable for results. Analyze the agency’s past performance, the results they brought in, and the pricing of services offered to ensure that you find the right long-run partner.

Pratik Dholakiya

Pratik Dholakiya is the Founder of Growfusely, a SaaS content marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO.

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